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Cosmic Waves Horoscope

This week has a circus of complications and opportunities. Watch for opportunities at the start of the work day and then again in the late afternoon. What happens in between is anyone’s guess. Those know how take information and synergize it into something new and revealing will do best this week. It will be a huge task, but it can be done by some. Opposites are forced points of focus. There is a way to work with both of those energies at the right time. Such as bringing understanding out of data. Balancing emotions, from strictness to knowing when to allow things to just happen. Rash actions find their way to justice. To mention a few.
The Sun is well into Taurus now. Bringing a month of enjoying the delights of life as well as forging ahead and creating what you want in life. All the study and preparation of the darker part of the year are now ready to be tested and explored. Be sure to take time to be grateful and enjoy milestones along the way.
With a few short-lived exceptions, the energy of Mars in Capricorn is flowing well. Good time to take what you have or what you do and make money out of it. Maybe even ask for a raise. But know that you will be asked to take on more tasks for any extra income. The stamina to do the work should be there for those in earth signs.
Friday, May 18th, there is a Grand Trine in Air today. It includes emotionally perceiving all the aspects of a situation, checking in with the collective consciousness of our neighbors and knowing there are opportunities to settle arguments. Keep calm and focused on the facts. Things will work out. Moon in Gemini.
Saturday, May 19th, keep that observational attitude to things that come up in the day. Also, be aware that there are some new things that may come up and upset your process. Your problem-solving skills will be seriously tested today. But you can do it! Moon in Cancer by mid-day.
Sunday, May 20th, it will be a hard day to get anything to come together. So instead of stressing on having all the details exactly as you outlined, step back and breath. What you want for the future will just not have the cohesive focus to accomplish what you want. This is a lesson of doing things by committee require everyone to be functioning well. Which is unlikely. What does work is considering what is happening around those who are having the most problems. You may not be able to help them, but you can emphasize. Also, a lucky time to catch up with your love interest and bond for the day. Moon in Cancer.
Monday, May 21st, the subtle world is on overtime. Bigger plans are in the works to fix big problems. There is a bit of a lull in the noise, but tensions can still be high. With so much going on, it is hard to feel calm when there is silence. Like a toddler that has not been heard from while you were folding laundry. They could be napping or being very naughty. Moon goes out of Cancer into Leo by midafternoon.
Tuesday, May 22nd, you will start to understand what opposites need to be harmonized. Issues will be flying everywhere. Pay attention what part of your life is being affected and give it your full attention. The next few days will require your full attention and there will be rewards for those who don’t give into fear. Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, May 23rd, pay attention to what is really being said. It will give you clues as to where your next level up will take you. Change is in the air, and you will probably need to adjust in some fashion. For those who are always working on themselves, this will be rewarded with power and passion to achieve something that has held you back before. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, May 24th, communications keep flowing today and now you have a chance to get in alignment with a greater good. Still will be challenges, but work with what is flowing and then go back and deal with the other agendas when you have more time and energy. Prioritizing will get you successfully through the day. Romance will be scattered and watch your flirting. It can cause you trouble if you are already involved. Moon in Leo.
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This week the headlines will probably continue the crazy making, but this time the subject could be how you invest your money. Mars is well into Capricorn, and that can bring out the worst in people and how we pay for things. Watch all property and your temper as things can get possessive and dirty.
On top of that, Mercury goes into Aries and the posturing and anger management skills will be volatile. This week brings the worst of it (there is a square with Mars). While the next week could bring the voice of reason, pace yourself now before things get real next week. A lot of this is in the public arena as Neptune is in Aquarius is tied favorably with movers and shakers of the conscious community kind. Perhaps an attack on journalism? it is really out there doing its job, just turn off what is opinion or propaganda.  The basic news is still out there. Big changes are in the works and most of it will flow with public opinion. Also you cannot rule out a cyber-attack with communication and the God of War at odds. Are we having fun yet?
Later in the week around the 15th Venus will go into Gemini. While this can be adventuresome and interesting, it could also be sensory overload for those who don’t do well with the rapid fire of ideas that Venus in Gemini can produce. Otherwise known as flirtatious and relieving stress with sexual distractions. Know it is a phase if it afflicts you, and maybe if your Venus is in air signs or other significant planet, then maybe some indoor recreation pertaining to reading or discovering a new study. Channel that energy productively. Take advantage of this aspect for the next month.
The Sun/Jupiter opposition will continue this week, so big changes are going on underneath the surface. Watch for conflicts of what someone is doing and what they are wanting to do. They may have trouble working in tandem. With the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, energy balancing is imperative right now. One day you could run a marathon, the next day hardly pull out of bed. By the 15th the Sun will shift into Taurus bringing a different feel to how we project ourselves.
Friday, May 11th, for the next couple of days the slow wheels of transformation will be coming to a head. With a triad connecting the Sun/Pluto and now Neptune in Aquarius, I suspect that what the future looks like is being formed. If you don’t like it, say something, politely of course. Hope for the best. Moon in Pisces.
Saturday, May 12th, there is an exact square on Mars in Capricorn and Uranus/Mercury in Aries. This could be rather brutal and violent a day. Watch your verbal manners and avoid less volatile situations. Like pick up a book or something for the warmer days of summer. Clubs and big parties can go out of control really fast this evening. Moon in Pisces.
Sunday, May 13th, another day to keep a low and safe profile. The Moon shifts into that conjunction of Uranus/Mercury in Aries while it is squared to Mars. There are indications that any protests that are planned for a few days can go hostile fast. There are some soothing qualities to this time, but they revolve around what are now hot topics of who is doing the right thing. If you can look at your better life experiences, you will know if it feels right or not. If you don’t plan on such an event, you are probably best keeping the day quietly at home with friendly faces. Moon in Aries.
Monday, May 14th, the Sun goes into Taurus today and sets off some stable energy to the volatile weekend. Maybe it is because you have to get back to the realities of life, or maybe you just feel like needs were vented so your needs have been aired. The Moon will be conjuncting the Sun today, so expect emotions to find some stability in this mix also. Moon in Taurus.
Tuesday, May 15th, emotions can be a bit unreliable if you are feeling stuck or immovable. No one likes feeling stagnant or constrained. Focusing on either is not going to benefit you. So, chose what you know is stable, and pivot off of that. Remember that information or news is inflammatory right now, check sources and ask yourself is this opinion or a data point? There are some that are making efforts to good journalism. Propaganda is out there, turn it off. Know what is flapping loose lips wanting attention and what is real world actions. Moon in Taurus.
Wednesday, May 16th, internally life events are starting to pull together. Take this time to check the pulse of your life and make sure you connect with loved ones. They may be in crisis and need some perspective. Especially older stable family members need to check in on those who are overwhelmed. Moon in Taurus.
Thursday, May 17th, the day starts out with the Moon and Venus conjuncting in Gemini. There could be a tendency to flirting and straying from the relationships you have been cultivating. There is such a back lash that will occur should you transfer your stresses to something unsanctioned. Hurt feelings will not heal. And the words will fly like bullets. Moon in Gemini.
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To start out with, this week has some drama for those romantic relationships that are based on lofty ideals or trophy relationships. There can be some strong reality checks in the works for the week. Relationships that are based on working together for a better future, even if the romance is no longer flourishing, should do just fine.
Most of Friday and Saturday will have some pronounced conflicts to stability. This is more on the big picture issues and personas. Both unusual circumstances and blistering news will announce the situation. After the weekend, more drama through the week will occur with the crucial event of the moment. We all will experience something a bit different. With Mercury still in Pisces, the words or information could cause some real trauma. What is triggering this set of events is the Moon will traverse Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius. In some ways, it could just be battles of philosophy in other ways it could be a duel to the death like used to be done in the days of offending honor. Remember men of honor? I hope you are cozily tucked into your weekend routine watching the events as they transpire rather than navigating it all.
Mars becomes very effective in Capricorn on Friday. It will still have a few more days aspecting with Pluto, but the Moon will bring in some moments to remember over the weekend. The next month, your efforts should have some attention on balancing your financial life and your possessions. Do things that clear up titles, wills or anything that is long term concerned with what you have. The wheels of progress will move smoother for you now and the later results will be fortuitous.
Mercury will be starting its journey in Aries for the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if people are speaking their mind, and maybe even picking a fight. Those with the most to lose will be taking a stand, most likely on their own. This is when the strength of your foundation means everything.
Friday, May 4th, there are very mixed winds today. While the Pluto/Saturn/Mars cluster is being opened up to emotional and rebellious Moon in Sagittarius, there is a presence standing clear of the assaults. In an unnerving way, the ghosts in the machine will start to creep out and communicate the hidden agendas. All energy is pointed to the future, and how we navigate the daily issues. Take care of our home camp and don’t pick sides in bigger arguments. There is much still to be revealed. Moon in Sagittarius.
Saturday, May 5th, big struggles hit the mainstream. Each area of the country has a weak point of trigger issue. The good and bad of the situation is all the information has to come out for clarity. It will all hurt until you grapple with your emotions and start to do the adult thing and deal with the situation. The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition for the next week. That is a sign of royal power struggles. Moon in Sagittarius.
Sunday, May 6th, If I was going to title this day, it would be “the Good, Bad and the Ugly”. Enough dust has settled that some difficult information has had a chance to be debated. Use this day to get a bit of clarity on what is happening and connect up with others of different mind sets to see how collective vision is changing. Personally, I will be filing my various papers and looking at a complicated plan for the future. Or I will be communing with the earth and moving patios stones. Moon in Capricorn.
Monday, May 7th, spend this day fulfilling your responsibilities. There is a lot happening around us in the bigger world, but right now, all that will be productive if it is what you have committed to. Tonight, will be good for connecting with romance or making up after a fallout over the weekend, should you be at fault and needing a second chance. Moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday, May 8th, most of this day will be spent doing what you are committed to. It is important to follow through because others may rely on you fulfilling your word. It shows so much in a time when many seem to care less about obligations or honor, and you stand out by doing the right thing. Take the high road if you are tested. Moon goes into Aquarius my mid-day.
Wednesday, May 9th, don’t expect any favors today. Any deals that have already collapsed will be in for a very rough time. The key today is don’t volunteer or commit to anything unless you are absolutely sure you can complete it. Which would be impossible to predict at this time because so much is unsettled. Just stay clear of questionable activities and broken promises. Moon in Aquarius.
Thursday, May 10th, the Moon traverses Neptune in Aquarius today. Any personal changes that you have successfully navigated will meet approval. It will be all out in the open today. So hopefully you will be rejoicing! There are lots of great aspects connecting up for a few hours at a time during the day. Stay at your best. Moon in Aquarius until late evening when it goes into Pisces.
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As a general trend this week, romance will seem to disconnect from overt actions and receptions. This should give you a good view of just how secure you are in your relationships. The solid ones will just hum along and catch up later.
Mars will pass Pluto this week and then by May 2nd start its journey into Capricorn. This will put a stern view on matters of money, rights and privilege. With that shift, culpability is a primary focus. Things that do not transform will pay a price for stubbornness or willful disregard to the order of life with expectations. And frankly, everything done has some expectation, for better or worse.
Most of this week a Grand Trine with the Sun in Aries, the Ascendant in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius will allow for some pivotal changes in how we do business with life and our responsibilities. With that much fire being ignited, people will either glow in charm and exuberance or spontaneously combust. With Mars past Pluto in this mix all you can do is hope for the best and stay clear of any flowing lava. This week will be the better of the next two.
Friday, April 27th, a great day to sit down with your significant other and discuss budgets, routines and expectations. Something interesting happens when simple things are agreed and then the flow of synergy just propels you into your next level. All systems rely on a certain level of order so that the machine will stay oiled and functioning while creativity is flowing. Find a system that will work for you. Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, April 28th, appearances can be deceptive so consider the subliminal messaging. That subliminal messaging will have more of an impact on you. Don’t consume any info unless you are really ready to be fully engaged in what is being said. Consider a high chance of mixed messaging. Don’t be fooled and keep with data that can be supported. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, April 29th, taping into higher values will keep you on course. There could be some big news towards how we think collectively. Albeit, some will have to work with the hidden agendas they have accepted, and others will simply smile and move along knowing those that are being confused may start to get it. There is justice in the air, inhale deeply. Moon in Libra.
Monday, April 30th, yesterday’s epiphany’s will get an extra boost today. The larger impact will be evident. Neptune is involved here and tunes us into the higher consciousness and bigger picture. Many illusions should be starting to dissolve. Spend this evening with some time gazing at the moon and celebrate the warmth around you and the settled rejuvenation of spring all around you. If you dare, make some wishes too! Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, May 1st, life seems to be just about to fall into place, but there is just enough interference to make you wonder what is real and what is fiction. If you believe the mystics, and now scientists, it is all in our heads or a holographic experience. So, are they one in the same? Got you confused, well, that is what creation is all about. Shifting from one concept to the next and waiting for reality to just gel into a form. Your choice is what do you create? For me, it is love, peace compassion and a healthy earth. Moon in Scorpio.
Wednesday, May 2nd, there is a Grand Trine in water today. You should be feeling whatever you have been creating. If it doesn’t settle well with you, time to reconsider your intellectual diet. Or lack thereof. There are still those who fight the path of compassion and reason. Living in fear just will wear you out. Hold positive space today. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, May 3rd, Mars has started its journey in Capricorn. There are some strong supporting elements to those who have been shedding a toxic past and walking in a secure and functional future. Remember that for many to exist harmoniously, there has to be some rules of engagement. Otherwise we are back to decay and heartache. Don’t fall into thinking Liberty at all cost when you are setting up for “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” …. Janice Joplin. Moon in Sagittarius.
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There are two significant shifts this week. The world of romance will start to get more solid. Venus moves out of Amazonian Aries and moves into Taurus for the next month. While not every day is going to be like a warm bubble bath with wine, there will be plenty of those moments. Just in time to give people in love a chance to think of something besides the reality show we call politics.
The other aspect is Mars is gaining momentum to conjunct Pluto. Like other approaches, there is a build up of background that crescendos on the exact conjunction of April 26th. At that point things will start to play out. So, whatever major need you have to work though, know there is a time limit on procrastination. I expect some applause when things start to roll as this is a drama that has needed to be resolved.
Friday, April 20th, this day can be summed up as quirky posturing with nothing definitive. The Gemini moon will take us every which way but to a conclusion. For many people it will be maddening. Especially if you really need information and just not getting it. Self-care is important today as it will be a roller coaster ride. Moon in Gemini.
Saturday, April 21st, a better day for understanding as a head wind of transparency will start to flow. Both actions and desires will mesh today, but don’t expect those who are difficult to act right. The game is not lost as it takes other players to participate too. I expect a lot of facts and fictions will be thrown about, but it is time to start gleaning who has integrity and who does not. Moon in Gemini.
Sunday, April 22nd, a lot of obsessiveness is being squeezed into our lives. But with Venus working well with how we find healing and finding some nurturing at home, most of us will find a way to rest up and recharge for the next week. Watch the waterworks, as there will be tantrums to cleansing crying sessions to finish out the day. Moon in Cancer.
Monday, April 23rd, good news about what the future will look like, but don’t expect it to feel comfortable. Sometimes just knowing that there is hope, can be enough to keep you focused on the present. Moon in Cancer.
Tuesday, April 24th, some interesting new things will present themselves for what ever your situation may be. There is a stabilizing aspect as well as calls for solid leadership. Just over all optimism in the form of gallows humor may creep into the most dire situation. Tomorrow will be better, so look forward to a small piece of your puzzle to slide together. Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, April 25th, even as Mars is almost exact on Pluto, there is a Grand Trine in Fire creating a quirky situation that will amuse as well as give hope for the future. There is some stability in this revelation, so stay tuned to affairs large and small and take what gifts are presented. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, April 26th, again the effects of fire signs is being heard. Not that it will be soothing, what pride of lions is soothing? But the call for change, honor and integrity are in the forefront. Mars and Pluto are exact today in Sagittarius. This can also be a time of adventure or sharp shifts out of insisting on what is the right thing to do. Honor those who make hard decisions. Moon in Leo until after noon when the Moon will go into Virgo.
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For those who live in fear and loathing of Mercury Retrograde, this next new moon on April 16th will find the little Hermes going forward again. Adding to this is Mars just out of touch with Saturn and Pluto through the weekend so expect a bit of a respite this weekend. Then Mars will be approaching Pluto (change or die energy) in earnest. That could be a breaking point for those who refuse to make necessary changes. Watch out for fire works during the work week.
Romance will have an extra boost on the 17th. As long as you are staying in touch with your truth, things could be very comfortable for many couples. Also, a good time to clear out old stuff and bring in new or better things to your abode. New beginnings are highlighted for desires of the heart.
Friday, April 13th, well this is one of those rare times where what you need is what you get. Jupiter is not cooperating with grandiose desires, so keep your wish list in sync with what is really important. Frivolousness will probably not be rewarded. Moon in Pisces.
Saturday, April 14th, most of the day expect to deal with difficult communications. Things that relate to psychic trauma will be highlighted. The only thing positive is you will have a chance to consider this a test of your development. Trauma will always be triggered, but our reactions soon turn into action when we realize how much we have healed and how the future looks very different from when you were hurt. Moon in Pisces.
Sunday, April 15th, Motivation will be hard to muster today. So why fight it? Instead find something that feeds your soul and take a break from the routine and mundane trails? We have all be under a lot of tension with both the outer world and our inner world being tested. Heart break is not something that can be handled for long periods of time. Take a break and get a fresh start tomorrow when the real rubber hits the road. Moon in Aries early in the evening.
Monday, April 16th, this is a new moon which is a time of turning the tide. Do a quick check in with yourself and see where you are in the larger scheme of things. There are things happening for good reasons, so stay optimistic. Mars will just start to come into conjunction with Pluto, so actions taken for positive motivations will go far.   Moon in Aries.
Tuesday, April 17th, the moon will conjunct Venus today. But Jupiter in retrograde will be in opposition. Many of the conflicts are taking a break today also so you just have to struggle with your own dialogue. Simply, getting what we want has a price, so consider alternatives that share the wealth. The biggest gift of the day is the internal struggle can meet peace with compromise. Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, April 18th, Watch out against the forces of stubbornness and self-inflation. Those around you are less tolerant of trouble makers or the inflexible. If you tend to push too hard against others, count to 10 before you get on a roll. Right now, the common good is more in line with the future than being the rugged individualist. Moon in Taurus.
Thursday, April 19th, the tide has changed from insistence to obsessions. Your emotional needs are calling for attention right now. If your family seems neglectful, turn to them and see what they have been doing rather than focus on your needs being met. Some potent forces are messing with everyone’s emotions and their personal trigger points. Moon in Taurus.
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A couple of shifts and events happening this week. The good news is romance will find some stable ground if you are working on what bugs you about another. If you still have unresolved issues at the end of this week, there will be round two of figuring out how to make internal adjustments for continuing. But for this week, keep the communication open about what your goals are and most will probably work out fine.
The other aspect, is a lingering one with the Saturn/Mars/Pluto in Sagittarius aspect developing. The Moon will intersect all of these late on the 6th through the 8th. Here again, where are you on the spectrum of needed attitude adjustment? Could be a crisis day for many who are behaving badly. Helpful aspects are Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in retrograde in Libra are working very well together now. This means that good news for the power of the group. And reflection for those in power. One has to work for the other for success. It is an invitation for improvement as well as a reprimand.
Friday, April 6th, this is a day where as my yogi guru used to say, contemplate your navel, as all comes from desire. While the currents of a fast-paced world are swirling around the individual, there is an obsessive tendency to look at what the future holds and who you are in that game of life. This will be a theme through the week. Take off this evening and find yourself. Get some quiet time where you can just hear your guides and higher self. The tempest is brewing and it is best to get to higher ground right now. Moon in Sagittarius.
Saturday, April 7th, this is going to be one of the toughest days of the Mercury Retrograde. Actions, stability and emotional security will be tested. The more insecure you are, the worse this weekend will be. On the larger view, it could be a tough day for news. Intuitively, many of us know what needs to happen. This will be more of a call for fixing what needs to happen. Try to keep it local either by how you can make things better with those around you, to contacting your representatives and voicing your concerns. Things are shifting, it is so intense that complacency is not an option. Moon in Sagittarius.
Sunday, April 8th, some of the extremes have dissipated for today. Connect up with what is supportive and nurturing. You will need your energy for next week, so make sure you get some quality time with those you love. Rest, reconnect and grounding with what makes you whole. Moon in Capricorn by evening.
Monday, April 9th, a healthy attitude today will get you to the moon and back today. Your communications are essential for going forward. Give it your best. If you only know half the information, then say so. It is better to just stick with data rather than try to play expert. Things are being sorted right now, make the top cut rather than be a shaky source. Moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday, April 10th, there could be a tendency to depression today. What you are experiencing is conflict with where you feel things are going. Counter this with deciding how you can improve something in your life. Personal empowerment will go much further than waiting for handouts. Could even be hard for your loved ones to help you out today, as they may be experiencing the same thing. Stay present and take care of yourself. Moon in Capricorn.
Wednesday, April 11th, it will seem like some things have come to a standoff. And perhaps they have because we need to use the ability of the group to make good choices. If individuals are confused, then the group is confused. Re familiarize yourself with what civil choices work for the greatest security. Don’t sentimentalize your comparisons but look at the more difficult problems. Yes, each decade is an experiment of endless permutations of similar themes. But the subtilties are there for insights. You can do this! Moon in Aquarius.
Thursday, April 12th, another day of the Grand Cross. Could be a roller coaster today. The morning starts out with difficulties, there is a break of luck by the mid day and then it rolls into doubt and obsession for the later afternoon. The strong point is how you are connected to your tribe and loved ones. Here is your strength so if you need to mend something, this is the time to do it. Moon in Aquarius.
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On April 2nd Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will be exact to each other. Also, they will be squared for a few days after that to the Sun and Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces. Undercurrents are swift right now and challenging even to the most adept. What is important is which side of decorum and civility you chose to dwell. Expect extremes as those who live in their personal hells may want to lash out at those just making their way. Integrity and walking your talk is ever important this week. Double check your attitude and presentation in front of others.
In the world of romance, from April 2nd to 22nd some great aspects with Saturn/Mars and Pluto will occur. This will be bitter sweet as losses or changes are for the best. In stable relationships, this is just something the two of you must call a tough time. For those needing to get out of abusive relationships, things will get very uncomfortable this week but letting go of the relationship can be golden. Those in abusive relationships watch out for your health and wellbeing.
Friday, March 30th the morning starts out with resistance to getting to work, but by afternoon don’t expect anyone to be very focused. To avoid problems don’t expect much from others either. Perhaps a lesson this evening is to know that others have lives outside of work and allow empathy for those that may be thinking of being elsewhere. Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, March 31st, an undercurrent of tension during this full moon, is complicated while you try to stay focused on what needs to be done. Difficulties abound today, so slow down and take things into perspective. Multi-tasking might be a mistake today. There is a chance that you will end up focused on feeling ill or displaced. Those who can communicate their needs will find an easier road. Making plans needs careful attention to detail whether it be road conditions or nuances of a recipe. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, April 1st. the continuing undercurrent of resistance coupled with some sensitive negotiations and statements, brings the need for balance in your demeanor today. What does turn into a deal, will have to be carried through to the end. Bumps and all. Sometimes waiting for the best time never arrives so you just do it as best you can. Moon in Libra.
Monday, April 2nd, for those who can speak their truth, much can be established. Does not mean that all will be harmonious. Those who can walk their talk will benefit greatly from their communications both in person and on the record. There is a few moments of really good luck today also. Take advantage of good deals or honest exchanges. This is more on a level of interpersonal understandings. Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, April 3rd, another day of keeping it honest. The value of this is if you are always gaming others, expect to be caught. Integrity is everything today. Great healing can occur also either via comeuppance or vindication. You probably know which end of the spectrum you are. Moon in Libra most of the day and then goes into Scorpio.
Wednesday, April 4th, great results for those working on a pet project. If you are keeping the conscious high road in your dealings, a series of benefits are coming your way. For those that are not genuine, Mars has passed Saturn and is heading to Pluto, the transformer. So that is like a hammer on a trigger to make necessary changes in how you behave. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, April 5th, all this action is making some people sick. Since the Grand Trine is still moving with the Moon, it is hard to tell if you are going to be sick of that toxic person or if they finally get sick from their own abuse. Gauge carefully who you sympathize with. This is a very potent time, that many will look back upon as pivotal. For those with planets in early degrees of Sagittarius tomorrow there will be attacks that cause struggle and then weaken. Check what house and planet is there and see if it affects you. Moon in Scorpio.
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This is the week that Mars will start to conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius.  At the same time Uranus will be squaring Pluto in Sagittarius. Mars will move across both of these planets over the next 7 weeks or so. While this spells some serious power issues with unintended consequences there will be some relief with other planets creating some positive connections.
Mercury goes Retrograde today until April 16th. Esoterically that means we will be reliving, reviewing and facing realties all this time. Also, esoterically, those who have been doing their personal work will probably only notice that others are in crisis due to their unrelenting cosmic demand to open up to consciousness. Expect unresolved issues to break open again, this time though, clean out the wound and stitch it up for healing.
Friday, March 23rd, any illness that has been lingering should start to see recovery. This is due to care and nurturing. This revolves around all kinds of illness. Modern life has us thinking we can power through anything. Mother Nature has a different method. While you are settling into some therapeutic recovery (massage therapy, water therapy etc.), look into your heart as well and release any demons that might be lingering. Recovery will be faster. Moon in Taurus.
Saturday, March 24th, you may feel emotionally coiled into a tight spring this morning. Pressures can be overwhelming if not managed in a healthy way. Lots of alternatives are available to making your physical life work smoothly. Normally I don’t post advertisements, but Peace of Mind is having a Movement Festival. Find a way to stretch out that built in angst in a profoundly productive way. Moon in Gemini.
Sunday, March 25th, messages and romance seem to just stab the heart today. So, take some personal time and turn off messages. Any damage done today may be hard to fix later. Although if you are in a generally tense re negotiation in your life, it is best to just deal with it because this is the time make a personal habit healthy. There will be some tough decisions for those cutting away from harmful relationships. Moon in Gemini.
Monday, March 26th, it seems like a veil has lifted for those who chose wisely yesterday. The future will look brighter because you are on tract for a productive path ahead. Make this a day to work on what really defines you and you will feel self-empowered. Moon in Cancer.
Tuesday, March 27th, yesterday’s epiphanies turn into a flood of affirmations as you intuit your way into something sustainable. Messages, signs and portends will give you clues as to how well you have decided to navigate the latest challenges. If this isn’t the case then you really need to focus on what is your part in this game we call life. Moon in Cancer.
Wednesday, March 28th, today will find some lucky connections and proposals for those who are in love and for romance. Just make sure you are not falling for the same old manipulation. Turn away from that loser game. There is a real sense that conscious people will be unburdened by toxic individuals. I just hope it is not by losing a job. Bad managers should be the ones escorted to the street, not those doing a decent day’s work. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, March 29th, good news for the regular soul. Powerplays in higher realms may run out of steam and tricks. Whether this is office politics or the news there will be an easier feeling about the future. Things are changing.  Hold that positive space and don’t tolerate what is perverse. Moon in Leo.
With the Sun officially in Pisces and trine to Jupiter, expect more feelings of good will this week. Hold on to what you can of that as it will have to carry you forward for some time. Make this a time to show you can be considerate of others and they will respond with thanks.
Also, this week Venus in Pisces will be Trine to the North Node. Very good for couples and those you love creating a fantastic future for yourselves. Do some long-range planning and put some fun into what you do this week.
Heads up to the Mercury Retrograde coming up this next week. Get what you can get done concerning contracts, written projects and major decisions. Coupled with next week’s start of a Mars approaching and irritating (Saturn in Sagittarius). This add power and conviction to actions that are core to who we are. When that time comes riots or rallies which will be the high point. That will take many weeks to pass.
With Uranus also squaring Saturn (our philosophy of what works) expect loud outcries as well as potential of hacking our media and internet systems. Propaganda will be in full swing for a bit over 6 weeks. We all need to gather together, not split apart. Just today I saw what was a ridiculous name ranted about a non-American perspective, I called him out.  Lot of interruptions to our daily routines. So be patient, stay focused and when it gets too hard to move forward, take a break and wait for better timing. There will be lots of positive aspects through this time but they will be hit and miss as the days roll by. A “stormy” spring is forecasted, so get out your “rain gear”!
Friday, March 16th, Mars goes exactly on the Star Acumen. This is the star of attacks that weaken. If you have anything at early degree Sagittarius, be aware you need more time for self-care and to deal with your relationship with others. There is a deeper lesson rather than a true assault. Find that lesson. Otherwise should that rose of love draw blood, may bend into doing things a bit differently. Just don’t be in harms’ way. There is a lesson of companionship in the following days. Moon in Aquarius.
Saturday, March 17th, with this being Saint Patrick’s Day, I would like to caution against drinking too much! The Moon’s placement is Pisces will make all of us prone to overindulge. There is also a good chance you could fall into remembering hard times that damaged and that would bring overindulgence. Otherwise, it would be an excellent time to relax and learn more about the culture of this incredible people and this magical isle. Look into their ancient history and their lore of the faery and Tuatha Dannon. I plan on leaving some beer and goodies for those who inhabit my garden. OK, maybe it will just be the squirrel, cat and birds enjoying my offerings, but they are very special also! Moon in Pisces.
Sunday, March 18th, lots of news about plans, projects and wishes are in the air. Here in Oklahoma, it really feels like Spring is making an entrance. Get a jump on your week by making proposals, sending emails or letters. Otherwise spend some time with your family and just sit back and enjoy. Moon in Pisces.
Monday, March 19th, there is a fire in pit of your stomach to get stuff done. If you were able to instigate communications yesterday, expect some feedback today. There is a mix of intuiting where to spend your energy. There is probably a tendency to overdo it too. Remember to pace yourself as work can drain you if you try to be all things at all times. Moon in Aries.
Tuesday, March 20th, your drive to get things going is complicated with having to focus on the intermediate steps rather than the long-term effects. While there is a chance that the outcome will morph over time, don’t let this slow down distract you. There is good news on the way, so just keep up with the changing landscape. By the way, take some time to notice that this is the first day of Spring. Even if there is no green around you, daylight and night time are equal right now. Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, March 21st,  drive to excel and achieve may need some tempering because you are expecting too much. Take a step back for some perspective today and be a little less obsessive about goals. Remember that life is for living and the journey is just as important as the quest. Everyone is running on a lot of adrenaline, either out of fear or fantasy. Reality fits somewhere between the two. Moon in Aries until evening when it goes into Taurus.
Thursday, March 22nd, basically the efforts of this week result in the dice being cast. You may be rather exhausted and there is a palpable slow down coming. It will be felt by afternoon or evening. This is when the things that have been done need to find a way to mesh together. Like marinating veggies, let time do its job. There will be some bumps coming. Be relaxed enough to see how you want to make adjustments. Mercury goes Station today.  Moon in Taurus.
An overall theme this week will be that luck favors those who are inclusive and concerned about the common good. The Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra are trine bringing some great opportunities for those who will work for their ideals. Also, this week Uranus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius will bring trine energy to new different initiatives. This is time for you to play cheerleader to those causes that bring us together for the best reasons. All of this is heading towards transformation for all of us, should be take the challenge. This will be a week where even though we are beaten down by shock and awe, the knowledge that it is our turn to stand against the villains of oppression and chaos. Shift those loose elements into a cohesive form. This does not mean that challenges will not be abounding. Depression, irritation and malcontent are being pressed into tighter and tighter spaces. Tend to those you care about and leave others to their dilemma as only they can shift with the times.
Friday, March 9th, the Moon in Scorpio is sending shock waves through actions and attitudes. Moody notices are signaling need for change. While each of us is responsible for our own happiness, we are not islands. Isolation can be devastating. Take some time to connect with those you care about so they know they are loved. Then gather with your tribe in the evening to recharge your batteries. Moon in Scorpio until late evening when it goes into Sagittarius.
Saturday, March 10th, the signature of Yod, or finger of God, is on the future. What do you want it to look like? Then turn around and see yourself if you are the target of nastiness. How does it feel? Consider the human condition around you and don’t be afraid. Genuine speech goes a long way. We have lost how to speak to each other like they have value. So many are acting out of pain, that may not be their fault. Seek answers not abusive reactions. Moon in Sagittarius.
Sunday, March 11th, things that come off as hostile are actually fear. As the Moon crosses Pluto in Sagittarius today, make note of where the hostility is coming from. Some hints are insecurity, oppression, ignorance and manipulation. None of us is immune to these miseries. Find within yourself what you might fear and relate your feelings. Defuse the anger and fear. Moon in Sagittarius.
Monday, March 12th, while the rest of the world seems to stumble along, focus on the loves in your life. Life is easier when you can settle into something sweet and nurturing. Be good to each other and see how life can take on a new meaning. Don’t lose out by letting your loved ones wonder about your devotion and have to ask, “what have you done for me lately”. Moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday, March 13th, should be a day that things start to gel together. Those looking forward to a more comfortable setting will find that their hard work is paying off. Maybe not time to call it all complete, but certain a time to see how far you have come. Moon in Capricorn.
Wednesday, March 14th, time to put your running shoes on. The hurdles will come at you from places you don’t expect. Do what you can but be more in tune with needing to let the situation come into focus and alignment. Otherwise, you will be like a bunny hopping every which way and miss the destination. Moon in Capricorn until evening when it will be in Aquarius.
Thursday, March 15th, while stresses resolve, you may still feel unsettled. Emotions can run high for some but they mean well. Look at the undercurrent of what is said. More understanding will emerge. It is also a day where all the rebellion and counter actions start to wear you down. Know that there are no new ideas, everything goes though cycles and we need to recognize that the angst is worth the effort. Moon in Aquarius.
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For the next few weeks there will be an extra boost of energy to get projects done. So, if you find yourself lagging after lunch, grab a cup of java and make the afternoon count. Mornings will be hard but mid afternoon has some fantastic energies to use.
The lovely lady of the sky, Venus has gone into Pisces today. While it may take a day or two for her graces to flow, expect the next month to feel different. The words won’t be there until a few days after that because Mercury goes into Pisces later in the week. The only thing that can kill the good feeling is when someone decides to act bossy. That won’t get you want you want.
Uranus and Mars are still in full form. Their trine brings the best of decisive actions and unusual new avenues becoming available. This can be used to your advantage until about March 18th. So, if there is something new you want to launch, especially if you have already been working on it, this will be a good time to seem progress.
Friday, March 2nd, the morning will feel very blocked, but you will find some extra wind in your sails after lunch. Just don’t indulge grogginess. Try to go easy on the messenger when you don’t get the news you want. We all want to shine in our own way, but demanding attention will get you shut out. Moon in Leo.
Saturday, March 3rd, try not to overwork yourself for the next few days. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle will mean more productivity on difficult projects. Mars and Chiron are squared for a few days and the intensity of Scorpio is making you work obsessively. Take time to adjust your routine into something sustainable. The old adage is to pace yourself! Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, March 4th, as long as you can overcome the need for perfectionism, your day will go really well. The energies now support those doing their best work especially if there is a goal in mind. Some hidden features or information will be available if you are savvy enough to understand what is being said. Read between the lines! Moon in Virgo.
Monday, March 5th, it will be a tough day on your attitude. You have been going like crazy but today it seems like it will never happen. Remember that the opportunities are still there, you just have to adjust your perspective to continue following your dream. We think that it is all up to us, but the truth is part of it is up to the unknown. Take a lesson from your youth when you learned card games. Some involved playing a suit, until you ran out of that suit. You then had to wait for the cycle to shift to another suit. Then you could continue to play. Today will be similar. Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, March 6th, the woes of yesterday are gone, but don’t expect to proceed without a challenge. Something just does not fit into where we need to be going. Take time to adjust goals, expectations and listen to the signs around you. Basically, you want to take care of your needs, and not all the info is available. So, trust any roadblocks to be times to rethink and then reorganize. Moon in Libra.
Wednesday, March 7th, the old makes room for the new. That does not mean both can hold the same space. Something has to be let go. Chose what is worn out or outdated. Consider that most enterprises are an experiment. Some do well, some lose their efficacy and some just have to go to the lessons learned. Luck follows those you know the difference. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, March 8th, today you will need more than luck. Stand out of the way of things falling down. If you must stay somewhat engaged, then get your broom ready to sweep out the trash. If you can see how something will work well for the future, that is the place to put your energy. Moon in Scorpio.
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A overall trend for this week is understanding how the Stellum (Venus, Neptune, Mercury and the Sun all in Aquarius) are interacting with us daily. Our desires for harmonious and ideal outcomes will be challenged. Keep up the fight, as we are forced to focus on what is important through the week. By next week, Venus will change into Pisces bringing either great depression or some empathy towards our common situation.
Another key element is Chiron and Jupiter are still well connected so if you are working on your health or any matter that relates to you general wellbeing, you will have opportunities to develop strength of mind and heart. This is important you take this time as by the beginning of spring, real test well get difficult to navigate. You want to be at your best and focused rather than just bumbling through life. Outcomes can be very different depending on which path you chose for yourself. Only personal actions that create a better future will be favored by the flow of future consciousness.
We are approaching a full moon on March 1st. leading up to this cyclic event we will see things go for stubbornness- too much information- to deep seated anxiety or emotional intelligence. Keep it higher minded as anything else will be very depressing.
Friday, February 23rd, just admit that some things are out of your control. You may want to do something to make a difference, but at this junction today, the mettle of those making the final decisions will be tested. You probably won’t like it either. The Moon is heavily challenged by the Stellum which means stubbornness and roughness can ooze out of the most forgiving soul when they see things unnecessarily going in a negative direction. Consider this a time that tests certain people, and judgement will follow soon after. Stay vigilant.  Moon in Taurus.
Saturday, February 24th, expect a shift in the fates today. Let the unusual synchronies help you understand what is happening. When you do, then action can be directed at the right agenda. Don’t fall into laziness or despair, as the past is done, and we need to move forward into the future with resolve. Moon in Gemini.
Sunday, February 25th, you may hear some good news, but be wary that you aren’t being manipulated. Take in the information as a point of data. There may be several sub plots going on so just consider where each data point goes rather than try to make sense of it being one big story. Moon in Gemini.
Monday, February 26th, through most of the day, the latest news or communications will start to gel into a loose form. This is very different than what has been presented or shall we say projected on Plato’s cave wall of illusions. Are you starting to pick up the messages of what is actually going on? I sure hope so! Moon goes into Cancer by evening.
Tuesday, February 27th, there is a strong obsessive tendency to get things moving into the future. It is like we have been stuck in no man’s land for a long time. We pick up the nuances and data points, but not why they happened. Maybe we just don’t like being impolite and the “reason” is really despicable. If you can latch on to what is really the direction for us, then the flow will take you swiftly where you need to be. Little will be recognizable today, so a bit of faith you are doing your best, and this is all you can do has to present your inner center. Moon in Cancer.
Wednesday, February 28th, get ready to do what you can that will benefit you in the future. Watch for synchronicities or unusual opportunities to present themselves. Consider you are on a carousel and if you are positioned well, the golden ring can be grabbed. Having that inner intuition is what will set things in motion. Tomorrow the intuition will be gone, but the opportunity remains. Moon in Cancer until this evening and then it is in Leo.
Thursday, March 1st, avoid aggression and only work on things that are sustainable. This is your day to move into actions of the highest order. If you are still fighting principled actions, the reverse exposure will occur. There is a level of success at all costs. But this is not sustainable. In our lives we have to realize that sometimes what we want is not meant to be. Either we are out of touch with reality or egocentric motivations are in control. Neither is good right now. But there is time in the future to understand what went wrong, and how to adjust. Life is like that; second chances can come to those who get the message. Moon in Leo.
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Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
The week starts out with the Moon in the middle of the Stellum (astrologer talk for a number of planets) in Aquarius. Humanitarian and social issues will be the focus for a number of weeks until it shifts from ideals to how does it feel. That shift will take from now until late March. There are two ways this will affect you. One is everything important will be closely tied to other considerations. The other is a loss of direction as general strengths are not able to shine on their own. In your own chart, heavy squares or oppositions to Aquarius will make life difficult for you in that area of life. If you flourish in air, you will be needing to consider all factors in actions because a domino effect will occur.
 I would like to give an early warning about the beginning of the Spring Equinox about March 23rd  until the first week of May. The key will be vulnerabilities in the unseen realms.  Mercury is going retrograde about that time, which everyone will be able to relate to difficulties with electronics and communications. But the bigger difficulty will be Mars (the old god of war will be up to flexing his muscles) approaching Saturn (life lessons and foundational systems) and then Pluto (agent of transformation and nuclear energy) in Sagittarius. Throw in Uranus being square with Pluto can signal a lot of trouble in our modern living. The Sagittarian influence creates demands for ethics and honor as well as freedom. Technology can be used for good and bad. At best we will learn to live a simpler life because depending on conveniences or devices will become unsettling. The conundrum is when things work, life is more productive too. Notice a trend of decoupling with technology on a temporary or noticeable scale in your life. As prep, have what you need to back up your files and use more cash instead of buying electronically because there could be a big cyber hacking attack in the works right now. We will know more later on as to how bad it is. At this point, I think most people are aware that enemies are within and without. But I suspect ideology is the root of the source.
Friday, February 16th. I like celebrating Chinese New Year as it corresponds more with changing weather and getting ready for new adventures. I always start out more organized so that when things start flying, I can sail through it all easily. As for influences of the day, the persona you demonstrate will be noticed by others. Such as if you are thinking of new ways to demonstrate a higher social consciousness, then many favors will come your way. A need for better leadership is being searched out, and you may be tagged as hero for the day, or month. Right now, we need to see strong and ethical standards in those we trust for bigger things. Moon in Aquarius.
Saturday, February 17th, there is a lot of pressure to see change, and someone will come to the forefront and accept the challenge. In general, this promotion or nomination is good for the future, but expect some detractors. Right now, we are in the midst of intended chaos. What we make of it, is up to us. This will affect us in our own households all the way up to leadership rolls. Moon in Aquarius until this evening when it goes into Pisces.
Sunday, February 18th, sometimes it seems like the world is spinning to fast. This is a day to pull back into your safe zone and find your center. Do things that personally heal you. If weather allows, venture into the outdoors and get a sense of the weather and wildlife. Mother Nature is a wonderful place to connect in a techy world. Take advantage of your family being together and do something like popcorn and a movie together. Connect with your tribe or clan to re- center who you are and how you got here. Maybe make plans for tomorrow morning to do some creative work from 8:30 to 10:30 am. Moon in Pisces.
Monday, February 19th, the day starts out with a Grand Trine in water, that element of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and creativity. The exact time is 8:30 to 10:30 am and will be connected all through the working day. Maybe a good prayer day for the health and happiness of the nation? Just a suggestion. The majority of outside help will be restricted today. So, what ever you can pull together from within or family/tribe will get the job done. A do it yourself attitude will get the job done and some self-fulfillment as a result. Moon in Pisces.
Tuesday, February 20th, there is an undercurrent of need for more compassion and nurturing. Changing times are tough on psyches, and right now people are needing to know where they can connect to find that. Mostly single people will notice this nagging desire. Have a bit of sympathy for your single friends as they navigate the unfriendly waters that are ahead of us. I do want to mention that there are factions working on stifling the destructive forces that are working overtime. Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, February 21st, a wave of independence will waft over many who find a new sense of self-reliance. We are not defined by our situations, but by our ability to make the best of a situation. While logic tells us it is hopeless, our souls cry out to be heard. As long as the human outcry can so much as whisper a call for justice or reason, there is a chance. In your everyday life, say what is on your heart, without the drama of course, and there is a good chance that changes will occur. Moon in Aries.
Thursday, February 22nd, healthy routines are rewarded, just don’t over do it! Something has broken, like a flood dam, and we want to ram into whatever our goal is for the day. Bear in mind that many decisions are tied to multiple aspects of our life. The good side of this is you are breaking away from destructive habits or situations, you could be easing many difficulties at the same time. Just chose carefully knowing that consequences are real. Reshaping if favored at this time. Moon in Taurus.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
 A question that keeps coming up is “When will we experience some stability?” Well, a quick consultation of the astrology wheel: I looked at when Saturn will be out of rebellious Sagittarius. That will be February 2020. In that situation Saturn will be crossing Pluto in 29* Sagittarius in January 2020.  Remember that when a planet is at 29* there is a culmination of all that has gone before into one messy moment. These are only easy if you have fully dealt with each issue as it came up. So, if we overcome folly and aim for the real core of our needs, we will pass the test.
For me, just those two together (Saturn and Pluto) will be very potent. Depending on what is done up until that time, our destiny will take a definite change. The spectrum relating to Saturn in Capricorn is foundations, money and structure. So, if we make imprudent steps up until this time, the cost will be really tough. If smart steps happen, then there will be a settling into some security. What we do, within our own lives, our community responsibilities and those things done by politicians in guiding our laws will be very important. Stay engaged in solutions that benefit the greatest number of people.
On a lighter subject, on the 6th, Venus goes from no nonsense Capricorn into a month of Universal light in Aquarius. Relationships of all kinds will find out some spectacular things about each other. Keep the communication flowing this month and all kinds of doorways will open. Most of this you will already know, but maybe never articulated.
An overall pattern to this week is our dreams lead us to possibilities for the day. Then the day struggles to meet the dreams and expectations. Keep the positive attitude and by mid-week things will start to flow more smoothly. Diligence to integrity is the watch word of the week.
Friday, February 2nd, the morning will start out with the usual confluences of real life and fantasy. Well, maybe I am being harsh, real life and wishful thinking. By later afternoon, the weekend will start to look like a lot of possibilities. Most plans will have problems until the evening. So, if it doesn’t work out a new set of activities will emerge later. Follow those! By 8ish it will be a great time to do some self-empowering work. What ever you need to do, use this time to make it happen. Moon in Leo.
Saturday, February 3rd, the morning will start out OK, but will soon degenerate into wondering where you are going and how did you get here. Since there is no answer your questions, then make the best of the day and do something that takes care of you. Return to healing modalities and just ride out the day. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, February 4th, today is a beginning of a short wave of pulling things together. Spend the day planning how to use this energy over the next week. One thing to consider is reliance on others is going to be hard to muster. As they are equally trying to simplify and maintain some independence. We all need times like this to build self esteem and know your own boundaries. While lessons learned on independence are valuable, you will also need to know who in your life is reliable. Keep the tribe close. Moon in Virgo.
Monday, February 5th, the outer world is of little assistance. And you will find it hard to motivate during the day. But if yesterdays plans were designed, you still will have a blueprint to get a lot done. Keep it small and keep it real. Moon in Libra by late evening.
Tuesday, February 6th, Venus shifts into Aquarius today. Expect more quirky surprises but this time they are endearing. Hard work will give you more of what you want. So, keep to the plan and move forward. Things will start to show more than promise. Tomorrow and the next day, luck will reward the diligent. Moon in Libra.
Wednesday, February 6th, there is a T square affecting Jupiter (the bearer of opportunities) but it is more related to difficulties with points of destiny and the future. As long as you are working on the home front, you will be rewarded with some great revelations, and comradery with those around you. Something you have worked on, will show you where it is going. Or even find a completion in the next couple of days. Luck follows those who deserve it. Moon in Libra.
Thursday, February 7th, now is the day to put in that last push for something you have wanted. Yesterday, you needed to ride a wave, today you need to put in the footsteps to make it happen. Knowing when to act can make easy work of the seemingly impossible. If you feel it in your bones, you know it is right! Moon in Scorpio.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

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