Elevations Schedule of Speakers

Elevations Holistic Health Fair 2017

Schedule of Speakers

elevations schedule

Mark your Calendars for this coming Saturday, March 25th 12-3 pm so you can attend Elevations Holistic Health Fair. There is no cost to attend these dynamic workshops and lectures. There will be two speaking areas with lectures going simultaneously. Below is the list of speaking times so you can better prepare your visit!

Speakers in the main area will be holding workshops that require movement such as Tai Chi and Yoga so feel free to bring along cushions or mats to get involved.

All speakers will be available before and after their scheduled speaking times to meet individually with our attendees. Carolyn Heimbuch will be available to do chair massage and our Tarot Readers and Astrologers will be available to do readings as well!

Hope to See You There!!

Elevations Schedule

Lecture Room

12:30 Where Do I Go From Here? How Vedic Astrology Can Help.
            by Lynn Bootes.

1:00   Ayurvedic Massage for Sinus Relief with demonstration
            by Beth Jones

1:30   Demystifying the Tarot, by Connie Hansen

2:00   Reiki Basics, by Russ Doden

2:30   Empowering Goddesses, by Michelle Johnson

Main Area

12-3    Massage Therapy with Carolyn Heimbuch

1:00    Crystal Meditation for Kids with Shana Zimmerman

1:30    Tai-Chi for Longevity with Paul Mullen

2:00    Kundalini Yoga with Tom Wolf

2:30   Guided Meditation with Russ Doden