Eclipse Forecast August 2017

CONNIE HANSEN, PEACE OF MIND ASTROLOGEReclipse forecast august 2017
Eclipse Forecast August 2017. The upcoming eclipse season is August 7th and 21st. To complicate things there will be a Mercury Retrograde in the middle of it around August 13th or 14th. Basically, there is a two week window where events are set in motion with the Lunar eclipse and then fully fleshed out during the Solar Eclipse. Most people know that here in America, we will get the full brunt of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Just in time for everything that can go wrong with communications, will go wrong. Which brings home some big energies on our front doorstep. For me, I am expecting some infamous tweets. Most of the time I skip blow by blow accounts of what is out of our immediate control. But a quick understanding of outside forces on our government will affect us in our daily life. So, this is my time to touch base with this.
On August 7th, and the lunar eclipse, the moon will be in sidereal Capricorn. This can be a rather dark or stoic place for the moon and will be opposite the Sun in sidereal Cancer. Neither orb is happy in either of these signs, so that adds a huge stress. Imagine the sun is all watery and moody and the moon is all about dollars and cents.
A certain level of melancholy can follow this kind of eclipse. In times of great strain and change, many people are overwhelmed at how things have gotten out of sync with how things are supposed to be. Capricorn expects rules, foundations and general expectations to be honored, but they seem to conflict with what we find in our daily lives. Fortunately, what makes up our foundations and the unexpected shifts in events will look favorably on the needs of the future. But what that looks like will be hard to tell because of the cruelty being set upon us emotionally and trying to expose the culprit. It will seem like our darkest hour, but there is more than meets the eye that is working its way into changing the group situation. A less analytical way of saying this is facing the ugliest part of our nation will result in ousting those who perpetrate the outdated and unsustainable agenda, leaving breathing room for those who care about what is being done. It will take all of us to stay alert and voice our concerns.
Over the course of this eclipse season, the Sun will move out of Cancer and into Leo. A much happier place for the ole sol! Also the Sun will be leaving behind the dance with Mars which has created drama with no solutions. That is what can be cruel and picking at our vulnerabilities. With the movement into Leo on the next and solar eclipse, more optimism will arrive. To add some extra hope, there will be two sets of Trines bringing change in big circumstances, but not necessarily where we can all see the action. Could it be a string of subpoenas? Congress getting back together after a long separation? With Mercury retrograde at this point, there is big changes in hidden places. Add Uranus and its mischievousness, there is little doubt that something significant is happening behind the scenes, such as cyber attack. All I can say is there is some really good luck at this time, and it favors those who want positive change in the power structure. The fingerprints of shock and awe are written all over this Solar eclipse that crosses our country.
If you are looking for closure, it won’t happen quickly. Over the primary span of the Mercury Retrograde from August 13th to September 5th the little Hermes will be back tracking past everything in the public eye and giving us a second look. This time those who have not seen the truth will be forced to review the information in a new light. For the rest of us, exploring rough spots in our lives will be important to get right this second time around. Communications will be all over the place, so, be sure you are getting the real story. Don’t fall victim to reporters being emotional as they tell you the latest in this rerun of errors. Actually, you should be so turned off by the manic card being played that you simply find another news source. Watch out against manipulation! Never has it been more important to be savvy in what information you consume. By September 5th, the tide should be turning directly into a rehash of the worst of the worst and entirely something different will result, ie, wrong doers will start facing the reality of their actions.
As sideline from the eclipses, is Venus in Gemini will start to trine Neptune in Aquarius on August 7th to 18th. While not warm and fuzzy, it will bring one some fascinating friendships. In personal relationships, this is a time of getting things worked out. After that, until August 28th , a time for healing and understanding your personal power. The energy shifts when Venus goes into Cancer and hits that sweet spot with Chiron in Pisces after August 18th until August 28th. So for those dealing with the dog days of summer, perseverance will pay off! And be careful with your messages!