NEW!! Tai Ji Quan Classes

Beginning March 3rd, 2018

Tai Ji Quan Classes

Tai Ji Quan Classes:

Moving for Better Balance® (TJQMBB)

Saturdays and Wednesdays 9:30-11:00 am

$5.00 suggested donation


Tai Ji Quan Classes: Moving for Better Balance® (TJQMBB) is a research-based balance training regimen designed for adults at risk of falling and people with balance disorders. Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, developed the program.

Although its origin can be traced to the contemporary simplified 24-form Tai Ji Quan routine, TJQMBB represents a significant paradigm shift in the application of Tai Ji Quan, moving the focus from its historical use as a martial art or recreational activity to propagating health by addressing common, but potentially debilitating, functional impairments/deficits. Additionally, the instructor’s intuitive energy skills assist the students in harnessing and utilizing their personal energy to bring empowerment over their life path and spiritual growth.  This accentuates benefits of serenity, mindfulness and stress management to the program.

TJQMBB is designed as a 12 week program with each form building on the other.  Students are always welcome to drop in for a session to see if it is a fit for them. To receive the full benefits, regular weekly attendance and a commit to individual practice between classes is important.

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About the Instructor:

Tera McAmis, m.l.i.s. was certified in Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance® in 2011.  Since, then she has been empowering students of all ages and abilities in a variety of setting, from assisted living center, public libraries and private group lessons.  McAmis is an intuitive energy healer who is able to see energy as lines of color.  She uses this ability to assists her students in grasping a deeper connection with their chi (personal energy) as they practice each Tai Ji Quan form.  She also offers self-realization meditation classes, oracle-card readings, energy healing sessions and chakra/aura cleansings.

In her spare time she is playing part-time librarian at a local college or hanging out with her best bud, Plato (the coolest Jack-a-huahua, EVER!!!)

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