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Cosmic Waves Horoscope

All this week Neptune will be opposite Mercury, Mars and Venus in Leo. What this is saying is the way the masses are thinking will not product useful fruit. This is a time to remember that what you hear may be promoting behavior that is beneath your greater aspirations. Be a model of good example and try to avoid clichés when answering questions or making comments. Be clear and civil. Meanness is everywhere and seething in the late summer heat.
Friday, September 22nd has the Moon conjunct to Jupiter in Libra. While frequently this could be a fortuitous alignment, there are so many difficulties around it, I doubt you will see anything happen easily. Efforts that relate to what is next level and good for the most will meet with delayed success if you really keep up with the agenda. Good Luck! Moon in Libra.
Saturday, September 23rd, this is a great day to put your heart into action, especially if you are trying to let go of what is sabotaging your future. Sometimes it is as easy as letting go of something that has just run its course. Avoid old tendencies that keep you in a comfort zone. The time is right for boldly going where you know you need to explore. Moon in Libra.
Sunday, September 24th, Challenges abound for those trying to carve out a better way. With Saturn in Scorpio the cosmic drive is to transform what you call secure into something that is sustainable. Take more time today to meditate and get away from known irritants. We are all better than this. Moon in Scorpio.
Monday, September 25th, another day that will test your patience. Avoid obvious emotional traps. Don’t feed the tensions with rhetorical comments. Be very clear in your speech or say nothing. Delaying a response is usually easier than wiggling out of snide words sent in the wrong direction. Especially if that person could turn “nuclear”. Moon in Scorpio.
Tuesday, September 26th, the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio will do a dance today that could illuminate some interesting facts that can be useful in the future. Be open to either simplifying your life, situation or even health routine. There is extreme stress out there right now. Even the Solar flares have been adding agitation to many. Remember that these times make the unhinged worse, and the devotional or spiritual even more in harmony. Choose your camp. Moon in Scorpio.
Wednesday, September 27th, for the philosophical, some lucky bits of insight could come your way. Re assess your sense of honor and fortune. If you can, spend some time on your health. It will be a diversion from what else ails us, and do some good along the way. Say a good word for those who make some positive changes. Moon in Sagittarius.
Thursday, September 28th, a ray of sunshine comes at us from those who hold higher ground. Actions and desires and even a touch of romance is there to transform even the jaded soul. Just have to be open to the experience. Moon in Sagittarius.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
A shift in the movement of Venus going into Leo today will help out those who are fire signs and anyone who needs to show off their good sides. Even watery personalities need to flash some peacock feathers from time to time to get attention. Things feel more like autumn rather than fall in this area. Enjoy the stretch of the warm season and have a few more backyard gatherings as weather permits. Also expect the unexpected. Sometimes we want things to be “just so” but mixing up with something adventurous may be just what you need before the winds turn cold.
For all this week, expect things we hear about what is being done for our own good. There is a slant of propaganda and withholding of intent all around. Some actions will be more telling but still they are being carefully staged. We will know next week more of what is happening behind closed doors or of our civic leaders. Maybe it is for the best just to give people a chance to focus on their lives rather than what is conspiring against them. We are not out of the struggle for our rights, but since nothing is reliable right now, focus on love and companionship. Deal with the other aspects just as they come up, and no sooner.
By midweek, Jupiter will go into Libra. Sometimes there is a struggle with expanding and keeping it in order and balanced out. This will be one of those months. The lesson is not to expand too much for comfort. It will be easy to lose control of your objective. If you need help, call help into play. Don’t do this alone. If you have to keep it solo, then set priorities, timelines and objectives carefully so that you don’t end up with your new baby (project) and carriage running out of control down a hill.
Friday, September 15th is going to be a day to remember. Even with the few tangles of surprises, your intuition will kick in by midday to make course corrections to whatever you desire to happen. Take this day as a positive, even if you don’t see huge results. Sometimes the small things are what add up to be significant. In other words, sometimes change is not immediately visible. Moon in Cancer.
Saturday, September 16th, there is likely to be only one game working at this time. Everything else will be blocked with resistance or just too much work to jump into. Go with the flow today and explore something new, something interesting, or something you have had a curiosity about. The rewards will be great, you just have put out the effort. Moon in Cancer.
Sunday, September 17th, even though what we hear seems to be missing some key points, there is an undercurrent of optimism. Change is sometimes felt in the bones and blood before it is actually seen. Keep a positive or holistic perspective and hope that others will be doing the same. What we hold in our hearts has momentum when there are others that support the same. Spend a fair amount of time in meditation and gratitude this day. Moon goes into Leo this afternoon.
Monday, September 18th, Mercury and Mars continue tracking together very closely for several more days. With both now in Leo, the theme will be leadership, optimism and power struggles. With the Moon activating these two orbs during the late day and evening, expect a heady mix of communications (that are being manipulated) and gut feelings that ooze out of our pores. Not everyone will want to play nice, so watch your back when out and hope that things remain simply an exchange of words rather than blows. Also, the Sun has now moved into Sidereal Virgo bringing some stability, rationality and a bit of pent up paranoia. Moon in Leo.
Tuesday, September 19th, today will mark a time of feeling ill at ease with things out of our control. If you have an issue, call someone who is charged with representing you or has power to make changes. There is no guarantee that will help, but being silent right now is a mistake. The undercurrent of a Grand Trine will continue to nudge things to a positive outcome, but not without some angst and vocal expression.  Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, September 20th, the Sun and Moon will conjunct midday today. If you can keep it logical and healthy, the day will be very productive on important projects that influence the future. If you can’t expect some psychosomatic illnesses to come up. Give yourself plenty of room to adjust and take care of you. It is alright to call the last minute and cancel. Others may be suffering just like you. Moon in Virgo.
Thursday, September 21st, a day to take perspective of three areas of life. One is those necessary personal changes that have to occur, such as letting go of bad habits. The second is what is important to create a new future or excel at your next pathway  or keep it on course. And third bad information and tricky situations are there to keep things interesting. Don’t be caught off guard by the good things moving along and assume everything you hear or that is done is right. Discretion is important right now. Moon in Virgo.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
This week lovely Venus is well into Cancer and some lovely aspects happening for healing and creation of stability in your romantic life. The 28th is especially warm and fuzzy. After that she disconnects and it is back to work. Enjoy what you can right now. I know we all need a refresher on what it is like to be loved.
Mercury in retrograde is about to start closely connecting with the Sun/North Node/Mars in early degree Leo and later degree Cancer. Yep, that ties together some really major powers into a struggle. While there are positive trines with Saturn (the great instructor) and Uranus (that dose of mayhem), neither of those is particularly easy to deal with. What will do you the most good is to stay with the details, follow through and give it your best. If you are in the public eye, be sure to stay on topic and get your facts straight!
We will be starting a series of Grand Trine aspects with essentially the North Node (or point of destiny), Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. These will continue until November 11th only to have yet another set of Grand trines continue. This set relates to power structures and where our efforts will lead us into secure places for the future with lots of unusual situations. By then we should be so used to the pace of change and challenge that it will just be normal. Keep your grounding practices and healthy lifestyles in place. You will rely heavily on those to keep from overload. By November 11th , Saturn will start to be in Sagittarius and conjuncting the Stars Aculeus and Acumen. These in order are “attacks but still success” and “attacks that weaken”. Other leaders in recent history had to deal with this aspect and had a very hard time. It will test the mettle of the greatest of souls. Where ever you might have early degree Sagittarius, prepare for some challenges.
Friday, August 25th, starts the day with the Moon and Jupiter conjuncting. Generally a joyous time even in Virgo. There are some other wonderful aspects allowing those of earth signs to get their acts together and get something big accomplished. Just don’t expect it to be without a few unexpected surprises. Yes, Uranus will be sprinkling in some craziness. Grounding is key here and you will be able to forge ahead and find some healing time with your sweetie too! Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, August 26th, could be a test to find the energy to get started and then persevere knowing that the timing might be off anyway. Today is going to be better suited to planning, preparing and spending some time healing from a hectic week. Could be some unexpected news that is dragged from deep recesses into the light right now. Stay tuned and keep your cool. Moon in Libra.
Sunday, August 27th, Mars goes into Leo today. While Mercury will be doing its backward moon walk passing a conjunction with the Sun, the news will still be flowing. But now it will be more commentary than something new. In about 4 days, Mercury will be conjuncting with Mars which will bring a sense of right actions happening. Whatever it is, it will be powerful. What I find fascinating about astrology is it provides timing for tests of character and opportunities to change for the better. Both will be on Regulus (6* Leo) about the same time. Like two trains about to meet head on. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention and change. Moon in Libra.
Monday, August 28th, like a debilitating sting of a scorpion, the Moon will be challenging the status quo of those who have been abusing power. The show should go on for a few days. This is a day we should pay close attention as to the sub current and accusations that spin around us. If you happen to be subject to that poisoned stab, keep facts and reason close at hand. Strangely, I don’t think it will rock to status quo so much as to cause anarchy. Moon in Scorpio.
Tuesday, August 29th, a powerful set of oppositions hit the midheaven in the morning. These strike issues relating to money, power and force in the world. Just to settle into a cradle of protective trines that keep us from sinking into despair. Somehow our sense of structure is weathering what ails us. While we may want to escape into wanton behavior, it is best if we take time by evening to center and ground ourselves. I plan on just watching the news and turning it off for the night. Moon in Scorpio.
Wednesday, August 30th, there is a jolt to the Grand Trine precariously in Leo, Aries and Scorpio and Cancer. Mars/North Node/Mercury gather energy from Uranus the agent of change and Saturn/Moon in Scorpio. None of these works well together. But yet, here they are blending their energies. On a everyday level, this is a day that if you can stay focused on your needs, the fractions pulling us to change and adapt will hopefully make sense by the end of the day. All I can say is it will be stressful, exciting, unexpected and make a lasting impression. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, August 31st, that complicated Grand Trine continues today and tomorrow as Mercury creeps closer to Mars. Mars is going to be making some sort of big move in these days. It relates to leadership, power and what has to be done. Cross your fingers that it is something you can live with. There is so much flowing in the positive that the challenges of your day will bend to your will by sheer perseverance. No time to feel worn out or lazy. Let the “fight or flight” response kick in. Moon in Sagittarius.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


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