Healing Service

Peace of Mind Healing Service

Sunday, February 1st at 5:15 pm

Beginning in February, Peace of Mind will be holding monthly healing services on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This Spiritually Uplifting Service is for all ages to attend.

The Liberal Catholic Church welcomes all to any of its services, regardless of creed, race, lifestyle or faith tradition. All are welcome to receive the Sacraments of the Church including Communion.

We believe in the Unity of all Faiths.

healing service

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Winter Outerwear


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Whatever your special interests — from art and photography to zen and astrology — we’ve got calendars to fit the bill.

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Spiritworks Gifts is the gift shop for both Aquarian Age Massage and Peace of Mind Books. Spiritworks is located in the corner storefront of our building at the heart of the Cherry Street District. We have Tulsa’s largest selection of essential oils which we hand-pour for our customers. We also have a wide variety of crystals and fine quality incense. We provide gift options for guidance on the path of enlightenment working with the power of prayer, meditation, crystal healing, chakra activating, chakra cleansing, and various other spiritual teachings. We believe in promoting positive thinking, positive actions, and to assist in the overall Spiritual Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul.


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Round Table Suppers

Round Table Suppers

Wednesday January 14th & Wednesday January 28th

at 6:15 pm

Round table suppersSocial networking had changed the ways we interact with one another enormously! The amount of time we spend on Facebook a day reduces the time devoted to talking to people in person. And even worse, when we are actually with our friends and family we are missing the moments by going on Facebook or staring at our phones. Even at social gatherings and events we do this!

Peace of Mind Books and the Church of Holistic Science, in order to foster more community involvement, is now hosting potluck round table suppers twice a month.  We want to bring the idea of face to face interaction and personal connections back in fashion! For one evening, turn off the phones…no screens…just old-fashioned chit-chat!!

So bring a dish and share in the fun!

Let’s break the trend!

Come enjoy some face time at our Round Table Potluck Suppers!

Movie Night!

Movie Night

We are ushering in the New Year with added fun to foster community spirit and interaction!

Monthly Movie Night hosted by Peace of Mind Books

Now Showing:

Tesla: Master of Lightening

January 23rd at 7:00 pm

No cost. Free popcorn and soft drinks.

For more info call 918-583-1090


Last Minute Gift Items

Think Peace of Mind.

With Christmas just around the corner, think of Peace of Mind. We have beautiful candles, wall hangings, oil burners and Tulsa’s largest selection of resins and resin burners.
And don’t forget the our popular Gift Certificates for those hard to shop for people on your list!
Aquarian Age Massage is running a Holiday Promo until January 3rd, 2015. Buy 3 One-Hour Gift Certificates and get a One Hour Gift Certificate FREE!!

last minute gifts

Resins and Incense

Resins and Incense at Peace of Mind

resins and incense

Resins are typically burned on charcoal in brass or stone burners.

Since ancient times, resins have been enjoyed throughout the world in their raw and natural form. The fragrant smoke was used as a way to carry prayers and hope to the Gods and to create a pleasant environment for humans to meet with the Divine. The fragrant smoke purifies a room and surrounding area of negative and disturbing vibrations. They are used for meditation or for simply scenting a room. Many Resins and Herbs are available in their raw form and can be burned by placing them on top of burning charcoal tablets. They fill the room with a beautiful and sacred aura. Natural Incense is also available in Smudge Bundles, Braids, Ropes, Sticks and Cubes. See our large selection of herbs, resins and incense at Peace of Mind Books.

Resins in stock at Peace of Mind:

Archangel Michael Resin

The traditional gifts of the magi—gold, frankincense and myrrh—may have had symbolic as well as practical value. Researchers believe the medicinal uses of frankincense were known to the author of Matthew’s gospel.

The traditional gifts of the magi—gold, frankincense and myrrh—may have had symbolic as well as practical value. Researchers believe the medicinal uses of frankincense were known to the author of Matthew’s gospel.

Basilica Blend Resin

Celtic Blend Resin

Copal Resin

Dragon’s Blood Resin

Frankincense Tears and Powder

Gloriana Blend Resin

Myrrh Resin and Powder

Red Sandalwood Chips and Powder

Yellow Sandalwood Powder

Three Kings Gift of the Magi Resin

Resins and Incense

We also carry charcoal as well as burners for your resin incense.

World Spirit Day- Dec. 21st

World Spirit Day’s Global Meditation

Sunday, December 21st

1:15 pm


Peace of Mind Books

This is a day of world meditation, visualization and prayer across the whole wide world to heal ourselves and the planet and lift the consciousnesses of every being. Join us in the world meditation!

There will be a time for food and fellowship following the service. All ages are welcome to attend this healing meditation.World Spirit Day

Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small Saturday

November 29th, 2014

Shop Small Saturday keeps purchases close to home and helps communities in countless ways.  Local shopping – whether at small or larger stores – impacts community economics. Browsing the shelves of your local store is an experience which cannot be replaced by shopping on-line, even if cheaper and quicker.

So come down to Cherry Street, browse our shops, lunch at one of the many fabulous restaurants, and put the joy back in your holiday shopping!

Shop Small Saturday

“Shopping should be an enjoyable experience with interactions that leave us feeling good versus feeling like we have to do a chore.”

Shop Small at Spiritworks Gifts


Peace of Mind Books

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