By Signs and Symbols Paul Clark Book Signing Sept 2nd

Book Signing and Discussion

By Signs and Symbols

by Dr. Paul A. Clark

September 2nd 2-4 pm

Peace of Mind Books


by signs and symbols book signing with paul clark

By Signs and Symbols book signing with Dr. Paul A. Clark. Initiates affirm that the point of creation is within.  More and more rapidly we see these viewpoints coincide, validating each other.  It is interesting to note that modern philosophies, such as “New Thought,” are confirming what Ageless Wisdom has always taught.

In this book we will explore the ultimate goal of the Mystery teachings.  We will discuss how consciousness works and how the Divine energy manifests differently at the several levels of the creative process.  We will compare the Qabalistic and Hermetic systems to modern sacred psychology. We will learn how to access the “Council Chamber of the Masters” and to receive the advice of our inner teacher.

Mystics are those who are seeking a definite, direct experience. They are not satisfied with dogma, traditions, or the theoretical study of metaphysics. Rather, they seek a practice that will lead them to a numinous experience of the Ultimate. They yearn, not for faith, or belief but for a sure knowing of the truth of existence. True mystics know that their paradigm must be practical, because it ultimately affects their success or failure. The practical mystic looks forward to and embraces change. She knows that each change is another step in the great evolutionary plan. By looking forward we become pro-active co-creators rather than reactive pawns in the great cosmic dance. Thus, we become aware of the purpose of all life. We know that we have a cosmic destiny to fulfill. We know that we are created by God to complete the plan in our own unique way. Mysticism is intensely practical. It is a positive paradigm for growth and achievement. When we change our paradigm, we change our world. It is to aid this transformation that this book is offered.