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Cosmic Waves Horoscope

All of this week a T Square with Jupiter/Pluto and Mars could fluster big plans. There are several very nice cosmic flows surround it. What the T Square implies is that some major change that is in the works will be either massaged into something palatable or that it will flounder. Again, with Jupiter in Virgo, things that don’t have the proper vetting will be a mess. In your own life, just make sure that all your I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.
Another important aspect is Saturn is at 29* which means there is an avalanche of what is wrong coming into view. It is like all the hidden or dismissed problems just come back into focus. This will continue to plague those who are ready for the next level because Saturn will go retrograde for a while. Meaning that things will back off, then come to head again. Make sure you have healthy coping mechanisms because this Saturn in Scorpio aspect is stressful.
Midday each day this week will be a short lived Grand Trine with Venus/horizon/Pluto. A great time to take you lunch and make strong efforts to reset your energy and drive. Then it will be back to work, hopefully renewed.
Friday, June 23rd begins with a lot of gusto to get your work done, but as the weight of news starts to overwhelm you with stark, cruel reality, it will be time to call it a day. If you can’t miss working in the afternoon, then unhook from media and focus. Your choice. Moon in Gemini.
Saturday, June 24th, the Stellum in Gemini today that has some really difficult aspects to it. The focus will be on persona and appearances. Entirely possible that bad news in some form will make it your way. There is more concern for those in power rather than the worker bee unless you tend to get bullied or trashed when the higher up is upset. Watch your back today! Moon in Gemini.
Sunday, June 25th, spend this day doing some internal reflection. If you can steer yourself towards compassion, more people will win. But if not, sort out why anger or frustration is bubbling beneath your otherwise cool exterior. A day for meditation, yoga and a good meal with friends and family. Keep it low key. Moon in Cancer.
Monday, June 26th, Romance could take a hit today. So, if you can, channel that energy into some sort of creative endeavor. With the energy of a Moon in Cancer well aspect to Jupiter in Virgo maybe a better day to spend your off time tending your garden. Getting wet and dirty after work will help connect you back with the power of being human and part of the cycle of life. Moon in Cancer.
Tuesday, June 27th, beware of the ego trip today. Things that you want may have to run the gauntlet of pushy sells people or bait and switch advertisements. Read between the line carefully in messages with those you love and things that you want. Could be a “gotcha” moment for hasty people. Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, June 28th, it will be very hard to sort out what is the truth and what is spin. Everything will have a mix of both! The moon will oppose Neptune today bringing conflicts what we think we want or think we see is in question. Consider how you need to rethink your position. Tomorrow will be completely different. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, June 29th, things are looking up today as a double Grand Trine will bring some fascinating and healing situations. Maybe it will be a boost in humanity. Maybe it will be a great opportunity that emerges after all the things that have fallen apart over the last few days. Watch your health today as the latest stress has been draining vital energy. Tend to yourself with love. Tomorrow will be a dip down on the roller coaster of life.  Moon in Leo.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
This week will start off with the couple week effects of the Sun/Mercury opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. With the Sun in Gemini which is the ruler of Mercury. There is some resonation between them. But the opposition pushes for a facing the facts of personal behavior in the real world. If it comes up personally, then big lessons should be first and foremost in your thoughts. On a larger scale, all you can do is test your perspectives as they come up for review. To explain this with my dry humor, a lot of what we see and hear on the bigger arena is constipated right now. Don’t get caught in the back log. Expect bigger and better of those in that realm.
Neptune in Aquarius is going retrograde also, so be sure to do the internal work when it comes up. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to double check what comes out of or fingers or lips. If you are careless, be prepared for feedback. Where you heart resides will determine your experience. Aquarius tests our ideals and ideas. Both are fluid for adjustment to a higher good. Go there.
Romance this week will probably flow well for those who speak clearly, consider all situations, and take personal initiative when you can. Everyone loves a partner who will take care of their own complicated to do list. Your partner will appreciate you letting them just do their weekend stuff, and just getting together when you have time for each other. Just remember to tell them basically what is happening. The uninformed mate will over think their situation if you are mysterious… unless you are planning a surprise party. Then they will forgive you.
Friday, June 16th, begins the Neptune in Aquarius Retrograde. This is a slow-moving planet, which means it relates to tangible but tangent connections to your life. I think you should take some time to reevaluate your role as citizen, family member or group member over the next few weeks. This position will be shifting for a while. The Aquarian aspect puts ideals and ideas on the negotiating table. Change wisely. The outcome of cause and effect is tremendous when the chaos has been mixing things up for a while. Reorganize into something cohesive and friendly. Moon in Aquarius.
Saturday, June 17th, with the shift of the Moon conjunct to Chiron in Pisces, take care not to over imbibe or consume to calm your emotions. It would be better to get objective help with your issues and then pick up or re-instate a healthy habit. These days our minds are just pushing us past our limits. Modern life has had its perks but with those perks comes energetic adjustments including forgiving yourself for mistakes. Moon in Pisces.
Sunday, June 18th, today will be another day to process the week with hopes that yesterday’s progress is incorporated into your routine. A good day to lay low, play it safe, and be good to yourself and those you love. Most other big things you want done will have problems meeting with success. You are just worn out, so rest. Moon in Pisces.
Monday, June 19th, consider this a day of extraordinary complexity and “surprises”. Everyone’s definition of “surprises”, of course, can vary greatly. I would like to press many people to take a moment and think how they can make things a bit more connected and compassionate. You have no idea how you can help change events. Chose to be proactive. Moon in Aries.
Tuesday, June 20th, the Moon is sweeping next to Venus today. I find this time of year magical and pregnant with opportunity. Create some summertime wishes that are greeted with whimsy and wishes. This evening venture outside and track fire flies and rustlings in the bushes and consider what comes up from your soul. I have a special garden space that I consider inhabited with the Faery. If you are so inclined to have a trust in the unseen forces in nature, ask for help to let go of past hindrances, baggage, or unreasonable fears, and then wish for something powerful for this summer. If you are awakened before dawn, go out for a viewing to the east where you will find Venus and the sliver of the moon. Make a pact with yourself to move forward in a positive direction, either emotionally or in attaining a goal. Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, June 21st, this is the official start of summer. Here in Oklahoma, it has been summer for a few weeks. Yes, there is a lot of stress in our lives. Much of which can be and should be managed. But remember that new things that bring joy, cause stress too. Focus on what you can proactively create during this summer. And then make quick plans to do so. Moon in Gemini by mid-morning.
Thursday, June 22nd, another great day to put your short-term goals into place. While there are flaky influences in the mix, know that with focus, you can achieve more than expected. As the world turns so do restrictions and fleeting connections. Steer your drive towards things that are grounded in what is already here and then add to that. Like deeper understandings of your sweetheart’s motivations. Good luck!  Moon in Capricorn.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
Friday, June 9th, The full moon just makes this an even crazier and exciting day. So much so that the stress could overwhelm you. The key to handling the chaotic energies of the day is to recognize that inner truths are essential for focusing your energy and getting things done. An old but powerful lesson is that of knowing the “inner bell”. If you are in touch with it, your inner magician will move effortlessly. If it is off, well, you will learn a very powerful lesson about telling the truth. Moon in Scorpio until early evening.
Saturday, June 10th. Should be a lot of good news coming through today. Exciting times, albeit highly unconventional. Really important for those working a conscientious life to stay grounded today. There is still a strain on the group consciousness through June 16th. Continuing through this time, vigilance on truth vs propaganda is imperative. After that, Neptune will go Retrograde bringing in deep inner dialogues of who you are and where you have been. Journal during this time about whatever your experience and then compare notes as to where you want to be. Moon in Sagittarius.
Sunday, June 11th, this could be a day of tough choices and good news. Sometimes we are pressed to do more than we think we can. But when destiny calls, it is always best to take the lead and make the transformation. the trick will be trying to sort out which is which due to some veiled issues still lurking. In the spirit of the past Sagittarius moon, consider the journey as part adventure and partly getting to a goal. On this level, it is our best guess where we should be going. Do your best and there will be no regrets (win or lose)! Moon is Capricorn.
Monday, June 12th, with Mercury taking a pivotal power in the skies though June 15th, information and ideas will be flying like monkeys. Connect the dots to the next level which causes personal opinions to change and outlooks to shift. Here is your chance to choose what wavelength you want of harmonize. Choose carefully as today has a Grand Square and you could be stuck in that rut for a while. Moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday, June 13th, the Sun has moved into Gemini with Mercury close to its heels. There is an opposition with Saturn that started a few days ago and will run until June 22nd. Challenges to how to work things out has our attention. The bigger the game, the higher the stakes. Unsettling will be the key word for this time. Just when you thought you could take no more, things get punched up a notch. Perhaps the bigger lesson is what do you do in times of uncertainty? As human beings we are also adjusting to the flood of information due to technology. Our nervous systems are not geared for this sustained pressure. Here is when we learn to observe, ascertain, and then proactively address what is happening in the big and small areas of life. Moon in Capricorn.
Wednesday, June 14th, those who are good at understanding data, will be hard at work connecting the dots. Still some things hidden, yes I know I have been saying that for some time, but the stars are not concerned about how long the pressure is applied. It is our job to know when and where to apply what happens at home and our immediate lives and what the future holds. Moon in Aquarius this evening.
Thursday, June 15th, keep it simple today. Obstructions come from the least expected places. Be wise and don’t overcommit and let others down. Neptune is starting to go station (no motion before heading backward) and clear answers are still just out of reach. Going into a time of learning to find your grounding or centering activities and get serious about daily routines. Just to keep your sanity. Moon in Aquarius.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
The week starts out with Venus and Uranus exact. With both in Aries right now, fresh beginnings or newly found drive to success will dominate. This is great for relationships that now need to understand that there is connection and freedom to do your chosen work without fear of loss. Ultimately, lasting relationships thrive when both are allowed to be the best they can be and still connect back when time allows.
For the rest of the week, Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius will continue to force issues of how much is rightful power and how much is compensation for insufficiencies. Last week we saw the first level of discovering how dysfunctional that dance of opposites can be.  A level of cruelty of action continues. This week further discoveries of what is known right now. Could be very interesting for those in a battle of wills with perceived incompetence. Could be very uncomfortable for those involved. Jupiter and Pluto are also squared this week, and for a while. That means pressure to ask needed questions in light of uncontroversial data or truths.
Friday, June 2nd, will bring a lot of luck to those who start the day out early. That wave of opportunity through personal effort will give you more than you expected. There will be communications that are real game changers as Mercury trine Pluto starts a cascade of revelations over the next few days. Mostly good news, even if you have to shift your perspective to adjust to the reality. Be aware that starting today, big issues may have lots of obfuscation. Check your sources. Also, some people and situations will be boxed into a corner! For some people, health news will dominate. Moon in Virgo by mid-morning.
Saturday, June 3rd, Jupiter and the Moon in Virgo are connecting today. These two together mean the importance of details and follow through. There is a square with Mars in Gemini that will awaking the cruelty of those who try to dominate on shaky ground. With the mixed powerful influences right now, those in questionable authority will try extra hard to hide their insufficiencies. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, June 4th, as the day progresses, those lovers may notice the quirks of their beloved. Remember that details may be important in somethings, but not in all matters. An important day for pivotal judgement calls on what you can handle vs. ignore with a smile and a nod. After the morning, things could get stressful without an avenue to mitigate solutions. Take plenty of time to just center your feelings before you say much. Tomorrow will be a bigger test of holding your tongue. Moon in Libra by late afternoon.
Monday, June 5th, send quirky love notes to someone special. This is either to cover up something hastily said or omissions in the course of living, ie forgotten anniversaries. So much hinges on what your feelings may be. Fortunately, the Libra moon can see the rationale if honesty is open and verbalized. At this point, much of any work towards a project is probably out of your personal control. Let it go out into the field of others doing their work and wait for word back on your next step. Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, June 6th, just for today, the Moon will trine Neptune in Aquarius (our collective sense of humanity and ideals). There will be a gut connection with what the next level of plans will look like, but be cautious as there is still veils of illusion because the Sun in Taurus squaring Neptune. That level of illusion creates a mixed message environment. Do your homework so you know which is good news and what is hype. Moon in Libra.
Wednesday, June 7th, right now use your emotional energy to heal or involve your energy in mental health. Some people just need to connect with nature, some need a massage to release all the physical stress, and some just need to meditate to find their center and solutions. There is no hint as to how the future will progress so all you can do is focus on yourself and know peace at home. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, June 8th, try to keep your cool when you hear something contrary to what you know. This is a life test! When you have worked hard at being your best and always evolving into your best form, you will now find information that is contrary to what you know. Mercury is being a real stinker today and your emotions will have every button pushed. Remember yesterday’s trials and recall how to center. Don’t say something that will be regretted. Instead, be cool even if others lose theirs. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be even more trying. Pace yourself! Moon in Scorpio.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
There is an interesting Yod formation most of this week with Jupiter in Virgo as the apex. Usually called “the finger of God” there can be extra importance to Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune connections. Loosely, the details of any enterprise are so important, especially when matters of the human condition are considered. This week will finish out with stresses on news that critiques big plans. So, mostly the same as last week on that venue. After this week, that stress is still there, but it will be harder to hear about what is happening. Keep asking questions because data is being exposed that is screaming for a “re-write”. With Mars making its yearly journey through Gemini with an opposition to Saturn, there is a subtext of cruelty. When life and death decisions are subjected to too many intellectual games, reason and compassion take a back seat, unless you insist on corrections. I know it seems we are so overwhelmed by these assaults, but the barrage is designed to beat you into complacency. Look at the source, and teach them the lesson. Human kind has compassion naturally, but not those wanting only numbers to matter. Offer solutions that we can innovate something better and still be humane.
There will be a stable Kite formation from May 28th to June 4th which will bring a lot of joy to those who love life. Relationships will take a wondrous turn for the better as communication and adventures make lasting impressions. Enjoy!
Friday, May 26th, greets us with the Moon traversing past Mars in Gemini. Today will be like reading an insurance policy. Vaguely you think things will be fine, but the subtext only benefits the insurance company, leaving you in trouble.  Make no deals today. Moon into Gemini by mid-day.
Saturday, May 27th, has a current of distrust of what we have normally held in high regard. This is intentional! There will be some news that the wheels of truth is still working well. By mid-day, a triad will connect the Moon/Mercury/Neptune creating a breath of fresh air to our hearts and minds. Remember this feeling so you can call it again when you feel the need to center your emotions. I have been a firm believer in creating a grounded center in my being that can withstand all assaults. We need to all develop that safety zone for times like these. An example in fiction is the use of a Patronus for Harry Potter to banish the soul sucking Dementors. Develop your own Patronus. Moon in Gemini.
Sunday, May 28th, while more news of our fates come into view, there are the joys of our daily lives that can shine today. Those in love, will have some unusual affirmations and adventures. Connecting up with the definition of your personal meaning for life can overshadow the changing world around you. Make sure you put the effort into your relationships, because this sweet spot will not come instantly. Moon in Gemini.
Monday, May 29th, is a holiday for many. Perhaps I should remind us why we take time off for Memorial Day, but even those who have passed on before us, knew and understood the joys of life. This will be a time that some lasting adventures and connections will be enjoyed. I know it seems that the bigger picture does not reflect who we are, but don’t let that keep you from defining your message. Each light for something greater, and next level, is adding to the beacon for pushing the decay of the past into darkness. Moon in Cancer.
Tuesday, May 30th, another great day for those connected with what is next level. Each life will have something special that they explore. Think big, love big, be all you can be. The negatives will soon move into positives. Moon in Cancer.
Wednesday, May 31st, another day where the future is what we make. Lots of synchronicities to go around. Stay in that flow! The moon shifts into Leo and is traversing across the North Node of destiny. This is all tied into that long standing Kite formation that will give hope to all those who have despaired. See the good, banish the no longer helpful, and help create a better tomorrow with your words, actions and dreams. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, June 1st, there is a powerful mix of connections out there. Two Grand Trines with a Kite formation (success if you do your work) and a T Square. The T square brings a veil of illusion on what people are allowed to see and know. Preserver with your questions and hope for the best. Tomorrow will bring more insights! Moon in Leo.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
Most of this week will be a challenge to harmonize the internal world with the outer world. As a proactive gesture, look at those who are moderating their focus on the core problems and encourage them. In other words, it is a circus out there, so cheer on those who are wanting to do the actual work, not contribute to the circus. With all the hype and jumble of information, we need key puzzle pieces to come together for solutions. Those aren’t all in place yet, so keep the faith that the last throngs of outdated, failed perspectives are facing the light of day and acquiescing to what is untried… doing things for the common good.
Romance is not particularly auspicious either. It is necessary to realize that those doing clearing work, must be allowed to let go as fast as they can. Don’t add pressure to an already boiling pot. Venus is in Pisces, usually a very fortuitous time, but with all the squares going on, that emotion will turn into moodiness and sulking. Tend to your wounds with healing. Things will turn around soon.
Friday, May 19th, nothing new as the day brings a confluence of difficulties and obsessions. With all the intensity, many will need to catch themselves before they fall into bad habits. The only salvo is that what is happening is for the best. Certain despicable players and agendas are being forced to the light. Your job, should you decide to accept the assignment, is to toughen up and think outside the box. Clear heads will prevail. Moon in Aquarius.
Saturday, May 20th, this is a day of vague uncertainties with the Moon hovering around Neptune in Aquarius. Usually Aquarian influences relate to all of us. Without taking a harmful approach, try to adjust to what the deeper meanings are. The veil will be thick and impenetrable, so don’t lose your way. Moon in Aquarius.
Sunday, May 21st, as Mercury has pulled away from the crazy maker, Uranus, there may be a suspicion with the perceived blackout. This also goes for messages from your sweetheart or other significant people in your life. The only aspect that is working for the regular guy is spending time working on your health and wellbeing. This is a day that whatever big plans you have, give them a try but don’t worry if they only are half done. It is better to do something to find your center, again, and breath in the air. Simple, but important to clear your head. Moon in Pisces.
Monday, May 22nd, this is the kind of Monday that many will dread if you didn’t get your rest yesterday. With a T Square with the Midheaven, expect money news and important issues to be back on the agenda. Even romance will have to take a back seat today. Don’t get too worked up if those you love are flipping out for the next several days. The intensity, rapidity of assaults to our wellbeing are getting so tender that they are becoming triggers for PTSD. In the history of man, we have never had a higher level of basic rights and securities. Another reason to hold on to human rights and civil gains instead of proposing anarchy or oligarchy. Take things in totality, and insist on the truth. Moon in Pisces.
Tuesday, May 23rd, while big romantic blow ups are possible, steer your energy towards the over inflated emotions you are feeling. Think first, then again, before you speak. If necessary, just put all devices away until calmer heads can prevail. If you get a wild call for action, give your excuses and take the back seat. Things are in a volatile exchange right now. Only the proactive will be smiling at the end of the wrestling match. Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, May 24th, there could be some good news this morning. Think fresh start on an old problem. Work hard to make any transformations right now. Fortunately, if you mess up, and blow your top, out of the sake of humanity, you will probably get a chance for redemption… if you are earnest. Probably going to be a hard day to maintain health commitments. Moon in Aries.
Thursday, May 25th, while the mixed signals and currents and waves of agendas flow around you, a certain level of presence will make itself felt. The Moon and Sun will conjunct today in Taurus. Yes, the manifestations of this is stubbornness, laziness and a grounding of emotional baggage that has needed to find a place to conform into. In other words, perhaps things will find a final “gel” into a from. Remember that it is still gooey and morphable. Visualize what would be best for yourself and others. Let’s form something we will be proud of this time. Make it worthwhile. We are about to turn a corner next week. Moon in Taurus.
Get used to feeling very uncomfortable. Without the soothing and diverting qualities of Venus, the Wounded Healer, Chiron is square on against Saturn the harsh taskmaster. Take time out from breaking upsetting news, until there is a chance to get feedback. On top of this long-term situation, there is an equally long term Grand trine which has a high level of shock and surprise comfortably coupled with securing a better future. The winners and losers in this summer drama will make history. Interesting times, but stay vigilant that the truth prevails. Perhaps there is an actual battle of wills and the one who wins is the one who defines normal for the rest of us.
Friday, May 12th brings lovers a chance to catch up and bond. Take time to smooth any ruffled feathers that your partner may have because healing your wounds is well aspected today. On the world front, Mercury has just passed Uranus in Aries bringing war with independence. News from every angle will be setting us up for an uncertain journey. Don’t compromise higher values to allow old destructive patterns to return. Keep the faith, because we are creating our future as we go. Moon in Scorpio.
Saturday, May 13th, an interesting approach of the Sun to the Midheaven can bring a few days of turmoil for those in power. This is a struggle for the future. Over the next ten days or so, this challenge will be rather intense. The Martian qualities of Aries are alive and well late into May. Harsh as it seems, it is necessary. On the home front efforts towards close companions are well received. Touch base with those you care about and make sure they are fine. Do your own rejuvenation as well with starting a new study or getting an unusual summer read. Step out of your comfort zone and see what unveils itself. Moon in Scorpio.
Sunday, May 14th, today is Mother’s Day! A time to remember your special mentor who has taken you from cradle to the present. Of course, this can be a time that reminds you of not so warm and fuzzy encounters. Not everyone is cut out for motherhood. There are so many counter indicators for a good time, especially if you are not into the celebration. Make your excuses or keep the encounter short and sweet. There are so many things that can go wrong with the plans that you could be given a free pass out.  For better or worse, we sometimes get what we deserve, but change can happen when you least expect it. Moon in Sagittarius.
Monday, May 15th, I am especially excited as this month’s encounter with the Moon and Pluto. In all things, evolving situations and personal growth can be met with acceptance. With Sagittarius bringing the demand for truth and honor, today’s aspects could put the fight in your living room. Hopefully you have your personal life together enough that the fight will be seen through media instead. Things are heating up, even though you think that it cannot get worse. Not sure worse is the right term, it is more high stakes. The right moves need to be made and there is support with the Grand Trine. Moon in Sagittarius.
Tuesday, May 16th, it is possible that those under assault in the big view may get a break today. Matters of money may outweigh change. This is fleeting, so tomorrow will be back to the pressure cooker environment. This is due to the Midheaven and the Sun approaching conjunction. Hold on, as the Sun moves into Taurus bringing more escapism or diversions. Over the course of the rest of the week, those in the spot light will be getting away with murder or intrigue. Keep the faith. Moon in Capricorn.
Wednesday, May 17th, there is a special stellar geometry in the skies this afternoon. A Star of David is prominent. This is a time that whoever uses their will to create, will be greeted with promising outcomes. Take a break this afternoon, separate from the work place a few minutes and wish for something special. If you are concerned about security or structures, then let that be your focus. There are some amazing connections with positive change if we decide to call it forward. Moon in Capricorn.
Thursday, May 18th, there can be significant social fallout over the last few days events. Demands for justice and reparations could be heard loud and clear. Not much will happen as there is an opposition with the harbinger of the future, North Node or Rahu, right now that will cause more internal questions than answers. But get the discussion going again and move with the times. Even free speech is being uncomfortable to those who are subverting the truth. There could be more harsh restrictions. Hopefully if you stay aware and vocal, that won’t stay. Each day it seems that the line is crossed with a new one drawn. Moon in Aquarius.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
SIDEREAL WESTERN ASTROLOGYcosmic waves horoscope
Over the last few weeks I have neglected talking about the influences of Venus. She has been in Pisces, which is usually a wonderful place for her, but she has been in challenged with Saturn at this time. This Square ends after May 8th. After that there will be a deep need to do some auto correction from the instability and frustration of the last few weeks. While normally I suggest that people keep life balanced with attention to the outside world and efforts to your personal life, after the 8th there will be a continued difficulty in getting into a sweet spot. Priorities may shift, and that is OK. With the news and erratic aspects in highlight right now, overload is understood on all sides. Continue to work harder at self care and mental hygiene. It will pay off down the road. Relationships are our hardest lesson or task and there will be easier times in the future.
Mercury has gone fully direct now and is conjuncting Uranus in earnest. This time what was innuendo will now be headlines. No real hint of solutions, but bolder statements on all sides of the political and social arenas. Don’t overload on the info. Some people listen all day and hear the same thing with slight updates as they do their daily stuff. For your mental health over the rest of the year, (Chiron square Saturn), let the dust of the day settle and get the single update. But you must listen carefully to both sides. You should think about what is said. If you can ween off of constant drama, you can stay less agitated and more thoughtful about your life and how democracy is moving.
The Grand Trine in Fire is still rolling along. As a review, it connects Uranus/Mercury to Saturn and the North Node. What this means is anything that leads to security, and what a positive future means, will be having a constant positive pulse. This is truly a time of the corrupt and decayed being exposed and held accountable. Our contribution is to think solutions and adjustments instead of blank clichés that solve nothing.
Friday, May 5th, the stars bring lots of reasons to be happy today. This is my favorite Cinco de Mayo an increasingly favorite holiday.  Just a few days ago was Buddha’s birthday (by some calendars). As today’s hint to survival, the two ways these demonstrate the victory over ego or an oppressive regime. Whichever battle you have been immersed, give yourself some time to thank helpful guides and your own perseverance to truth, and personal sovereignty. The proviso that the stars add is you must maintain diligence or else what was gained will be slowly, stealthy taken away. Such is the ebb and flow of the powers in our reality. Moon in Leo.
Saturday, May 6th, this is a time that couples need to be extra vigilant to not nit pick or bully their loved ones. With the stresses of less than perfect balance of good times and home improvement, edginess is bountiful. Watch your thoughts as well as your words and actions. They will be amplified in ways that will injure. Remember it is much easier to hold your tongue rather than spend days or weeks healing harsh words. The rest of the world may feel like it is weighing heavily on you as well. We are digging our way out of some deep archaic muck right now. It will take a lot of light to balance the wrongs. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, May 7th, today the Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo. There is a Trine with Mars (what gives us mojo to do our job) as well as some other distractions. Your best plan for utilizing the most out of the day will be to do the work yourself instead of asking someone else to do it. Sometimes making a job a quiet meditation into the sprucing up your environment and the healing that comes to the inside from personal satisfaction of a job well done. At the end of the day, get together with your partner and find out just how much was done, working separately but in a common cause. Moon in Virgo.
Monday, May 8th, the day starts out with a need to work through personal blocks. Most of us have developed ways to push forward when the heart is just not into it. The reward will be by late afternoon you will see something spectacular for your efforts. As the evening rolls on, go out and make some wishes on the stars and moon. Spring is really here and the summer is in the making tonight! Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, May 9th, the morning starts out on an optimistic vibe. While there is still lots of interesting or scary news coming from various sources, the feeling that progress is flowing. The later part of the day will probably fall into complacency, so just take a break and just let the info flow through you. Tomorrow will be another day. Moon in Libra.
Wednesday, May 10th, the wheels of fortune seem to be spinning along today with the Sun in Aries Trine to Pluto in Sagittarius. Normally this would be a tango between self assertiveness and transforming for higher truths.  Most who need to start focus on the next phase or new project will find the energy to finish up, lay to rest or pass on a past condition or project. (yep, this is both internal work as well as physical stuff). The day will be best spent clearing the decks for some new focus over the summer. The outer world will be finding its way through the never ending changes, and there is enough trending pattern that you know where to focus next. Moon in Libra until evening when it goes into Scorpio.
Thursday, May 11th, emotionally today will make it hard to detach from fears of others and your own insecurities. The best plan is to turn inward and get some exercise and then spend time on a pet project. Even if it is just planting your garden. Take your stress out on something that can handle some pounding, like hoeing some dirt! Moon in Scorpio.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
As a general trend this week, Mercury will go direct on May 5th. This week will prove to have challenges to getting all the info you need to move forward. You will just have to work with what you have and hope for the best. When Mercury gets going again, the wheels will be spinning so hard you will have to work to keep up.
Also, Mercury is closest to Uranus in Aries right now. It will stay there all week. On a bigger scale, news or unusual situations will be hard to get at. But they cannot be held back because when Mercury goes direct the logjam will burst and will be flooding out in the most unexpected places. Keep your info as true as possible. This could be scary because one of the qualities of Uranus in Aries has to do more for yourself than you can. Let’s hope that help is in the mix for the weakest. Otherwise, get ready for some back lash to abandonment.
Friday, April 28th brings a day that has you thinking things up but the emotions and body just won’t cooperate. Don’t beat yourself up; some of the onerous is how crazy things have gotten that you just don’t trust moving forward. Mercury Retrograde is exact with Uranus in Aries making chaotic and backwards movement to projects. Know that if you can’t do it, then the other people along the line probably can’t do much today either. Watch out for promises that can be kept! Some things will have to be redone which could mean taking work home and doing it over the weekend? Start the weekend early! Moon in Taurus.
Saturday, April 29th, something happens in the hindsight of yesterday making this a rather productive day. Roll with it without many questions. You have the whole weekend to finish up something big. Make it count towards something that you can enjoy all summer. Moon in Taurus.
Sunday, April 30th there is some positive news over the weekend dump of info. This will give you courage and initiative to work on a project. Just try not to get too scattered. Focus is really important today so you can finish up. Tomorrow is a Grand Square so what is done today, is all that gets done for a while. Moon in Gemini.
Monday, May 1st, I remember in grade school making May flower baskets and taking them to someone I liked. My first attempt went so bad that I never did it again. There is a continuation of that experience today. While the desire to celebrate the season change is in the air, it will be taken in all the wrong ways. Be very simple and straightforward in all communications today. Moon in Gemini.
Tuesday, May 2nd, Put your efforts into things that you feel like doing. Trying to force interest will prove a mistake. Connect with the needs of your home and family so that any short comings will be forgiven and still appreciated. Watch being too moody if things don’t work well. Moon in Cancer.
Wednesday, May 3rd, you could have some surprising news about your home or family today. It could be hard to be of assistance because other work opportunities will be taking up your time. It is probably a good day to remember that taking time to think about a situation is going to benefit the overall situation at home. Discuss solutions and then get back to work life and its gifts. This evening could be a great time to do some dream work. Ask for solutions to your situation and see what the dreams say. Perhaps a solution to your problem will follow soon after in the next several highly charged days. Moon in Cancer.
Thursday, May 4th. The morning can start out with a rush of things to be done. Address them after you have taken time to prioritize. With all the information and opportunity flowing right now, especially with matters that relate to your future. Mercury is going station today and will be direct tomorrow! Moon in Leo.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

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