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Guidelines for romance and relationships is rather easy. Make sure you make the necessary adjustments to changing conditions. This does not mean allowing someone to use or hurt you… that is your queue to leave and make a new life. But it does mean if you have held onto impossible or difficult expectations you need to shift. All week will give you a feeling of insecurity. To deal with this, keep it friendly and aware of stress on the other side of the equation. The old adage, “hold on loosely” is well heeded this week.

The next couple of weeks will be not only filled with bad downloads but crazy information from who knows where. This is just a hunch, but there are some big players that want to cover their tracks on a big shady agenda. They will do anything to make themselves look right. Expect new twists on the propaganda machine, and it may have an origin that you don’t first expect. Ask yourself who does this benefit?

Friday, April 21st, brings a day where those who do the work and navigate the oceans of changes will be on top of the world. Some of the toughest parts of your day will revolve around how you balance community vs ego. Using the old games of the past will not make up for missing your mark. A lot of the world picture is reflected into our everyday life. Notice that the crumbling structure of abuse is being exposed, rooted out or self-implosion. Be wary of where you might be caught in the fall out! Moon in Aquarius.

Saturday, April 22nd, as the world seems to tumble along its axis without your permission, please be aware that you need to check in with your intuition and the shared collective consciousness. When we get out of touch, that is when things start to go toxic. Try to curb the local hysteria by staying informed and having the fortitude to hear what others are thinking. Not only will you have insights to what else is being said, but you will probably feel more secure. Do watch out for those feaking out. The next few days will be ever more evident with Mercury conjuncting Uranus. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, April 23rd, today will be best spent on personal hygiene, including some spiritual hygiene. The day starts out with wondering how far things have gone and the only way to deal with it is to look inward and do something to make you energetically stronger. The Moon shifts into Pisces by noon, and the temptation for libations to flow is strong. Which is the last thing you want to do because you could fall into a deep depression. Treatments that ease the body, like massages or beauty treatments and things that restore the soul, like healthy meals, gentle walks and lots of hydration will serve your best interests. Your mission is to create a fully responsive physical vehicle. My favorite are hot tubs or hot springs… if you are that lucky to be close to one! Moon in Pisces.

Monday, April 24th, as the week starts out, your drive is to have wealth and prosperity shower down on you, but the security of any gains is doubtful. This is a better day to be aware of misguided attachments and strive more for finding the pulse of what is the next level. Could be a tough day if you don’t have your emotions in check. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, ApAril 25th, we want what we want, but just can’t seem to get there. This is a better day to just focus on your inner self. There are periods where yoAAu need to just sit out from the action. Part of the situation is so much is happening on the larger scale, that the individual world is stuck in neutral due to overload or chaos. Moon in Pisces.

Wednesday, April 26th, as we emerge into the new day with a more self-reliant perspective, know that yesterdays’ emotional assaults can be a way to a new beginning. As long as your self-reliance is more of “what can I do for the country”, you will have momentum. Emotions at this time really are worn out and just need to see something happen. Just make the energy proactive rather than add to the fear porn. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, April 27th, for many, yesterday’s initiatives are becoming a value addition to both personal change and how the rest of us are operating. A great day to help another. Helping those who really need it, like the old lady next door who could use checking on and maybe fixing a light bulb. Not a good day to give to the indigent. They are in a very difficult place and may react against you because they are caught in the dysfunction of the past. Save that help for another day. Moon in Aries.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen

A general trend for this week will be to focus more on your relationships, healing and health. Most anything else you do will be met with restrictions to getting it done, even if you handle it yourself. This is a lesson in not procrastinating until the last minute. There is a general uncertainty that makes higher ups delay actions. To further complicate the mixed messages, the Sun will also start its journey into Aries bringing new ideas and desire for new adventures. You will be best off doing the planning now rather than just taking off and winging it… unless you have all the time in the world and delays and surprises are fine.

On a bigger scale, Uranus has just broken aspect with Pluto. This set of squares has been creating the atmosphere of needed change, search of truth and inner struggle or understanding. Now that they are no longer squared, most of the elements of this next phase of upheaval are known. Some truths are barely illuminated, but they have all been exposed. Now it the interesting time of rectifying the injustice and setting a new course. So if you have been worn out by the struggle and delay, it is going to shift now.

Friday, April 14th brings a day that can be best experienced if you take time and energy to do things that make your heart and health improve. Otherwise, you could lose a really fantastic day. Don’t expect to naturally feel great. I know the older I get, the harder I have to work at staying productive. It is all worth it. Moon in Libra.

Saturday, April 15th, expect some obsessive-compulsive games to carry you through the day. Ultimately those will cause you insecurity… so why play them? It is more important today to keep reason and pro-active accomplishments in your agenda. Otherwise, tomorrow will be worse than what it has to be. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday, April 16th, on the larger reality, the Moon is conjunct with Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing the rebel yell of the future. There is a Grand Trine in fire (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) continuing, so be sure to check the news outlets for “weekend data dumps”. If you decide to relax for the holiday, it will be there tomorrow for you to get the refined details. This is a day to avoid all efforts to do work or advance your agenda. Mostly because Mars is confounded with working on the future and everyone else will be in a laid back posture wanting to either relax or celebrate. Don’t make waves or waste your time doing work at home because of some future event. Things might shift anyway. This goes for those of you who still need to do your taxes. What you need will be missing and unavailable to complete the job. Instead, jump into the feel of gratitude and happiness as the day will be wired for that instead. Moon in Scorpio.

Monday, April 17th, if you are waiting to hear back on a pet project, this could be your lucky day. Events that are part of the future will be full steam ahead. If you have missed your mark, then it will be back to the drawing board or a delay. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference. Like always, give it your best, and in the end you know you have done all you could. Sometimes life is about what your process was rather than the result. Moon in Sagittarius.

Tuesday, April 18th, this could be a day of rejections. But a savvy person would know that times like this really say that you need to finally let go of what did not work out. Never mind the obsessive tendency to never give up. With the Moon conjunct to Pluto, this is a time to be clear about not wasting your time on what is not meant to be. With that said, there is always something on the horizon that will be next. Moon in Sagittarius.

Wednesday, April 19th, so there are dual influences on how you spend your energy. Duties relating to the here and now will go far better than those for some undisclosed future date of need. Keep it real today and don’t waste your time on daydreaming or fruitless rambling about. The day will reward those who stick to the desk or work station and do what they do well. You will know in your heart where you should be focused. Moon in Capricorn.

Thursday, April 20th, Mercury, and the Sun are exactly conjunct today and combined in energy with a Grand Trine. There is momentum to get communications or news that will greatly benefit the future, just take care of what comes up today. Tomorrow, a new crisis, or complication will potentially add to the project. The theory here is you get your part done before the rules are changed on you. Yes, you may have to do it again, but there is no fault on you for the rewrite. Moon in Capricorn.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen


This week the Sun in Pisces starts to conjunct Uranus. Normally this would illuminate the culprit of mischievousness, but instead it is going to leave most conscious people wondering why they feel so weird. Yes, something is up and it is being kept subterranean. Mercury goes retrograde later this week also so any information that comes to light get confirmation before you accept it as truth. The catch will be, that additional info will only bring up more questions. Start keeping track of each item and eventually the puzzle will be solved. This will go on for a couple of weeks, so any project you are working on or story you are following will have some unexpected twists. For those so inclined, consider this like a mystery, it is just real time.

Venus is still in retrograde in Pisces and she is connecting up with the wounded healer, Chiron. What is poorly aspected is the sense of security. What is well aspected is explorations into transformation. This is when relationships either split of evolve. I wish you all luck in evolving together.
All this week will be good for getting your mojo working on what is your next level of activity. Spring usually finds us ready to take on what has been waiting and gestating over the winter; but with the weirdness around us, that makes it hard to focus on taking a stand or burning bridge. Just ask yourself, is this something that is leaving the old worn out actions behind or are you rehashing past baggage?

Friday, April 7th, with the Moon and North Node in Leo today, there are some wondrous wind currents taking you to your future. Think leadership, reliability, and courage. If these work into your agenda today, you will be able to sail the winds of change like a pro. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, April 8th, the key words today are independence, courage and honor. What you started yesterday will need your same level of investment into the events of the day. A lot will happen today so stay alert and positive. Attitude is everything to ride with the currents of success. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, April 9th, today is like a glimpse into the future. Uranus goes into Aries just as Mercury goes Station. Station is when the little Hermes becomes still before he goes backwards. This shift means that new direction has happened, but getting strait information on it will be dicey. As Mercury starts to head back to Uranus, then the bits of truth will me macerated with the propaganda and mistakes. Some of the obscuring is intentional and some of it is because things are so shocking that confirmation needs to be made first. For me, I am still looking for disclosure over aliens …. Could be our week for that! Moon in Virgo.

Monday, April 10th, those falling out of love or redefining it, first consider how you will feel if what they fantasize about actually comes to fruition. I am a firm believer in trusting my instincts or gut feelings. The Moon is conjunct with retrograde Jupiter today, so be sure of your facts before you blow up something out of proportion. The pressure is to be uncomfortable enough yet compassionate enough to make evolutionary changes. Lots of obsessiveness in all areas. So, follow the lead of practicality of Moon in Virgo and think before you speak.

Tuesday, April 11th, an interesting situation is setting up today. Through mistakes, the right word goes to the right ear creating more understanding of something important in your life. Yes, there will be some garbage out there filling the air waves. So, analyze all that is said or printed. Think about puzzles or riddles being your only way to get to the truth. For those who like a mental challenge, could be an intriguing day. Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, April 12th, watch your speech today. There will be an impulse to get something out, but the timing is all wrong. We all deal with impetuousness from time to time. Don’t get caught with misinformation. If you need to get something out, but are unsure, simple open up dialogue for discussion. That way the silly things that come out are not under “hard facts” but discussion of ideas. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, April 13th, by mid-day, just about every aspect happening will be under some really positive circumstances. Go with the flow if you don’t have any specific agenda and see just what is discovered. But beware, Mercury is in retrograde and info can be convoluted during its back track to Uranus. But there is a method and reason for the madness! Moon in Libra until evening when it goes into Scorpio.

Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Just a heads up that the never popular Mercury Retrograde will start being felt April 9th until May 4th. All this time, Mercury will be dancing around Uranus in 29th degree Pisces. This will just add tension and intrigue to all big matters and “surprises” in more mortal matters. This will restrict some news about certain affairs, but there is help in the heavens with the Grand Trine in Fire that will persist until July 16th… just before the monumental Solar Eclipse that will be seen over the US August 21st. What this means is, this is actually a good time for deep discoveries to occur even if the news in in black out. Just don’t forget that it is all happening and take the leaks as they occur.

We are also in a very good phase to kick bad habits and work on those personal upgrades we have promised ourselves and others. The key is to look at improving your personal choices and increasing integrity. For most people, I see this as more of a dedication to something of future importance. Personally, I will use this gift of energy to do some spring cleaning. Sweeping out the cobwebs of winter and looking at implementing some more creative projects with the extra room.

Most of next week is going to be swimming in a Grand Square. Get your part of a project done this week before the “work through” begins next week. Don’t expect much to actually materialize next week. But do expect a lot of work to happen in perfecting projects. It is all good!

Friday, March 31st, brings a day for reconciliation of lovers and those you love. There is some fertile ground for people to reconnect before the next distraction occurs. Make the best of this today. There can be some real healing of differences if you keep your mind and heart open. Moon in Taurus.

Saturday, April 1st, really not a good day for pranks. Make the most of this day by focusing working towards a greater goal. There will be a needed extra diligence towards keeping things honest. I know that there is a fine line between self programing in a positive new direction and self-deceit. What is important is the result. It will be hard to see how your life fits into the greater whole, so just focus on your practical side and do what shows gain at the end of the day. Keep the projects small, like clear your desk or organizing. Moon in Taurus.

Sunday, April 2nd, if you can keep your focus on what provides stability and growth, your flood of intuitive downloads will give you a lot of perspective. Not a great day for attending big social events but staying at home and doing some personal work is far more satisfying. Take notes and organize or prioritize your energy. There will be a big push to jump into working on something fresh, but really you need to sort it out today and then work will be far more productive with the organization. Today is also a day of remembering what self-control means. Moon in Gemini.

Monday, April 3rd. about mid-day, a major epiphany about how others are thinking can strike like a bolt of lightning. There may be more intuitive hits than you can process. Don’t worry, just know you need to assimilate this psychic download rather than utilize every ounce of it. There is a Grand Square today so if you can get past personal roadblocks, know that this can be utilized as a moment in time to gather all that is available and make sense of it. Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, April 4th, could be a great day to connect up with things or people you love. The things probably relate more to home and comfort. So, share with someone you love! Those who ignore this hint today will be chastised for ignoring someone important. Stay in tune with the rhythms of life! Moon in Cancer.

Wednesday, April 5th, some people are going to be extra sensitive today. The good aspects are that for those who are paying attention, the clues will be everywhere. Pay attention to the trail of cause and effects with those close to you. Try not to let sudden tears or out bursts upset you. Instead just be thankful of the heads up that someone needs your attention. Think love and compassion to help maintain civility. Moon in Cancer.

Thursday, April 6th, while most things we care about are moving along fine, there is an undercurrent of tension or uncertainty. Especially with reading your partner. We have all been under such stress with destabilizing words and hidden agendas. If you tend to keep things to yourself until you have it all figured out, expect others to lose patience. Carefully open up your thought processes so that interaction and understanding can replace hostility. Moon in Leo by early afternoon.

Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

Some general influences on romance this week are not favorable for big moves. It is better to stay with what is known to work and being nice. The clashes are making even the most loving souls anxious. Let’s be supportive or at least not to judgmental.

Friday, March 24th brings a lot of stress for those who need to adapt to the new way. Right now, the question is whose way is the right way? There are some really creepy crawly things under the surface that must be dealt with. When I encounter this sort of dilemma, my first test is what gives me a feeling of light vs dark. Follow the light and call for illumination of the dark. Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, March 25th, don’t be shy about asking those deep questions. Gather your answers from wisdom of the past and present. The answers are out there, don’t be shy to ask. Also, a good day to do some internal search. If you don’t have a wise person to ask, get something to read that might lead to answers or illumination. The pressure is particularly high right now. The stakes can be even higher if we don’t get this right. Every profanity in the book is keeping in full view. Instead of giving into the abuse, tell it no, one more time. Moon in Aquarius.

Sunday, March 26th, the Moon is in Aquarius today and conjoined with Neptune which is a representation of mass consciousness or when squared there is illusion. There is a triad (favorable) casting resonance on Neptune and the Moon today, so I suspect that looking towards what makes the whole work well, is the winning solution. Not a time for elitism. We are all on a journey to perfection… lets help this along. Random acts of kindness or humanity are encouraged. Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, March 27th, a Grand Trine in Fire has re-emerged with information towards the good fight for the future. This will hang out until April 6th. Then there will be a subtle shift to another Grand Trine that will show us what is going to happen. Then the wheels will start to move into action. If you sent out your idea, this is a time that you can start to hear back about acceptances or your next phase. Could be both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Stay on your toes because a shift from the outmoded to the next phase is a hard break. Think like “big bang”. Moon in Pisces.

Tuesday, March 28th, there is a real sense of schism happening. Two flows of energy are more clearly outlined at the moment. Those that promote real stability for the greatest number will be the favored path. Those that are regressive will battle harder than ever before. Like a cornered animal, they will pull out every aggression to achieve their goal. But that goal is failure of ideas past their time. Hold on to your hat, because the airwaves will be flowing with breaking news. This is a good time to practice your bedtime meditation so that your sleep is not disturbed. Moon in Pisces.
Wednesday, March 29th, I have mentioned this before about 29th degrees of signs are like every issue encountered will be freshly exhibited for final review. So today is the 29th, in a month that is ending winter, with the crazy maker Uranus in actively focused on communication and feelings. Today is a day to sort out what you can because tomorrow is a day for action. Again, this is like a divine battle or comedy of fools. It is our choice to sort out which one we are engaged. Moon in Aries.

Thursday, March 30th, a great day to break bad habits and make transformations. This is all on your shoulders to make the changes of heart that you can control. We all have to start somewhere, and the first place has to be in sync with the divine plan. Remember “as above, so below” is ever more important today. The heavens are getting tired of our games and wants some method of operation on their desk by 5pm. Moon in Aries.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen


Something I missed last week is Venus in Sidereal Pisces is in retrograde. Since Venus is not closely conjunct to any orbs I suspect that this is a time to be spent on self-renewal. Of course, some will have a tendency to over imbibe during this time because reviewing loss and disappointment may predominate their thoughts. If you know someone in relationship crisis or loneliness, check in on them and connect in a comradery. We can’t always get what we want, but we can have what we need. A little love for your friends can help off set the trauma in the outside world and heal the inside world. Also either actual or hauntings of ghosts of love lost will reawaken at this time. Be good to yourself, sometimes a person is only a short lesson in life, sometimes they are there to learn how to set up boundaries, and sometimes the visit is welcome.

Due to a square between Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius, expect more harsh news this week. It is OK to voice your opinion if that news brings you harm. With Mercury quickly shifting into Pisces on the 11th, depression and self-abuse can run rampant if community doesn’t check in with the troubled. The Saturnian influence with Sagittarius tells us to speak our truth even it is scary. What is heard is considered. Suffering in silence will not serve you well. Just keep it civil, because we do have laws governing riots and mischief. You want to continue a life that is rightfully yours. I also find it interesting that Mercury is conjuncting Chiron which is an element of self-healing. It seems absolutely appropriate that the Healthcare topic is in full discussion.

The Sun will slip into Pisces on March 14th. Also, it will be in square with Saturn in Sagittarius. Making overt actions hard to nail down. There can be a drift into self-reflection, doubt and commiserating. This will be worse in the next week and a half. Call on your friends, gods, goddesses, whoever uplifts you to hope.

Friday, March 10th, with a short lived Stellum developing with Mercury/Sun/ Chiron there is a very tense realization that community and the common welfare may take a manic turn. Those who have been helpless to participate or make a change will find news hard to handle. Take extra good care of your mental wellbeing. Turn off the TV, computer or whatever and get with friends for cards or star watching parties. Make a few wishes on those stars! Be prepared for the blues and be proactive with a safety net. We will get through this. What is particularly helpful is the Moon is activating a new aspect to the future and how it works with that Grand Trine for self-help and finding stability. Moon in Leo.

Saturday, March 11th, another day of that T Square with Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter. By now many have figured out that things are happening very fast and furious. Ideas are being flailed around like a drowning cat. This is actually a good thing as the dumbest things have a chance to meet daylight and get sorted into the trash. It is our job to find the nuggets of gold in all the muck. Go prospecting! I already have a silly idea to make that call to my congressman. He must be getting tired of hearing me…. Even though, he works for me. Moon in Leo.

Sunday, March 12th, this could be a very contentious day on the world scene. The T square is heavily squared with multiple orbs. I don’t plan on stepping out of the house as those who can’t take the stress will be having a crisis. Mercury is well into Pisces and in this T Square. Think twice or count to a ten before you speak if you are angry or something sets you off. It will be very hard to take back things said or intended. The worst is just today, so you can come out from under your bed tomorrow. Moon in Leo.

Monday, March 13th, try to take a breather and not indulge in excessiveness. Triggers will be everywhere, but you can choose to take a wait and see approach. If you can still focus on your great idea, spend more time on it today. You have a short window to pull it together before it is sent out into the great world of possibilities. Don’t let indecision or uncertainty slow you down. You could have a game changer. Moon in Virgo.

Tuesday, March 14th, this is the last day with Mars powering the Grand Trine in Fire. Make the most of it. There is still a lot of “steam” around matters of health and security. Try to just check in on progress, but limit it to bullet points so you can focus on your submission or wrap up of a project. On the romantic front, be careful to pay attention to nuances that your mate is expressing. This is a time to do the little things that matter even if you feel sick or overwhelmed. Personally, I have stopped fretting over the congressional battle and thought of a different perspective to the program. That means, my letter will be edited and sent to whom? Do I choose a side or send it to both, as a true Libran.? Moon in Virgo.

Wednesday, March 15th, this is a day to take advantage of the Moon in Libra conjuncting Jupiter’s expansive yet detailed outlook. More data points are available and there is a glimmer of hope that you can find solace in what is going on around you. Think balance, finding your center and that turning point on the movements of the scales. For those people who are caught in the T Square of Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus there could be a point where you must discover something hidden in yourself that can bring you peace. The changes in life are rarely easy, but the more you fight it, the worse it will be. Moon in Libra.

Thursday, March 16th, an epiphany moment in life is wedged into the forces of old view vs new horizons. Find your personal point, and hope that others find theirs. There is a fair chance that the same healing can occur in our psyches. A great day to meditate of that point of “e pluribus unum”. Much of the dysfunctional is out to pick apart. Now it is our time to figure out how to parlay our inspirational revelation in the context of healing us all. We have the parts, it is up to us to make them move together. Moon in Libra.


For the next two weeks, there will be a Grand Trine in fire elevating actions, that make a secure foundation for the future. Get those proposals done and then wait it out for the second round of Grand Trine.  Choose wisely what you focus upon. One element to consider is that you have two weeks for error and adjustments. The next two weeks think of starting planning for what you will be doing in the spring and summer. While this Grand Trine in Fire takes a break after March 14th, it will pick back up again in late March to then continue until mid-July 2017. So right now, it is your initiation of a special project. After that it will be a balancing act of unusual circumstances that must be navigated to reach results. Choose wisely as this will demand a lot of your attention and effort.
A bit of check in with the world of romance. Venus is in Pisces still but not really aspecting other orbs. Probably most people are going to be very comfortable in their situations and will have time to venture into new realms such as launching a goal for the future.
Friday, March 3rd, many will have some pent-up energy that is ready to spring into action, but no idea where to go. Consider this a day of making final decisions as to where that energy is going to be directed for the next several months. Winter is starting to take a back seat to Spring in nature and in our psyche. Clear up any lingering projects or details today so tomorrow, you will be ready to focus on your next big adventure in life. Moon in Aries.
Saturday, March 4th, the Grand Trine in Fire starts today. It has two faces. The first face is you do some sort of new action to get this idea off the ground. Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries and the North Node in Leo, all herald a chance to make something special happen. You have through the 14th to initiate your venture. After that a break and the Grand Trine in Fire until March 27th brings a communication that the project has a stamp of approval, and you have to get it pulled together. So, do your proposals, outlines or mission statements now, and then wait for approvals. March 7th there will be a Grand Square, so use that time to consider unintended consequences for use in later edits. So no procrastinating!  Moon in Taurus.
Sunday, March 5th, with a set of squares creating challenges, be sure that you don’t get off into to fantastical daydreaming about where you will be in the future. The temptation is there is no clear path at this point for your logical mind. Those looking at starting a new business may have to get out a crystal ball to figure where people’s needs will be in the future. A lot should fall into place before you can make more concrete plans. So stay informed, do your research and get back to your draft proposal. No one said this would be easy. Moon in Taurus.
Monday, March 6th, while the shift from where we have been and where we want to go has us guessing much of the day, don’ rely on your intuition to help much. You will be getting a flood of pros and cons to everything you want to do. So instead of trying to sort them out today, simply document the flow and then sort out the details tomorrow. Moon in Gemini.
Tuesday, March 7th, Today is the Grand Square that boxes us in with our thoughts and fears. To sort out what is valued, consider what fits the greater good. So much that needs to be changed feels like all that is left is chaos. What does history tell us about success? Those times always had people working together with some sort of social contract. Your guidance is in those situations. Moon in Gemini.
Wednesday, March 8th, the day starts out with a fresh perspective. Our intuition is helping us to sort out what is the best way to go. Allow yourself some healing time, should letting go of the past prove to be too much. But forward is the right momentum. Steer towards what is positive and has some guidelines for resolution. No need to re-invent the wheel today when it comes to how we want our lives to work out. It has all been done before. Moon in Cancer.
Thursday, March 9th, this could be an oasis of romance today. Take time to connect with those you love. And if you are alone, do something healthful for you. Also, a great time to give some time to gratitude for what you have. While the Chinese may curse with “interesting times” the mind set of this country has been excitement at showing what we can do. That is a lot of shifting and creating. Self-care is just as important as caring for those we love. All of it keeps us strong in challenging times. Remember that we need each other, so make sure you show your gratitude to those who have been there for you during these challenging times. This could also be a day for obsessive behavior. Watch your motivations and words. Moon in Cancer.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
As an overlay to this week, and more to come is that lingering T Square with Pluto in Sagittarius, Mars/Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. In short descriptive terms that is the mandate to transform or die is pressured with chaotic public attention and finding the details to make it all right. We can do this, but it will take work. Fortunately, there is a wealth of attention and force to keep what is good in our lives and banish those who would oppose such gains. Remember we are not dealing with individuals but puppeteers and their minions. The minions can get human really quick should they decide to cut the money strings and work on merit. Now there is an idea! Merit!
Friday, February 24th the portends of the day bring to mind how there has been an ever-increasing assault on our psychic wellbeing. Mars will be near exact tomorrow and today will send a lot of signals as to what sets off triggers to reactions. From this point on, what has been festering will start to emerge. The good news is that with this second part of the eclipse cycle, a new foundation for the future will be evident. It must involve honor and some rebellion. Hopefully no one will get nervous and escalate situations that are barely under control. Something else that helps this is Mercury has moved into Aquarius and is aspected so that internally people are getting a new perspective on how we deal with each other. Listen, think, and respond in a way that you will be proud of your position. We are all being graded right now. Moon in Capricorn.
Saturday, February 25th, as the moon goes through a potent Stellum today, those who have been overloaded will be called to retreat into old coping mechanisms. Watch yourself and your reactions. You may have to eat your words tomorrow morning is you can’t contain your self today. Other than the elevated level of mixed signals and posturing, there are some really important developments with our most intimate relationships. Some of it may be testy, if things have not been gradually remedied, but it is all for the best. Trust it, and be as good as you can. Moon in Aquarius.
Sunday, February 26th starts the day with a solar eclipse. Be glad that you are off today as it allows you to focus on personal needs and expectations rather than work. I have to remind myself frequently that there are many dimensions to our lives. There is work, family, spirituality and community. The temperament of the day will rely a lot on how you did yesterday. Also, Mars and Uranus in Pisces are exact conjunction again today. This can be anything from terror attack to food fight with the children. What matters is where you have behaved recently. Those who try to be authority figures will meet the most resistance. There is this power struggle with higher ideals and expectations vs where is the trust and truth?  I suspect a Twitter war may be unleased also. Moon in Aquarius.
Monday, February 27th, this is a day where many may just feel unwell. Could be a larger than usual Monday sick calls. I suspect that so many will do this that the actual work load on the job, for those who do show up, will be minimal. Treat yourself well and forgive yourself if you are lagging in focus. The highlight right now is how are we doing as a society? That can be daunting as we can only do so much; yet, we have so much power to simply be present and at attention with those who are around us. Moon goes into Pisces later in the day.
Tuesday, February 28th, for all intents and purposes, February is done. What does linger is that shift into sensing both challenges to authority and reclaiming our own terra firma. With the Moon in Pisces, this conflict and challenge to where we are becomes more internal than external. But if a weakened psyche gets one to many barbs sent their way, they may pop. Be civil to those around you  and counter with a gentle smile at others. If you really don’t have anything major happening, spread some peace to those you meet. I would also like to suggest that even when you are driving, to play light and uplifting music and smile. Moon in Pisces.
Wednesday, March 1st, since I live in a severe storm area, today is going to be the proverbial Lamb of spring. But with the undercurrents of the Moon intersecting with that Mars/Uranus conjunction, psychic abuse or mental abuse can come from the most unexpected areas. Entirely possible this will be a time when those who live in tight constrictions may just not make it. Realities could be dashed, or further submerged into the subconscious. This can be a sickening time for those who are dealing with the mixed signals. I suspect many of my readers are probably going to be called to do more community service and counselling than usual. If you see someone easily frustrated, lend a kind word or a gentle smile. Empathy and compassion are the key words for those who can help, without judgement. Moon is Pisces.
Thursday, March 2nd, there is a significant energy shift today. Mars goes into Aries which is its natural state. This is when the reactions of the past few weeks can come into full force. With the gentler entry to the connection with that crazymaking Uranus in Pisces, deals will be made today, push will come to shove, and whatever has still been pent up will uncoil. This can be an exciting time. Know that times like this the depressed get worse, the crazy get crazier and the conscious find new meaning to life. It is all for the best. Consider where you are, what you have experienced this last week, and know the sun rises every morning and we must make this transition together. Moon in Aries.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
Friday, February 17th, amid the changes that seem to test every fiber in our bodies, today will let a glimmer of insight. We are also starting to get used to the intensity of change or chaos surrounding what is a well-orchestrated system. The more far reaching the system the greater the pressure to see the parts that don’t work. For those who can have part of their life hovering in synchronies and spontaneity, there will be some interesting moments. Make some memories and live your days for this moment. Of course, remember that there is always tomorrow so don’t go to crazy. Moon in Libra.
Saturday, February 18th, another day to keep it light. Consider solutions outside of the box, that don’t hurt those around you. The test of these times is to be true to yourself and fulfill your promises to those closest to you. In the end, that is all there really is, who we are and what we do. There are some transformative moments in your heart of hearts so let it flow. Moon in Scorpio.
Sunday, February 19th, a lucky day for lovers of life and those dearest to them. Savor the sincere moments and let them carry you though the day. Concrete messaging is setting up solid foundations for the future, just keep focus on planning only. The future is always what we want to create out of today, so make it something that feeds your soul. Moon in Scorpio.
Monday, February 20th, check notices frequently through the day. As there are rapid fire changes that will shift the landscape of your understanding and life. Focus on evolving events rather than static points.  For me, I plan to stay in touch, but putting actual decisions or actions off until another day. No sense is wasting precious energy. Also, a good day to trust your intuition or ask deeper questions so that you sort out the fortuitous events and the duds. Moon goes into Sagittarius by mid-day.
Tuesday, February 21st, you will know if your intuition is accurate. Today’s delays or reversals will be very evident. Don’t try to fight the inevitable, and just play a waiting game if you can. Over the next couple of weeks someone may be making some scandalous moves and pressuring for power grabs. If this is your boss or a conniving individual in the office, try to keep in touch but not committal to doing a project. It will not benefit you. Moon in Sagittarius.
Wednesday, February 22nd, another day of tricky maneuvers. Make sure all the facts are well researched. Actually, that can be your strategy to avoid getting into someone’s game… simply demand facts and research before committing your time. Vigilance for the next couple of weeks will pay off. None of this is going to go well in the future. Remember that your integrity and honesty is probably going to be at risk for a few weeks while Pluto/ Mars/Uranus and Jupiter are in a T Square. Moon in Sagittarius.
Thursday, February 23rd, there is less of a gut reaction to the last couple of days of power struggle. The facts are starting to flow into the situation with the Moon in Capricorn demanding that all seriousness be observed. A set of trines with the mischief maker Uranus to Saturn and then the North Node to Saturn are all about catching those who are being subversive. Keep it real and keep it honest. And stay away from those who are nefarious. Moon in Capricorn.
Blessings and peace,
Connie Hansen
There is a rare Star Formation on Friday the 10th at 8:13pm to 8:31pm Central time. This is also just after the eclipse of the Moon which is usually an unpredictable time as heaven and earth will be moved to achieve an intent. An additional important point is part of this involves the Midheaven which relates to society, careers, and life paths. I would like to organize a mass magical moment of meditative focus. If you have a penchant to visualize a coming together over the next month of divisions in America and in the next month re focus of Congress to serving the real people of America, please join myself and others. Keep it only positive statements without the toxic reactions we have all been under. Let’s feel the positive  empowerment and break this spell of division and subversion. Make this meditation your contribution of a mystical creation. So, set your clocks and be ready to start when doing your meditation this Friday evening.
For those who look at Valentine’s day to be a magical moment, it might disappoint. There are so many reasons for your romantic moment to be disrupted that it is probably better to show unconditional love with understanding of human limits and fragility. The 15th will be a much better day to get together.
Friday, February 10th brings a great start to the day. This is what I will call Magical Friday! So many things in all aspects of life will get a boost in the right direction. Yes, some things will ebb away, but those elements have been struggling to hold on to power for too long anyway. Think brave new world of everyone getting their share of the success pie. Think big, think bold, think about inclusiveness, think Aquarian age. Moon in Cancer until late evening when it goes into Leo.
Saturday, February 11th, today the Sun goes into Sidereal Aquarius. This will be an influence for the next month; so, expect dictates both positive and negative will jockey for position in our hearts and minds. With Uranus, still in Pisces events may seem to have tidal intuitive forces rolling over everything. Connect again with the proactive solutions and leave behind the toxic name calling and see life from those who are still struggling emotionally and psychically. The best things will fall into more cohesive structure. This is not normalizing what is untrue, this is calming down enough to feel centered and able to focus on the whole picture rather than just the flaming arrows in the night. Moon in Leo.
Sunday, February 12th, with the flurry of events on the horizon, it will be hard to find your safe place. Take extra care today to rest, and sort out how recent events will affect you. If a direct impact is coming your way, plan a strategy. Much fear and apprehension can be alleviated if you have a plan B. emotions may be confused as logic and feelings don’t seem to match. Just take good care of your physical and mental health today and get your rest. For many of us, this can be a day of rest and rejuvenation. Moon in Leo.
Monday, February 13th, another day of confused emotions, just amped up some. The problem is a tendency to count what has been done for you lately. Are you being ignored or underappreciated? You will be best off doing some self-evaluation. Sometimes we forget to understand the dynamics of others around you being to worn out to give when you are needing TLC. Instead of starting a blame game, reach out with empathy and see if you can stem some of the hostility tide. Moon in Virgo.
Tuesday, February 14th, by early evening the Moon will be closely approaching Jupiter in Virgo. While this is spectacular in the sky, it might mean that romance is having to take a back seat to practicality. Nourish yourself and significant other with understanding and setting time aside when you both can focus on each other. Remember a recurring date on the calendar is not necessarily in sync with personal magic and romantic moments. If spending this time alone, treat yourself to flowers, and order some takeout food. Moon in Virgo.
Wednesday, February 15th, probably a much better day for romance than yesterday. Many of the recent stresses have taken a break. Still working on that great movement into the next transformation, but you can take a break from it all and just enjoy the interesting unusual things that come your way. Finding your personal footing or emotional center will be easier today. Many will find that simplifying your needs and wants will go a long way towards personal peace. This will be a better day to have a low-key rendezvous with your special someone. Moon goes into Libra this evening.
Thursday, February 16th, this could be a day that would be great to celebrate all that is right in the world. So much attention is spent on what is wrong, that taking into account what has transpired for the best is a lost art. Spend today re-establishing this connection with success and gratitude. Since some of the noise has been filtered out, you may start to clearly see an upcoming shake up. The reputable news may not be putting it all together because there is a shift to just presenting info rather than spin. While it is a few days from developing, Mars will conjunct Uranus in Pisces all next week and will be exact on the next eclipse on February 26th. While now is a development stage, after the next eclipse there will be plenty of time to see how this major event will actually look like. But for today, consider your super sleuth abilities and add up the pieces to make your own prediction as to coming affairs. Moon in Libra.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
Your biggest challenge this week will be filtering out the noise from the usable data. If you can find a string of chores to do towards your goal, take care of them right then. The usable energy will shift a lot this week. Rest in-between the hard work.
Jupiter, the element of luck and big opportunities will continue to trine the Sun which gives you control of how things are going. These both are in Earth signs so big deals in the works can be very fortuitous. Just remember that Jupiter in Virgo demands details and rules which is also enhanced with the Sun in Capricorn which is money, goods, lands and all those tangible things in life.
Friday, February 3rd, brings some fresh insights into the future. Enjoy the motivation and drive to take on a personal project that can bring you closer to a future goal. What will need taming is a chaotic voice in your psyche calling out all the impossibilities. If you can sort through the illusion vs. a tangible step forward, something great will get a boost. Just bear in mind that chaos will continue and details will change, so stay on top of the goal, and make adjustments. Moon in Aries.
Saturday, February 4th, those who can hold on to precise details and staying on subject will find this a very productive day. Should be good for self-starting and grounding though the process. Yes, there is plenty that seems like it is hanging in limbo, but that is the time to find patterns in the jumble and start putting things together. Communications or discussions you connect with that help you transform into something greater. That can be personal understanding as well as media posts. So, ready, start and go! Moon in Aries.
Sunday, February 5th, while yesterday was like a steam train moving down a track, today may find you overwhelmed or simply tired. The “lazes” may strike! So, give yourself a break today if you just can’t find the momentum. Be aware of psychic downloads that my come with the rest and relaxation. Sometimes the stickiest problems are solved when you are doing something completely different. Moon in Taurus.
Monday, February 6th, many of you will be glad that you listened to your body yesterday and took a break. Because the Grand Trine in Earth occurring today will make some serious manifestations in your goals or project. Start out with a good breakfast and give it all you got today. Moon in Taurus.
Tuesday, February 7th, be wary of fanciful thinking. Some people you must work with are thinking more about how big the project can be rather than motivation to do the work. Here is a day when taping into your dream communications and subtle meditation guidance will give you momentum when others are floundering. Good luck in sorting out the vibes as they will be all over the place. Probably a good day to limit how much you go forward because it could shift tomorrow when reality sets in. Moon in Gemini.
Wednesday, February 8th, the day starts out with a Grand Square creates rather than allowing new addition. For those who have been riding this wave of flighty circumstance and opportunity, this is probably a better day to evaluate, do research and plan. Don’t fight the wave and cruise for a while. Moon in Gemini.
Thursday, February 9th, try to clear out all the distractions in your productive time. If it does not have an immediate solution or path, put it on hold. What will be in tune is your intuition and lucky chance occurrences. Just don’t push any more than you must. This is a day that should flow rather than be steered. Moon in Cancer.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
Buckle up Buckeroos the first change I want to make note is Saturn going into Sagittarius. At best this is uncomfortable at the worst it is rebel cries and maneuvers to save face. Be thankful we are taking this in a little at a time. So, for those of you wishing for a change in the status quo, here is your window. Dare I say that varying people will start to bond and work together?  The first few weeks of this new Saturn in Sagittarius will set the tone. After that there will be some lapse as much goes mute or gagged until a connection the Sun around March 11th to March 23rd. There is even a Trine with Saturn and Uranus which is considered the Rebel! This erratic connection will go on for a while giving a touch of protection as well as emphasis to rebellion or resistance. Through the beginning of this time there are positive connections with the draconian point that shows the way to the future. That draconian point is all about leadership and organization. Remember that Jupiter, the representation of heads of state is out of harmony while under Spica the star of Brilliance. Now is the time to be heard, but do it in a way that is sustainable. That can be translated as using the laws to do the work and demand they be observed with real facts.
Today, Venus starts it journey in Pisces alongside with Mars in Pisces. With Mars weakened, actions taken in love will have more power than reactions to events. There is a lot of energetic focus on the way we are governed, so your partner needs to understand or agree with the changing landscape. This could be a difficult time for polarities in family civic interests. So, evaluate your relationships and if you are in sympatico with your partner, then it will be a time for bonding during this electric time. If not, and you want to preserve the relationship for when this re-aligns, then some distance will be required. In about three weeks there will be a test for those relationships. Be ready for alternatives. On the national front. A flash point will happen in about three weeks that will then mean an amp up when Mars moves into its element, Aries. More on that when it gets closer.
Another T square has established itself with Pluto/Mercury as the focus. That is the need for transformation and probably some trigger point communications. The other angles are Jupiter and Uranus. Remember that Jupiter is poorly aspected with Spica which could be subversion of beneficial authority. Uranus is our psyche in turmoil with itself and rebellion. Could you combine a bigger battle royal than that? I don’t think so. This will continue until April 13th when a series of fortuitous events will break the mold. (Sun , future destiny an Saturn the task master). Just in time for tax day.
Friday, January 27th, brings an uncomfortable reality into the forefront. Feelings will be holding onto dystopian beliefs but searching for stability on shifting ground. What we want and what is available can be illusive. Saturn has shifted into Sagittarius making an uncomfortable parity with hopes and expectations demanding the truth and honor! You will want to have things go your way so that life has meaning, but a clash with rebel rousing makes it hard to feel comfortable. Also, as big changes are in the works, transparency is limited making it disjointed to trust and insist on an agenda. It will also be hard to understand where to put your work or money. Moon in Capricorn.
Saturday, January 28th, this is more of a day to find your strategy of how to go the distance with the matters at hand. Personal decisions will have too many uncertainties to feel comfortable with big moves. Know that and keep it simple and watch for synchronicities that bring stability in your life. I mean make it really basic like the sun rises everyday and the stars are out at night. Even if it is hard to do, bring gratitude into your life so that you have some footing in this surreal world. I suspect that a more equalizing perspective is sustainable. If you are struggling, focus on what will improve your ability to do well and what that looks like. If you are well off, yes it does seem you are one or the other these days, then consider what is extraneous and what is important. Find a center that makes you feel at peace. The polarity must shift to the center and be more inclusive. Moon in Capricorn.
Sunday, January 29th, the only real difference between today and yesterday is the stronger feeling of connection with your fellow man. Esoterically, we do respond and resonate to each other in subtle ways. Tune in to this, as it should be easy, and see things from an evolving perspective. Your inner higher self will probably be able to listen to opposing views. Mostly because those are shifting also and understanding is starting to be a priority. Moon in Aquarius.
Monday, January 30th, there is a struggle to put things into perspective and see the future. Well, surprise, it cannot be viewed right now… because we are creating. What will you accept, what is true, what is right are all on the table today. I for one want the majority of those struggling to get a real chance to take care of their needs. I also want those who have disconnected from the “new disadvantaged” to wake up and realize that it is in their best interest to give a bit more to allow that to happen. Many “get it” and are working to make it real. But more must happen. We all need to make a leap of “faith” that we can work out equality. Do note that purveyors of obstruction or guile need to be called out. We all know who they are in our lives. Moon in Aquarius.
Tuesday, January 31st, wow, this could be a day for taking our grievances to the street. There is an intense sense of acting out. A planning day for tomorrow’s events. There will be more luck in your actions if you wait for tomorrow. The collective psyche is hurting right now. Drive carefully this evening and be polite or say nothing. Moon in Pisces.
Wednesday, February 1st, this is a time to make a difference and be heard. There is less emphasis on the future and more on the here and now. So, keep the focus on what is going on right now. I am sure something big is on the table which needs immediate response. Later in the day a flash point can be felt. But the energy is still muted with civility, ie peaceful marches or legal cases filed. On the mystic level, take some time to do deep meditation for answers and calm. Count to three or ten before you pop off a remark. Moon in Pisces.
Thursday, February 2nd. Expect the AM to be shocking and extreme. Instead of panic, consider where the shift in direction can take us. Don’t be lazy with details or go into complacency. Things need to be heard and said. Make communication count, even if it is hard to do. We all must stay clear and concise. There will be other times that this situation or issue will come up in the next few months. Pay attention to all the details and you will start to see a pattern emerging. After today, the emotional roller coaster we have been experiencing will take a break for a few days. I suspect that there will be a satisfying event that will carry us until the next assault.  Moon in Aries by noon.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
A bit of star talk to begin this week. Jupiter is in late degree Virgo and will be bouncing around the star Spica, “potential for brilliance”. This is one of the great stars of the sky and is symbolized as the wheat shaft and the sign of the Goddess and fertility. The gift from the goddess is knowledge and the potential for brilliance. Unfortunately, Jupiter (the king maker) and Spica are also strongly opposed by Uranus in Pisces. This will be doing a tango for a while so get ready for the erratic undercurrent to meet with possible brilliant subversion. Keeping your head is going to be a major test of will. Hopefully the higher will prevails. It could also be a time when the shenanigans are plentiful as well as expose who is doing what. We all need some good luck.
 This could be more of a week to observe the outside world but connect with your inner circle. Mars is going into Pisces and is still associated with a set of mysterious occurrences. Healing might come from the energies available, but only if you are willing to scale back reaction and understand instead. This is probably going to be a lesson for most of a month. Be extra aware of things that are brewing in others and be nice. We all are learning to be more savvy about nefarious dealings that affect us.  Consider that this afflicted Mars in Pisces could mean psychic attack, psychological attack or omission of pertinent facts.
Also, Venus is going to be conflicted right now, mostly due to insecurity about the future. Go easy on romantic demands. That will only backfire. So just work on connecting now, that is all we know and can control. The more heart centered you can be, the more heart centered the future will be. We create as we go.
Friday, January 20th, for most people it will be just another full and tense day. There are only weak easements in the heavens today. Oppositions to power, placement and deeply held beliefs will come into focus. While I would like to say it will be peaceful, aspects to Mars makes that iffy. Expect obsessiveness rather than sober consideration. I suspect the inauguration will be more than a brief mention in the news today. If we are lucky, a submerged positive can be that the gravity of the situation is seen and understood by the tweeter in chief. Change is always possible, but still unlikely. The momentum is set. Our personal assimilation of this event is just as important. Even with the shock and awe of implications, how we deal with it all is just as important as what is going on. In other words, don’t drown your fears in either cocooning or intoxicants. Moon in Libra.
Saturday, January 21st, expect a subtle and perceptible shift in perceptions in the future. The Stellum in Aquarius has some various conflicts of power over what is in store. When strong planets group together, there is difficulty in going forward. Especially with Mars moving into Pisces which will weaken it greatly. I suspect that we are in for lots of posturing and games that may not really turn into anything lasting. As for feelings and more ethereal elements, there can be a sense of getting a handle on what is happening in the big world. Then you can make some short-term decisions for your everyday life. Don’t plan to far in the future right now. Moon in Libra.
Sunday, January 22nd,  some of the recent emotional volatility will wane today and then  simmer under the surface. Channel that energy by taking a breather and just enjoy life as best you can. There is still a strong separation between the overall order of things and the connections you make in your life. Cultivate those relationships that are close and know that, for now, not much is going to change. There is still some good news relating to the future that can give solace. Don’t make the mistake of failing to give each day all you have because of fear of the future. That only leads to regret of missed opportunities. Finding how you can adapt to a situation  might be the bigger picture we need to co-create. Such as knowing there has been a big illusion placed on us. Many are still sorting out right and wrong. Look for similarities and ease fears. Please stop the bashing that has been inciting separation so transformation can occur without fear. No one can think if they are perceiving being attacked. Moon in Scorpio.
Monday, January 23rd, homeland, and security will be the pulse point of the day. There could be a violent event occur, but while Mars is diminished, the plot could psychic attack or mis-information. The goal is control at all costs. The question is who is being controlled or fooled. The things that are playing out right now are pushing us to not only think for ourselves, but include the greater good and community in the process. That is tough work for even the most conscious individual. Moon in Scorpio.
Tuesday, January 24th, while there are lots of unique synchronicities that help us find our footing, Saturn is in a last degree of Scorpio, the transform or die sign. Are you nervous yet? The moon provides a bit of philosophical shift to our daily plights. These last degrees of any sign, tend to bring a multitude of lesson reviews for us to sort out. Until Saturn shifts into Sagittarius on January 27th, it can seem particularly dark and frightening… especially with it in Scorpio. Some will re affirm their spiritual perspective, but it will seem hollow if you don’t shift into something that is a higher truth. In other words, let go of the dogma and false promises and accept co-authorship of what is good and bad in life. For some this is natural. We really are more enlightened these days, and definitely more informed. So, that shift can be brilliant today. Wait for the eureka moments to greater security. Yep, much of that resides in your head and heart.  Moon in Sagittarius.
Wednesday, January 25th, many will find a glimmer of understanding and perspective today. The right news or conversation wakes up a different perspective to consider. This will not last long, but is an important step in your greater shift into your future. If necessary, journal and do dream work on the news, conversations, and studies you encounter today and tomorrow. Slowly we are piecing together, your evolving mystery is not only healthy, but it is a relief. Right now we can only digest small bites. Moon in Sagittarius.
Thursday, January 26th, you could be questioned on your new perspective. Those who have missed their mark will not feel very good. Instead of falling back into the familiar, consider why there was a reaction and how it would work down the road of life. Even those who really work out something useful for them, will probably need to take second look at their perspective. Illusion is rampant, so know that you only have part of the story. I do think that we are getting closer to understanding why the larger world has taken such an uncomfortable turn. We are in that time of discovery as to just what has happened and how it is playing out. Information today will be difficult to make sense of. But just take notes and be aware that a big push to subvert is happening today. In the world of romance today, a chance encounter could be quite powerful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of staying power. This might be a time to compare romantic encounters with those during war time… amid the chaos, there is a moment of humanity.  Moon in Sagittarius.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
A T-Square which has been focused on agents of chaos, the wheeling and dealings of the world, and transformation at all cost has started to loosen its effect. Thursday the 18th should be a gut-wrenching twist that will be etched into reality…. codes or the law. So, the week after this we can start to take a bit of a breather on the shock values we have been presented… well for now. This has been a tough connection to live through. The 19th and 20th will be stressful but anticlimactic. The good thing is Saturn is playing nice in this game of thrones right now and the effect will probably not hit home. It is what it is.
We are also going to see a tightening of a Stellum with Neptune, Venus, Mars and Chiron for a while. All of these are in Aquarius. I would hope this could be a time of coming together for how people think and react to each other. There are going to be stresses on this Stellum, so only those making an effort to communicate (listening and hearing) will be able to make a difference. My question is will there be enough of these centered souls to do enough good.
Also, the Sun goes into Capricorn this week. Coupled with an uneasy square with Jupiter, getting our budgets in order will be tough. So I would suggest not buying something frivolous with any projected tax refunds. More pressing needs will be on this money. If the gods of chaos miss your house by after April, you can think of expenditures then. On a practical note, this could be a really good time to reuse, swap, or repurpose things. Could be a good time to re learn making labor swaps with people and getting things done without big expenditures. Frugality is never wasted, just don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish” as my grandmother would say. I am promoting a different type of self-reliance via the village.
Mars will be interacting with Chiron the next couple of weeks. Any efforts to start exercise or health routines will probably meet with failure. What seems to be the source is over load. So spend more time meditating and finding your center rather than fighting strong energy drains. Time to amp up your energetic stores for the future.
Friday, January 13th, the crisscrosses of insecurity about the future and how you feel about it will be hard to ignore. Some settling in of reality must be addressed so you know how your day to day routine will be affected with coming changes. We will feel moody and don’t be surprised if some petty fighting begins. Just double check communications if someone is reacting in an unexpected way. These times remind me of climbing a ladder to get on a flat roof. I tried to stabilize the ladder for what is a long way up. My prep just was not making me feel secure, but I had to go up anyway. The ladder shook and I caught my balance several times on the way up. Came to the precipice and held onto the roof line to climb over. Once I was up there, the footing was secure and the view was thrilling. We are in such times, but adjustments will need to be made the whole time up. Moon in Cancer.
Saturday, January 14th, today is a Grand Trine with Mercury, Uranus and the Moon. By mid-day some fortuitous news could come our way. I think this will be more of clarification of an issue. This also creates a Kite formation with Jupiter in Virgo at the apex. Personally, I think more ideas of how things are going to work in the big picture are about to emerge. Hopefully everyone will have a better feel of where they need to adjust and what true nature of individuals have evolved. Moon in Leo by midday.
Sunday, January 15th, another day of clarifications and settling of the rules for the future. While I know that we have entertainment exploring what the world will be like after collapse, perhaps we should step into the here and now and realize that no one benefits when everything collapses. Even the factions we chose to demonize. Keeping your voice heard is valuable in that movement from one era to another. Moon in Leo.
Monday, January 16th, there could be some clear signs of leadership in our lives. Someone around you will take the helm… or you might be you given that task…. and order can be made from a jumble. Money, budgets, law and sometimes melancholy can need help to put into perspective. Good day for a budget to be created. Moon in Leo.
Tuesday, January 17th, this could be a good day to get together your tax forms. Lots of energy for dealing with money and getting details in order. I would even give your tax preparer a call to either set a date to meet or simply go over the forms and see what some of the numbers look like. If you have other duties, then starting a collection for charity and simplifying your home is an effort that has rewards down the way. Moon in Virgo.
Wednesday, January 18th, this is the last full day of that pesky T Square with our way of life. It should have an element of resignation to reality. Communication lines are all still in good order, so at least some of the mixed messages or subversive entanglements will diminish. Now prepare for the new propaganda to get everyone to settle down. Jaded people say this sort of thing has been happening since mass communication… or the days of Mad Men who manipulated us to buy their cars and deodorant. We really can’t go that way again. Demand truth or change the channel. That way ratings will be somewhere because we are watched in every way. Moon in Virgo.
Thursday, January 19th, as the Moon passes Jupiter, take this time to find some equilibrium in your life. Assess everyday things and know that some things operate because of the momentum we all contribute on a daily basis. If you can connect with that wave, you can weather just about anything. I know I get lazy sometimes and just don’t want to fine tune aspects of my life because I am tired of the effort it takes. Weighting and counter balancing events, actions and outcomes in uncertain times is tough. Take smaller steps until more is known. Moon in Libra.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
One thing to look for the next week and a half is increasing obsessiveness. If you have that tendency, then try to focus on productively using that energy by creating something. Even if it is just cleaning out the closets. Otherwise you could find yourself focusing on the insignificant and wasting your time. With Mercury going station and then direct on the 8th, communications will seem easier to deal with. But there are a few days this week where emotions will run afoul. I mention this so that you can avoid tendencies and direct your energy towards something worthwhile. Always best to be proactive and adjust for it.
Also, a week to deal with counter balances and opposites. The difficult job is to sort out when one opposite is more important than the other in any given situation. One of the strangest esoteric lessons I was taught is in every action there is either a right or wrong response. But there are difficult times when the right response is not the usual response. Those who have learned most of the average lessons, get to test their wisdom and determine just what to do. Good luck in choosing wisely as time will tell you how your test was graded.
Romance can have some bumps this week. These can be fatal errors or simply misunderstanding as minds fail to meet. Don’t over react and go into a self-destructive pity party. Give each other room and pick up communications later in the week when Mercury is going forward again.
Also, get details done on your projects by Thursday as there will be a Grand Square boxing in what you have done. If you are in a good place, will be a great day of enjoying your efforts. If you neglected to take care of something early, the gods of procrastination will have some uncomfortable lessons for you then. This Jupiter in Virgo time is especially tough on those who don’t organize and prioritize. Things that come to mind are updating your license, making sure a payment made it through the holiday slow down, etc.
Friday, January 6th, this will be a day when the synchronicities of events can show promise for stability in your life. Part of the puzzle is to be as self-reliant as possible. At least have an open mind as to how to do something differently. You will know rather quickly if you have gone in the right direction because it will go bad in a big way if you make an error. Romance will be taking a back seat for the next few days so be prepared to just take care of your own stuff. Moon in Aries.
Saturday, January 7th, today the Sun will be exactly on Pluto in Sagittarius. My first impression was that there will be a rock throwing contest and hopefully the good guys will have decent shields. Trying to look at this on the next level, visualize a meteor shower with some regular decent souls getting a spectacular show, and despots getting one in the noggin. There may even be some boulders land in high places. One of the key energies right now is honor, integrity and common good (Sagittarius and Aquarian qualities). Moon in Aries.
Sunday, January 8th, Mercury goes stationary and is trine with the Draconian point of the future. Some good news is on the way so keep those channels open. Even with some drama in the works, this should be a really good day for most people. Connecting with what makes life worthwhile starts us all on a path of knowing why we are here. Moon in Taurus.
Monday, January 9th, emotions, or gut feelings will be unreliable today. Most of this will be insecurity as to where things are going. If you can delay any big moves or signings, more will be revealed soon to help with decisions. There are two opposites to deal with for a while. One is an Aquarian and Leo duality. Questions to ask yourself are, am I doing this to be the best that I can, or do I really want to show off? The other one is with Pisces and Virgo which balances getting too tied up in details vs being able to see the flow and beauty of life, even with the struggles it presents. For the next week or so we will be trying to make wise decisions that are correct for the situation, not necessarily what is normally done in this situation. Tough choices are ahead. Moon in Taurus.
Tuesday, January 10th, brings an opposition with the Moon which has gone into Gemini. Questions and communications that create monkey mind or scheming. Take a step back and ask yourself if you are living in integrity before you say something that sounds like mixed messages. Words do matter, because like it or not, most people do not go around reading your mind trying to find a way to please you. If we don’t communicate others will just go for what they want and leave you out of the equation. At least say I need to sort this out; please give me some space. Moon in Gemini.
Wednesday, January 11th, take a big step away from those who refuse to see the future that is different than the past. I am talking about those who are on extremes of any theme. They will be getting such mixed messages that are damaging, that they will not play well with friends or family. This is an internal crisis that does not need to hurt you. Keep to the high road of ideas and keep to concepts rather than allowing clichés to communicate. Any mid school English teacher will remind you that clichés don’t really describe what you need. Steer towards saying I need this to happen so I can get a next level job. Moon in Gemini.
Thursday, January 12th, That Grand Square is upon us today. I hope you were able to attend to your agendas and are going to sit comfortably in place. Otherwise trying to get much done will require extra work. Also, there is yet another level of obsessiveness happening for a few days. The outside events are causing many stress and insecurity. If you’re out of that loop, then you probably are thinking of finding ways to heal a broken spirit. In that case I suggest a vacation at home or away from monotonous chores. Seek ways to heal and revive for the next level of events. Moon goes into Cancer in the late morning.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hanen
It has been awhile since the primary planets have been direct. The only retrograde happening right now is Mercury and for the next few days it will not be connecting with much which reduces the mischief. Uranus will be direct and I think that for several days we will see lots of shake ups without the personal destabilizing affects. A lot can be illuminated this week, and in doing so, a clearer path forward is seen. So, get your personal house in order with some wiggle room for the unexpected.
New Year’s Day and after will be great for new beginnings and couples. Some very strong stabilizing connections are creating space for those looking for romance or boosting love. Venus is starting its journey in Aquarius, so connections on a consciousness level are more likely. If you aren’t “looking” this is still a wonderful time for fulfillment, new discoveries, and explorations. Allow yourself these warm feelings because they can be called upon later when you get worn down.
Friday, December 30th, with so much in Sagittarius right now, how could you feel anything except optimism? This is a time when we can plan for ending 2016 and beginning of 2017. Yeah, there is regular news that should cause fire alarms to go off, but we have to think that what was dislodged from the general psyche in 2016 can now be reformed into something more inclusive, or not. This is a time where our attitudes make a lot of impact on the future. I would like to add a light towards getting it right than just my way. Because of how Mars is situated, it will be hard to get into the mood to take personal action because of the uncertainty. So planning and visualizing is a safer plan. The day will start out in mystical guru state and then turn into making a list and getting organized. Like picking up things for your New Year’s celebration. Moon in Sagittarius until later when it goes into Capricorn.
Saturday, December 31st, today and tomorrow Mars will be exact on Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune can add confusion or mystery to any action. This can be a tough call on how it will be expressed. Those who are not feeling good will towards man mankind, expect real pressure to act out. Be careful where you celebrate and who you invite. After a few drinks, it could be really ugly. Or hire a bouncer and party on. Try to tap into the joy of turning a page on life and optimism for the future. If you don’t do resolutions, then pick up some reading that will expand your mind or heal your heart. One of my traditions is to wear something new, and have the house cleaned up. Something about a well-maintained space just starts the new year out well. I also have all repairs done before celebrating. But then, I generally fall asleep well before midnight. Tomorrow is my day to party. Moon in Capricorn.
Sunday, January 1st, I raise my mimosa to all and wish you a Happy New Year! The morning after has some joys in store. The reset for this next year could be very powerful. Doesn’t mean that change or challenges won’t be difficult, but you will see openings to solutions and recombination’s that are more in tune with what is needed. This evening will be good for some star gazing as Venus and the Moon in Aquarius will be very close to each other. Maybe time to make a wish for some deep desire? Moon in Aquarius.
Monday, January 2nd, you probably will meet a roadblock to all that good intention from New Years. Take it in stride and get back on course as soon as you can. The future will require everyone’s work and adjustments. May I philosophize here a minute? We have been moving into a very polarized world. It is affecting the whole planet. Where did the mid ground go? There is so much of that which needs to be rediscovered. Instead of falling into tribalism, think of what is really important. This will be another night where the Moon will be close to Venus, but right on Mars… just consider traveling with Mars in the unseen Neptune- the seat of mass consciousness. Be open to listening to alternative reasonable solutions. Moon in Aquarius.
Tuesday, January 3rd, the next few days, the Mercury retrograde should be losing its bad reputation. Some unusual circumstances may well turn into bright prospects for the future. Your challenge is to sort out what part you can contribute to that illumination. Although it will be hard, do take time for your health and wellbeing. Don’t neglect it right now. When you take that time, it allows others to take that time also. Recharge, you are going to need it soon! Moon in Pisces this evening.
Wednesday, January 4th, the Sun is now close enough to Pluto for the next 10 days or so that some real-world pressure for change and “performance” must happen. I look at it as more of showdown. So just imagine Tombstone, in 1881…. the various factions will be headed to an intersection and it is unknown how it will turn out. What is sure is who wins the battle will be writing the history. Does not mean that history will look favorably on the events. This is a good time to email legislators about your opinions. The bulk listings are easy, but it is really easy to just email them directly, so don’t get lazy. Feelings will be high, so keep it proactive and constructive criticism. Those are the messages that will be read. Moon in Pisces.
Thursday, January 5th, many of the more fortuitous angles have taken a break so it will be rough for a while. The tension will be high with world affairs in the spotlight. Listen, understand, contemplate consequences. That is all you can do right now. Still many things happening that will surprise or shock everyone. Let those things come out and see how things fit. I plan on a quiet night with meditation before I go to bed. Let your dreams tell you what you can do or any other messages about your life that need to be revealed. Open up but don’t react. Moon in Pisces.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
One of the potent marks this week in the heavens will be around December 28th and 29th. There will be enough distance between the Sun, Moon and Mercury from Pluto (all in Sagittarius) that a seeming light of information and understanding can occur. This connection also is part of the North Node which is the way of the future and a destiny point. Like an arrow aimed at where we need to go.
The hard part will counter balance Mars while inflaming the South Node (losses and regressions) and Neptune. Murky territory as to what the mass consciousness wants to hold. In plain words, those who want to fail to evolve, will have extra strains on their consciousness. The conflicts of reality will be mounting. Unfortunately, this means a few weeks of dastardly plans being made and expressed. Mars is a tough customer when it comes to instability and impulsiveness. There is also a T Square with the mid-heaven creating this strain with wealth, power and control.
The Uranus/Jupiter opposition is exact this week, bringing erratic, shocking, surprising events and all in bigger than life demonstrations. What has been hidden, and there still is a lot trying to make it to the surface, will get extra pressure to spring the lid on that Pandora’s’ box. I don’t want to get all negative, because there are other parts of life that are working fine and will continue too! We all will need to be smart, attentive and have courage to do what is best for all of us.
For me, I plan to limit my exposure to potentially stressful situations. Of course, with my walk in the light philosophy, I would like to suggest that the next two weeks be spent meditating sometime in the day. Focus on solutions, if you know of any that are local, and justice. We all respond to what is right. It is a gut feeling as well as the mind is calmed by seeing and knowing it is in power. As for local solutions, focus on how to help those under pressure. Help out where you can. Also, think of small industries that can work in your area and put out a beacon of light for that to transpire. My theory is people who can make their way in life tend to be happier and thereby making life stable for the rest of us. There will be a lot of acting out right now.
On another note, romance should be experiencing some wonderful connections. Venus in Capricorn is trine with Jupiter in Virgo. While this may not be the most luxuriant of connections, it is a time to feel very grounded in your relationship. There will be a pinch of need for tangible proof of what someone means to you. Be sure to give from the heart too!
Friday, December 23rd, the cross currents of world events need to take a back seat to where you get your energetic boost. Find your center today because soon more stressors will be begging for attention. I hate to get into the classic battle of good an evil, but on many levels today will start to show those indicators. We allow a few to govern us, and they may or may not do their best. We need to see that for what it is. Also, the duality of living in the past where things seems better is not an option… but some will try to push that in our faces. Otherwise, if you can focus on the joys around you, there is a lot of connections to make the next few days very bright. Try to hold on to that through the new year. Moon in Libra.
Saturday, December 24th, try to connect with how you actually feel. The moon will be very supportive today for those who can sort through the monkey mind and just connect with how they feel. I think many have already surveyed their vulnerabilities and feel fortunate that right now they have what they need. The fear that, myself included, feel that a pin will be pulled from your security and the whole deal will collapse. Many live in fragile economic situations, but want to see life with gratitude. Try to feel and call for security. Whoever or whatever you find strength in, needs your attention. Miracles have and do happen. Moon in Libra.
Sunday, December 25th, we will all feel a bit needy today. Even if you feel overwhelmed with the material side of the season, try to not over react when someone close has a hissy fit. We will see a lot of that over the next couple of weeks. It would be better to listen carefully to what is said and make small adjustments. The pieces in life are in reasonable shape for most, but the bar is so low with that expectation, the balance can be easily tipped into hysteria. Try to connect on a deeper spiritual level to allow healing all around. Moon in Scorpio.
Monday, December 26th, a lot of people are calling this to be a day of difficulty. I say it is the lynch pin to what will unfold this next two weeks. Watch the news carefully. Watch your friends and neighborhoods carefully. The stressor will show itself, although most of us already know what that trigger is. I have seen murder and mayhem waved aside because of simply listening or acknowledging a hardship or deep concern. We are here for each other. If possible to do so safely, be a light. Again, there is both a stabilizing and necessary efforts towards what is best for the future. Go for leadership, attention to truth and details, as well as honor. Moon in Scorpio.
Tuesday, December 27th, there is a crux point in the skies right now that give a lot of momentum to settling great debates. The connecting point is a heart ready to change and a sense of love or compassion. Time to step away from dogma and consider how we would like to be treated. If you have such a low esteem that you feel worthy of deprecating events, then please seek help. The spirit needs to soar now, not be grounded into the earth. Again, we do “keep” each other to a large extent. Follow that lead if you want to own up to your gifts of compassion. Moon in Scorpio most of the day. This evening it will be in Capricorn.
Wednesday, December 28th, much of the good vibes we have been able to hold onto are now tested by some assault to humanity. Some clarifying information will start to emerge out of all of this. Pieces will start to merge together. Uranus will go station (stationary) today which means that what was festering underneath will start to burst forward. Trust that the last few days you have done your part to help those around you and defuse some of the tension. But alas, we know some have been pushed away, for good reason, and those will be extra needy of attention via actions. There is a tendency over the next couple of days to look at the world philosophically. Take that to heart and learn from it. Moon in Sagittarius.
Thursday, December 29th, there is a tangle of the Sun/Moon/Mercury (albeit retrograde) that will create a great understanding of what is in store for us. Don’t believe everything you hear in the news about “deplorables”. There is a chance that is being overplayed at this moment. I know the news will show many, that I would call deplorable, because of their crimes against humanity. These are not who I am speaking of. The divide and conquer aspect is trying to play us against each other where those “deplorables” are starting to whiff the BS. That is when those who have been played will start turning over tables. I do think that most of you will find some very good news about your future today. So, celebrate that and start releasing the confusing year of 2016 and greet 2017 with optimism. Moon in Sagittarius.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
Well just when you thought it could not get stranger… it will in a big way. We have been seeing a series of unexpected events and revelations which will continue until April 10th, 2017. So pace yourself with overload and stay tuned. What will happen at that time will be a shift in what is hidden and/or murky and turn into blazing breaks and re organizations when Uranus goes into Aries then. The flavor will change over the winter, so stay tuned.
What is new for this week is the sun will go into sidereal Sagittarius. It has been in Scorpio which is harsh and threatening sometimes. With this shift, expect more of a philosophical air in what is seen and done. Still will be the overlaying battles which are developing on many fronts. Such as Neptune dancing with the Draconian point of Ketu or the South Node. Big losses and if you are lucky spiritual awakenings. I know that sounds bazar, but you become less materialistic when you are more spiritual…. So goes the theory.
Also, starting on Saturday, the 17th Mercury will start to go station (stationary) and the Retrograde. This will be dancing with Pluto the most of the time. Yes, the make or break planet of death and regeneration emitting communications which must transform. This will continue until January 9th, 2017. I suspect this retrograde will be tough at first, then start to ease some. But when it goes direct, the conjunction with Pluto will start to line up again bringing a revisiting of this week’s issues but without the backwards or difficult communication. What does this mean to the Congressional hearings? Well, technically information can and will be missed. Misleading statements and agendas will abound. The dirty tricks will continue. To be positive, in an honest climate of public discourse, it would mean a deep understanding of how things actually are. I am not sure we are in such a state right now.
There is a T Square AND square with Pluto /Uranus/Jupiter (transformation, chaos, and power) that has erratic disclosures with the big and powerful that must occur. Transform or die.  This importance will give us a break around the Christmas holidays, but will be back in the picture soon after that. Right now, Mercury is transiting Pluto, so expect the news to be hard to accept if you are holding on to old ideas. I hope it is going to demonstrate that we have already gone through tribalism and exclusion and we are ready to do things a different way.
Saturn and Chrion (the wounded healer) will be squaring off for some time. The down side of this is everyone is going to be pushed out of their comfort zone. All I can hope is that healing occurs rather than unhealthy coping mechanisms developing in our psyche.
Enough of the big picture, here is the weekly breakdown.
Friday, December 16th, the morning has us moody and trying to cope. By afternoon, the obsessive aspects will make us feel less aloft. Expect the intensity of the news to continue for a while. Mercury is dancing on Pluto and starting tomorrow Mercury will start to go station (stationary) and then retrograde. Not all is lost for today as there still will be Uranus in good communication with Saturn bringing real information or leaks of intelligence. Also, the Sun goes into Sagittarius today bringing some shifts in perspective. The deep psychic wounding will be less in our face and the emergence of honor and truth will start to shine through for the next month. Well at least with the general sentient soul. Moon in Cancer.
Saturday, December 17th, OK, Mercury starts to slow down for its retrograde trip to end out the year. The first week or so will be very intense, but then it will start to drift towards the Sun in Sagittarius giving us a chance to look at life with some optimism for the new year. 2016 will probably go down as one of the most unsettling in our collective consciousness. Will we learn from the dirty tricks and be more savvy? That is up to you! This is a great day to do altruistic things. Help someone out, or just spread some cheer. I have noticed most conversations seem to be missing that element. I haven’t even sent out cards this year! Moon in Cancer.
Sunday, December 18th, here is a test for today and tomorrow. If your emotional energy goes into something that will bring increase or feed the future, you will find some real rewards. If not, don’t expect your emotional state to be of service. I rarely promote praying, because it is frequently associated with specific theologies, but anything you can send out that is emotionally positive, please do. Random acts of kindness, especially those that don’t require pay back…. Even better to add a physical imprint to the overall lack of holiday spirit. Moon in Leo.
Monday, December 19th, whatever went on last night will be in our face this morning with the Moon/conjunct the North Node in opposition to Neptune. The moon is going to give an additional gut reaction to what has been going on. I have no advice, but for myself I will be routing for honesty, integrity, and justice. Those qualities are about to get a serious submersion. What has come out is worse for the big players at this time. They will do anything to avoid disclosure. On the positive front, it all must happen. So don’t ignore it. Moon in Leo.
Tuesday, December 20th, it will be hard to trust your feelings today. Most of what you hear is going to not sit well. With the good aspects of the day what needs to be done, is going as planned. But with all the oppositions, it is best to just keep the news to a minimum and just connect with those you love. Sometimes the saying to simplify and just be present is the best way to spend your day. Especially this time of year. Big meal or play some games instead of TV. Get into the real zone for a while. Moon in Virgo most of the day.
Wednesday, December 21st, even if it is just symbolic, treat yourself to a Yule celebration. Have a fire outside, or at least recognize that this is the longest night of the year and in a few days, that will be starting to shift. Seems like we have been in the dark a long time, but when one ebbs, another flows and light does return. It is going to be hard to get control of both emotions and thinking. Instead of letting that overwhelm you, structure your day and activities so that there is fulfillment through accomplishment. I am sure this close to some major days off, there is wrapping, cooking or cleaning that needs to be done. Get everyone involved and there can be a feeling of synergy in the household.  Moon in Virgo.
Thursday, December 22nd, Erratic emotions, especially about the bigger world will be at a height. The Moon will be transiting/crossing Jupiter which is in a hard opposition to Uranus (shock and technology) right now. Everything will seem to be out of proportion, so be careful about repeating things you just heard. Again, a day to be busy with fact checking or staying on a structured to do list. Although that might just be impossible. Don’t beat yourself up if that is the case. Tomorrow will have similar energies so just plan staying centered, even it is just before the holiday. I have no idea why we do this to ourselves at this time of year. It is a time to start to slow down and recharge. Instead we have rationalized reasons to just amp it up more. Be good to yourself instead. Get a massage or something restful. Wednesday, you got everyone together to complete a lot of what needed to be done, now sit back and enjoy it. Moon in Virgo.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
In general, this will be more of a week of getting a pet project launched and finding your way in the unknown. Keep it honorable, inspirational and watch the doors open. I would be negligent if I did not have a disclaimer that those who operate from ego or purely self interest, will find big life lessons happening…. Yes like you have to adjust your inner self to fit with the general scheme of things. Some timing issues are also in play because while this is a good time to start something, it is not necessarily a quick turnaround to success. That depends on the goal and how it fits with the times.
Friday, December 9th, starts with a push for practical action. The bigger the reality check the better! I know there will be bruised egos out there, but all this will not feel very good. When you experience this twinge of guilt or reluctance, it is something in you that has to shift. That issue covers your world view as well as dealing with the uncertainties of life. They are always there to keep up moving forward. Moon in Pisces.
Saturday, December 10th, this could be a very interesting day. There is a set of Grand Trines in fire and water which can bring a lot of energy towards starting a deeply desired goal. The things favored during the day are setting up documents and communications. Then in the evening, from 9:17 (21.17) pm to 10:21 (22:21) pm in Central Time (USA), I suggest doing a meditation which includes doing your work in a busy environment and shining light on your efforts so that everyone sees them. Could also be a good time, after the meditation, to launch the project on line. Otherwise today will be a day of gathering info, including hidden info, and setting the first step to prosperity in your new endeavor. Sometimes it is easy to forget when something crumbles, there are pieces to be re organized and put into future use. Hard to let go of the known for the unknown. Please take note, that the future will have lots of things to navigate, so this is just a good launch time! Moon in Aries.
Sunday, December 11th, some of the reality of what you have launched will cause you to question yourself. If you are unsure of your ability to fulfill everything, take a step back and just remember that most endeavors are based on the ability to learn, adjust, maneuver around the changing times. Don’t overly obsess, but just start a “to do” list for Monday. Review it later for prioritizing. Of particular importance, consider the way the social situation fits with your agenda. Instead of giving up, simply visualize how the two can come together eventually. This only means you will understand more of a time line for your project. Go with that flow! Moon in Aries.
Monday, December 12th, with the weekends positive energies starting to dwindle, you will start to see the serendipitous changes to your foundations. Expect these happy accidents or situations to continue through most of the week. The hard part will be uncertainty and fear of the unknown. These are there for a reason. This time it is to test your resolve and abilities. If you have a good foundation in your efforts or projects, then you will be fine. If you have based those efforts on ego and fantasy, don’t expect much to happen. Definitely an esoteric component to any actions we take now. This is a big lesson for those who embark of transforming ideas into reality. Like knowing your sources, motivations and your foundations.  For those wanting to reconnect with your love interest, this is a great day to spend some extra special time with them. Moon in Taurus.
Tuesday, December 13th, unless you need to break a very bad habit, this is a day to simply let go and allow things to happen. In that time, review your recent desires to create or transform something in your life. Allow things to stream your way and deal one thing at a time. There is a strong opposition which makes you feel lazy, so if something comes up today, deal with it, otherwise allow things to flow your way. I love full moons because they allow me to give thanks, and see things come to fruition. Do be mindful of avoiding negativity in your thoughts towards another. You could inadvertently make that happen. Moon in Taurus.
Wednesday, December 14th, we could all wake up with more of an emotional optimism if certain commonly held truths are considered. Just what those truths are varies from one area to the next. So it is a good day to fine-tune between want and need. Core values that all can enjoy are “liberty, equality and fraternity” as a meditation point. Dig into each one and how that will manifest in an everyday life. I personally like the idea of equality because it fits into the value of your work, how you live among others and how you share from your own stores of bounty with others. If so inclined, consider those who don’t possess certain rights and how they would be if such rights were shared. Moon in Gemini.
Thursday, December 15th, hold on to the future visions of our little planet. With a Grand Square, that thought can be held in place for a day. The issues about how that will materialize will become evident, but that is only a starting point. We can only work on what we know. Expect some emotional scattered reactions to occur. Take frequent breaks in the day to sort out what is reaction and what is a necessary change coming into the light. Tomorrow we will all work on what part of that change that is in our range of power. Moon in Gemini.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
I can see now that Neptune has finally moved into forward motion. Many of us have been seeing secrets come out of the wood work, and now we shall see the sources of those secrets. Too bad that the last election had to be done with a blind spot, and in some opinions, a huge blind spot. I like to believe in the better part of human nature and want to propose that once the secrets are out, they will come around. There will still be a lot of anger, so the noise is everywhere. What starts coming out is not leaks of information, but realizations. Bottom line life lessons learned and more stability should follow if we can think before we speak.
Venus moves into sidereal Capricorn this week. Definitely a time to make sure that you do what you promise because there is more focus on the material side of life. Is your girlfriend sulking because you haven’t done much for her lately? This is a time to pick up something small, even a special ornament, to show you are still number one. Consider it time for regular early stocking stuffers.
Friday, December 2nd, right now is a trend that those who help themselves gain the most favor or luck. This should be a trend through December 10th. Make the most of this time as with some crazy links to success can be found. The key to this situation relates  with hard work, practical designs and money management. Those of you in these areas need to stay up on your game and visible. Moon in Sagittarius.
Saturday, December 3rd, romance is most likely to get a back seat to reality today. You won’t be in the mood nor will the energy be there for any drama over any absences. Take this as a power day to facilitate a goal or desire. There is plenty of time later for togetherness. Life is like a wave much of the time. The sooner you learn to surf it, the better off you will be. Moon in Capricorn.
Sunday, December 4th, as mundane as this sounds, this could be a great day to organize your home or garage. There is a lot of energy to do something physical but it needs to be in the arena of making your life easier. Maybe it is a really big job you have put off all summer and now the weather is decent to get it done. Try to avoid outside distractions today also. Moon in Capricorn.
Monday, December 5th, you will have a rare coming together of energy for a project and having the deep desire accomplishing it. Mix that with a fortuitous aspect with Jupiter and you can move mountains today. Of course, there are T squares that make you fret over some access to a key part, but with just a little bit of ingenuity, you can do it for less and with what you have on hand. This is a steller day for a handy person. Moon in Aquarius by mid afternoon.
Tuesday, December 6th, there could be some harsh revelations about human nature today. Yes when people lose hope, some really awful things can happen. A big test for everyone will be to remember there is an alternative way to approach difficulty. Don’t give into a regressive refusal to let go of the past. Only the future will benefit any of us. Let’s try to keep that in prospective and find a way to fix or make better what drove another to something                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     g so sinister. Yep, a day to take a check up on how the most vulnerable impact everyone. Seems like it was the Harvard Business School that said the weakest link can take down a company. Moon in Aquarius. ,
Wednesday, December 7th, this could be a day that we remember and relate to Pearl Harbor day. With the Moon directly on Chiron, the wounded healer, and obsessively stressed on Jupiter (big events), trying to find meaning or a cure is paramount. These are times we look to our leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of the whole. The rest of us can only focus on what gets us through the day and hope that we are not next to lose something or someone. There will be a bright spot of some good or comforting news about the future. Better made plans or a lesson learned? We can only hope for the best. Moon in Aquarius.
Thursday, December 8th, a break in the clouds and a ray of hope comes to us today. A long fought battle for changing wrongs in the past will have the news headlines illuminated. After the last couple of days, it is welcome. Perhaps the present spiritual or esoteric lesson is that even in changing times, good things prevail. Look for that silver lining. Maybe it is just we want to be optimistic, but that energy has a powerful charge to counter the more difficult things. Moon in Pisces.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
That crux point with what we need to transform in the general collective consciousness will continue until December 5th, when it will turn into more mainstream challenges. Most of what has been going on is how we internalize the outside. Next week that focus will shift, with hopefully a sense of better understanding and transformation. This involves all of us, so we need to heal ourselves and be part of the change. Just choose wisely.
Fortunately, many things in our personal lives will fall into place this week and that will help you interact with the world at large. So continue to focus on your inner dialogue and what you say to loved ones. With that said dicey times are head, so find your center every day before you step out, even if it is as simple as a satisfying morning ritual before you step out of the house. I recommend communing with your furry friend(s) in the AM and PM. That is what they are there for. They also tell us something interesting about being present and attentive, rather than fretting and fidgety.
Friday, November 25th brings some exact aspects with Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo (transformation and the path to success). What this means is you know there is something really wrong, but you only have clues to what is the actual truth. It will be hard to trust your emotions today because they will want facts and only have subtle messages to pull together a story. On a practical approach, don’t sign anything unless there is a backdoor if things turn unpleasant. What is working well today is hard work and a bit of help from the supernatural. Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, November 26th, despite the heaviness surrounding what we want and expect, there is a silver lining today. Your intuition should be better able to process information and you have more of a synchronicity with the more elusive elements to life. The test will be where does this fit with the transformation which needs to occur for us to get along better? There is some wild and crazy information flowing around us. Try to consider the source of the information before you internalize it. Some of it is valid and some of it is life lesson on how to sort out the lies. Remember the adage, “fool me once and shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me”. Moon in Libra.
Sunday, November 27th, today is a great day to take care of your head, heart, and body. There is a lot linking up to allow you to find that inner harmony. It is also helpful that personal desires should be happily moving forward today. The focus is fun, joy and togetherness. I like to think of today to move away from the material aspects and focus more on being present with the here and now. Just for today, enjoy it. There will be other days where staying informed about the comings and goings of the world will take over. Moon in Libra.
Monday, November 28th, the key to finding and living in a healing atmosphere are found in what you call satisfactory or sustainable. With Pluto in Sagittarius right now, our humor and honor are being slowly refined into something that will take us to the next level. Interestingly enough this is exactly where our biggest questions originate.  Find where you aid that process rather than fight it. Moon in Scorpio.
Tuesday, November 29th, all that I said yesterday, will be tested. The Moon is dancing between the old school master, Saturn, and the Sun in Scorpio. Are you feeling what you are showing the world? Is it really something you can sustain? Are you being authentic? Even if you are embracing some heavy personal stuff, do what is necessary to learn from it and master it. Lessons come up so that we can grow, or remind us we still have more to accomplish. When you master this class, things will turn around. Then you get to work on how you fit with others? Moon in Scorpio.
Wednesday, November 30th, this could be an “eureka” day for many who have been working on big questions. The answer will come from reliable but unexpected sources. A Triad on this crucible will tie together what you are actively doing (physically or esoterically) and test it with how the rest of life is functioning. With all the long term T Squares in the works, don’t expect all the answers to be happy revelations. But starting from a point of better understanding is huge! Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, December 1st, probably some good news for those who are trying to see hope. Although it is just a snippet, most of us will take what we can get. In a few more days, better solutions will present themselves. So keep some hope in the future. We are creating it as we move along. Also as a sign of relief, Venus is moving away from Pluto now and inter personal relationships should be taking on a lighter, more secure feel. Moon in Capricorn.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
Last week the first layer of intrigue started with the T square with Uranus in Pisces/Jupiter in Virgo/Pluto in Sagittarius. Think of it as poor communication with chaos, bigger than life expectations, and transformation. In review this is all about getting your details right or having chaos. In the world view I am seeing this as proving who is prepared and who is not. On top of that layer is a set of squares with Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Think of that as all that we hold as information and stable will be transforming or dying mixed along with trying to heal and understand what illusions or ideals need to come to the surface. All of this is affecting Donald Trump’s poorly aspected Natal Moon and us.
What does this mean esoterically? If you have social agendas that do not fit the best for the collective, you are going to face serious tests. There is no surprise he is having major problems selecting a cabinet that will work smoothly internally and externally (with each other and Congress). We probably will get about three weeks of information on this and then the structure will be under fire to perform. I get a lot of pain if all is not just right. With Jupiter, the master of leadership and big agendas, in Virgo of details and precision, I can only guess how it will affect the rest of us. There is a small light of harmony with Saturn and Uranus meaning that shocking and disturbing things will start to separate what is needed to happen and what needs to go. Like a baptism by flood, in this case, with all that powerful watery undercurrent. Emotions will be high and very vulnerable.
As a bright spot, on the home front, this should be a good week for fun and romance. Allow yourself to touch this aspect of life as the outer world finds its collective head. This is where you want to invest your energy in relationships that are fun and comforting. This is one of the few bright spots this week. You can also spend some time in gratitude for what you do have. This is a particularly beautiful time of year here in Oklahoma. Shifts in weather allow you to ease into deeper fall sentiments and color. And while I have problems with the Pilgrim Thanksgiving aspect of this time, I do love it when I can share food with those who love an appreciate me. I hope you can allow time for that this week.
Friday, November 18th, there is a Grand Trine bringing together the Sun/Moon and Chiron. Choose decisions to live a more conscious life, add an important activity for the winter months or simply find some time to be happy and grateful for simplicity. Add another layer on the new and improved you! Moon in Cancer.
Saturday, November 19th, there should be some interesting leaks of good information come out over the day. Not all the pieces have come together yet, but still another piece of the puzzle will come into view. Many will feel it rather than hear it. Which is fine also. Also, a good time to consider the extraordinary or unusual avenues of information, Uranus could be sending you special info in the late afternoon. We are complex beings who operate on many levels, and intuition or feelings are valid parts of that healthy life. Moon in Cancer.
Sunday, November 20th, there is a Grand Trine with Uranus/Saturn/Moon today. Combining this with Neptune finally stopping and beginning forward motion, you can expect some mysteries to be released. I expect some major “ah ha” moments.  Neptune has been in retrograde for months which is not ideal for big decisions. None the less, big decisions have been made and the reality will start to emerge now…. Slowly. A great day to make that extra push to work on something that is towards making your own luck. Moon in Cancer.
Monday, November 21st, could meet up with some back tracking today. This will probably be feeling off or just not in the mind set to work or be productive. Many will find a new cloud of dissatisfaction with their lives or plight. I also suspect with Neptune opposite the Moon and Draconian points will mean some ill feelings towards something you held true. Or simply found out you have been lied too, and now know it! We have all been there! Don’t take it out on innocent people! Moon in Leo.
Tuesday, November 22nd, another day of knowing you got it wrong. Sometimes it is helpful to make it up to someone who stood their ground on an issue. What is looking good is this time allows for bridges to mend and better understanding of what is best for the future. But there will be pain, just don’t fall into misery. Really good time to talk it out and set new foundations. Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, November 23rd, a great day to do a personal reality check in. There is a sense that all that was right in the world is being challenged. And it is! The Draconian points are bringing out the ugly points that were hidden from view for so long. This hits everyone in some way or another. Instead of holding fast to failed or disproven ideas, forgive yourself, pull up and dust off, and know you are wiser for the experience. So many over the last few years have been fighting change, and now it is on their door step like a bad Halloween trick of a flaming paper bag. No pity, but see past the “I told you so” moment. Also, be very health conscious. Don’t let bad habits drown away your sadness or anger. Moon in Virgo.
Thursday, November 24th, it is Turkey day, and some of you will find it in your heart to pardon that turkey in the family. Don’t get me wrong, there is a big chance some blow ups when tender points are pressed. The Moon will be crossing Jupiter in Virgo today with a square to erratic Uranus. Check your recipes twice, and don’t over consume. Discussions may have facts but they are smothered in the gravy of feelings. Hardly a complete picture. The best way to deal with this is to find common ground and build on that. If necessary, do a bit of study on possible hostile debates so that you can connect with more foundational issues. Pro active is always the best way.  The world is NOT winners and losers. The world is making the best of what you have and striving for something better if you need or want a challenge. Moon in Virgo.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
Friday, November 11th, brings a T Square with Jupiter in Virgo. Right now it is very important that the details be in order. Today something will feel like things are not at all right. Consider this a harbinger of this time next week when Jupiter will be in opposition to Uranus. If you are working on a project, know that the rules will change soon and don’t sign anything, including signing off on a project. It is not done. As the times have abundantly provided, there is a duality of things that will work and things that do not. Mostly called unpredictability. By next Thursday, you will be locked into a situation, like it or not. Moon in Pisces.
Saturday, November 12th, that big change you have been waiting for is on the horizon, but don’t expect it to turn out like you expect. The T Square with Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto will be activated with the Moon today. Expect your demands to be heard, but consequences will be harsh. Nothing like a splash into some boiling water to get you activated. Some good indications for relationships so focus will probably zoom in here. Maybe add some bubbles and all will be well. But for the bigger outcome, could be a tough time. Moon in Aries.
Sunday, November 13th, this will be a day where some equilibrium tries to come into our lives. Rather than waiting for outside sources to provide it, do something for yourself. Tomorrow is a full moon, so expect things to be intense and fiery. The future is a mixed bag of slippery noodles. Reminds me of Harry Potter and his friends eating jelly beans. Some will be animalistic; some will taste like snot. Choose carefully. Moon in Aries.
Monday, November 14th, expect some desires being acted upon. There are times where we wait and wrestle with timing. While the time is to do something, the outcome has a lot of challenges. Move on things you deeply want, so that any difficulty will be worth the price. Also, a full moon tonight. Should be spectacular if you have clear skies. Moon in Taurus.
Tuesday, November 15th, this is a day where an invisible box will hold you in place. It will not matter how you try to wiggle out of it, the fix is in. Again, there are plenty of positive connections in the skies right now, so not all of it is going to be bad. But for many, this snafu will be unexpected and you may not know what to do about it. Also, the Moon will be directly opposite Saturn today, so expect this to be a big emotional life lesson. Moon in Taurus.
Wednesday, November 16th, this is the day to expect something to come out of left field and affect your best laid plans. This involves Uranus the change maker and mischief maker. We will experience one or the other.  Uranus will be opposite Jupiter for a while now. Don’t expect this to lift until a peak around April 10th 2017. Whatever your challenge, it will grow and build until that time. Try to rectify it now because there will be a “remission” period and it will be back again. Also, today the Sun goes into sidereal Scorpio. A special time to learn to flow into change rather than balk and break. Moon in Gemini.
Thursday, November 17th, a Grand Square is going to dominate the day. Yes, whatever your present Achilles heel might be, you will need to work on it. This boxing in will make more sense than it did yesterday as more data is evident. What is working is lots of information and foundational changes are in the works. Some of the information will be hard to sort out, so look for synchronicities to pull it together. Good luck, you will need it. Tomorrow you will have a better grip on it intuitively. Moon in Gemini.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
A general trend this week is the Trine between the Sun/Mercury in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. What this can bring is a settling out of agendas and expectations concerning all of us and how we get along. There still is an opposition with the North Node bringing a question of how this will all fit together, but times like that must gravitate to what is best for the rest of us rather than idealism. With Jupiter in Virgo, getting practical is imperative and easier. I think this week will bring a bit of more centrist perspectives because we just must compromise so forward motion can happen. It would help if just considering the whole picture and how to fix what can be done, on thing at a time.
Starting Monday, a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn, Uranus and the Mid heaven can give us some real reasons to find peace with how things are going. More people will be focused on what can go well, vs our worst fears. I suspect a better discourse of what real plans for the future can look like. Be part of that discourse so your needs have a place in the solutions. Which in the long run, we should do together, including the powers that be. Stay engaged this week!
I would like to make a special note to those crafters of tinctures, oils and candles. Sunday and Monday are extra special days to make your crafts. I know that tinctures take some time to decoct but it would be a good time to bottle and label them. So if you have a craft of the earth that you love, take some time either of these days to create them. They will have extra energies from all the positive connections.
Friday, October 28th, Moon and Jupiter in Virgo have been speaking softly with romantic Venus and stabilizing Saturn in Scorpio. With paying attention to what is done as well as said, some major esoteric changes have finally started to transform into something special. Do take time to just focus on the immediate world because the outside world is still hashing out details. Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, October 29th, watch out for very sensitive or picky feelings reacting to the quirks of life. Today is more of a day to balance between too much precision and work vs procrastination and stagnation. I suspect many will be in the happiness of yesterday and will want to savor every ounce of memory and togetherness they can. And who would blame them? Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, October 30th, the Moon crosses both the Sun and Mercury in Libra today. If you can allow yourself to connect with stillness today, you can start to get a feel for what will be occurring in the bigger picture as well as your own life. Different people run in different cycles, but many should be getting some positive traction on what they want in life and how it will appear. A great day for those who will just allow their thoughts and heart to meld into one. Moon in Libra.
Monday, October 31st, a Grand Trine in Water will be holding together until November 6th. This connects up with the Mid Heaven creating an Axis Mundi of harmony. The erratic aspects mixed with Saturn’s effort to move into a new direction will create an interesting day for those who are paying attention. This is both the familiar world and the outer world. Keep up those positive collective perspectives and help usher in a better era. Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, November 1st, another great day to be pulling things together, but great and small. Focus on what is instrumental to matching what we think and what we represent. There is something very sweet about walking our talk and feel the satisfaction in that. Yes there is an underlying anxiousness because we cannot control everything. But when you drop the hype and start to create concrete plans, you will start to feel your feet touching the ground. Flying is fine, but sometime or another our terrestrial bodies, minds and hearts need to touch ground and feel secure. This is also a good time to take in perspective our ancestors and family members who have gone on to walk calmer shores. Their struggles give clarity to our own. Moon in Scorpio.
Wednesday, November 2nd, some of the underlying tension of yesterday has released so make sure you don’t make a rash action to just set you back. Again, another day of so many things starting to make progress and foundations being laid for the future. Sometimes what gets us is the inability to make a move, so when you start to have that open up, it feels so good. Even if the outcome is not a sure thing. Life needs a bit of adventure to keep it worthy of our attention. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, November 3rd, such a great day to be alive. The wheels of progress are in motion and you’re going to take romance and desires along with you. If you have a hard time today, you must ask yourself what have you have to let go of so you are freed up for this next step? This time of the Moon in Scorpio has transformation all over it, but this side of the passage should be about opening up some very lovely possibilities for what is next. Keep it positive so that is what comes into your life. Moon goes into Sagittarius by mid-day.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
This week Mercury has moved into Libra and will continue to track with the Sun. Even though there is an opposition with Uranus, that crazy maker, getting a grip on reality will start to help everyone’s mental health. Oppositions are mostly about finding counter balance to a situation. In this case it is counter balance to your head. If the mind is happy, the body starts to carry that vibe too. Consider this, there is the way of force and will, the way of reception and then the middle way of living in the now taking the high road. I suggest you use this time in Libra to take the middle road and see how it affects those around you.
Romance can take a bit of a hard hit this week if things are not truly complementary. Venus in Scorpio is going to start to approach Saturn bringing an important lesson in making sure that all your needs are being met. This is where you will find out if the relationship is purely physical or if there are lasting qualities to hold it together. I suspect that some people will realize that they are more mystical soul mates rather than a working couple. Remember, there are three kinds of love, Eros, agape and plutonic. They all make you smile, just in different ways.
Friday, October 21st, the next couple of days will hold us in a state of suspended animation. It seems like we have to really come to grips with the real situation and figure where we stand. Balancing opposites and conflicts of interest are our work right now. The good news is that with some favorable air associations, (thoughts, knowledge ) our thinking will be able to hold all together until we can sort out the wheat from the chaff. While there is still hidden information that relates to the common good, what we hear today will be more fortuitous than usual. Moon in Gemini.
Saturday, October 22nd, amid all the tension, allow some personal time to heal and connect up with your inner sanctity. In a world that has been black and white, left or right, right or wrong, we need to take a moment and start to see the subtle grounds in between.  I have to wonder if our connection to technology has not had us operating like a computer which is run on 0’s and 1’s. Take a step back and see the world without technology and re calibrate your feelings and mind. Humans operate on complicated nuances, not black and white. Breathe deeply today too, the air needs clearing out. Moon in Cancer.
Sunday, October 23rd, if you were able to get a grip yesterday, today can bring some wondrous cross pollinated opportunities with what you want and who you love. Pay attention to the heart beat and you will then know the actual reality… if there is such a thing. Make your reality at peace with what you have and day dream a bit about the future. Moon in Cancer.
Monday, October 24th, today will be great if you can pull together bits of good news and intuition. Watch for synchronies in your immediate world. My favorite is when I am just thinking about things, sometimes something interesting catches my eye to give me a hint. Like seeing a noteworthy grouping of birds makes me think of messages. Easy flows in traffic make me think that I am riding a wave to exactly where I am supposed to be. Look for your signals! Moon in Cancer.
Tuesday, October 25th, actually a lot of areas of life are coalescing into something very nice, if you can tune out some of the rhetoric in the mass consciousness. Fear and loathing can help us avoid an accident or risky behavior, but at some point it becomes a stagnating force which begs to be evaporated. Today our hearts are begging for transformation, so why not transform into something positive? Moon in Leo.
Wednesday, October 26th, today has a lot of really positive things pulling together. Also a great day to sort out truth and ideals (some big players in action oriented fire). Yes, we want the best, especially when you are doing all you can and feel shorted on the deal. The key suggestion I have today is to remember that when there is a shift from one to another that is peaceful, that is a win/win situation. Make peace, with what you want and what you can have. That is what “adulting” looks like. If you can step back from the hype and see the bigger picture. Moon in Leo.
Thursday, October 27th, I suspect that what little happens today will seem calm compared to what we have been experiencing. Instead of finding data and facts, focus on your own health. The Moon in Virgo has us obsessing if we don’t get a grip. The outside world needs us, but we are just a part of that whole. Instead, look into your mental health and how that is affecting your physical health. They are tied together! Moon I Virgo.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
At first I wanted to down play the present Mars /Pluto in Sagittarius conjunction. Mostly because I felt we could not amp up any more than what has already happened. I was absolutely wrong. The fun and games, literally will peak around the 18th, when it will shift and start to completely play out. The Sagittarian nature forces us to evaluate what we value. While that can be complicated and vary from situation to situation, we will remember these times of when many were forced to see the worst and the best. Mars conjuncting anything brings a lot of power or force to a situation. Pluto brings transformation or death. Put the two together and you have history in the making. There are still two agendas in play here. Showing us how abusive things can be if they are not run to a tried and true plan. In the long run, it is all for the best, so hold positive space and ride it out!
Friday, October 14th, with the sour can come the bitter sweet. So whether you choose Nerds, sour gummies or lemon drops, individual experiences are going in the same direction, an example of what we have accepted and expected from life. With the Moon in Pisces today, she is connected with some wonderful fulfilling allies in the sky bringing joy and love to those who seek that human truth. There is a strong element connected to the Mid heaven which will bring harmony to the little guy and shambles to those who play loose with the rules. Happy people watching. Moon in Pisces.
Saturday, October 15th, expect to observe some instant karmic kickback today. This relates to messages, from surprising sources. This almost relates to cyberattack or physic attack. Those who are empathic, be sure to guard yourself well. And please update your hard drives! In some ways it does not matter what the source is, just that it is happening. Follow known safety protocols! Again there is a duality in these times. When the outer world becomes garbled, there is clarity and sweetness in the personal world. Enjoy those you love and ask important questions too. Moon in Pisces.
Sunday, October 16th, expect lots of energy to be at your disposal. Your instincts are good about how and when to start that project. Get with it early so that you have time to finish it up in a day. Prioritize things that move you into the future, like clearing out a space so that what is on the way will have a place to go! Moon in Aries.
Monday, October 17th, finish up what you started yesterday so that you can have a sense of completion. This can help you take your mind off of the chaos and rhetoric and focus on something in your power to accomplish. Could be a very healing day! Moon in Aries.
Tuesday, October 18th, hard work is the only way to luck right now. Don’t rely on elaborate schemes or easy money gambits. Outside information is polluted with agendas and shock and awe. This is also the day that Mars and Pluto are exact. Always take the high road! Moon in Taurus.
Wednesday, October 19th, another day of shock and awe, but it is all for the best. A few of the cobwebs obscuring reality have been giving us glimpses of what is really happening, and better yet, what is the best way to proceed. Moon in Taurus.
Thursday, October 20th, we all may be tuning into the general vibe of each other. In that moment of anything and everything all at once, remember that sorting out facts, fiction and delusion is always a painful task. If someone is having a meltdown, give them plenty of room. No need in being in their fallout. Moon in Gemini.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
As an overview of the week, we have a sense of a big reckoning on the horizon. On Tuesday, October the 11th, Mars will be conjoining with Pluto for a few weeks. This adds a lot of volatility to any situation that is anything but friendly. We will sense our part in the cosmic play well before the events start to happen. In general, for the next few weeks, consider being extra careful in all encounters. Who knows what that stranger or even friend might be going through when it comes to how the future is going to affect all we know. If you can proactively visualize how we can come to center rather than fall off of a flat earth.
One of the catalyst of this tension is we have to get a realistic handle on what works and how that fits with what matters. This is on a big scale too. Jupiter in Virgo will be conjoined with Mercury in Virgo this week bringing news of important matters and the facts have to be internalized. No time to be sloppy! If not, our next set of lessons will be tough. Really tough. Remember that Virgo is all about making the pieces match up. Details, facts and symmetry are vital to this time. Here the devil is in the details for rationality. Hard to find in a world seemingly going mad. But if you can add compassion to your daily endeavors, you will defuse some of the chaos. Just be smart and not a martyr. Sometimes compassion is simply letting someone having an existential melt down have some private time.
When the chaos starts to overwhelm you, turn off the jive and take solace with more intimate matters. One of my favorite sites for Vedic perspectives offers a mantra at YouTube. This is free and uplifts the general level of consciousness available to us. I have been using this to help center at a higher vibration. It is Dr. Pillai and the Mantra is “Ara Kara”. Set the room for meditation and play and sing the chant. Just a suggestion.
Venus will be cinching up its time in Libra to engage with Scorpio late this week. Romances will heat up and lines will be drawn for what people need and how personal matters must be satisfied. Just when the outside world seems to be too much to bear, the intimate world can give us meaning to life and why we endure the outer struggles.
Friday, October 7th, Reality checks on your philosophy and ethics are in store today. Concepts that don’t meet the needs of the future will be tested. Expect word wars as well. It would be better to bend rather than break. Dream time will bring some wild images to consider. Tomorrow will have you acting on those warnings or admonishments. You know you are on the right track when things start to move smoothly. The future (Pluto trine North Node) beckons us all to move as one. Moon in Sagittarius.
Saturday, October 8th, this day can be hard hitting if you are off course. Take multiple meditation breaks to keep your center. Remember the week before when we had a chance to reestablish that feeling? Draw on that now! Lots of emotional backlashing and all out freak out around you. Keep yourself safe and just go where it is necessary. If you have a lot of pent up energy, go home and clean or do yard work… actually only work in the back yard. The front yard may be too close to what is crazy out there. Moon in Sagittarius.
Sunday, October 9th, lots of edginess around you. Much of which can get out of proportion very quickly. There is a triad with Venus, Chiron and the Moon which can keep you balanced if you have compassion for outbreaks of meanness. Whether it is the snappy waitress or kids constantly fighting, know the need for love and a bit of forgiveness is really healing. Moon goes into Capricorn later in the day to bring some order.
Monday, October 10th, the truth about the future is still obscured. Don’t make any judgements on big issues until more is known. In contrast that undercurrent of uncertainty has many looking for a fix…. NOW! The only relief is also the biggest noise in the arena…. We have to take on a new perspective that includes more people. Polarization is creating such a riff in the emotional fabric that many just want to be cut away from it all. Watch those in your circle that tend towards melancholy. They will need extra attention. Also there is an element of grounding should you try to find your center. For me, I just have to spend more time in my garden and meditation circle to get it back together. Retreat to your sacred space too. This would be a good time to start regularly doing the “Ara Kara” meditation on YouTube. Moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday, October 11th, among the mounting realities, there is a harmonious moment in the chaos. Allow love and compassion to create a healing moment for someone you encounter. I know it might be hard to disengage from the intensity, but when you see that humans can be receptive, the encounter will be great. The vision of “healing the world starts with me” is important to follow over the next highly charged weeks. Stay centered and don’t add to the turmoil. Moon in Capricorn.
Wednesday, October 12th, there will be a general sense of discontent everywhere around you. Frustration, difficulty and general helplessness will cause more charge in the atmosphere than we have felt in ages. Keep your life simple and out of the fray of the general world as people will be freaking out for a few weeks. Actually yesterday was the start of the final twisting of a highly tightened rubber band. By the 18th to 20th something is going to snap. After that we will see a lot of momentum burst forward. Since there is a positive connection also, know that you are on the right track if things start to move in your direction. If not, then quickly do some self-evaluation and adjust. Moon in Aquarius.
Thursday, October 13th, with three T Squares and some really intense obsessive tendencies building. The only place for peace is love and compassion. Expect hate, fear, loathing and disgust to be felt in media and psyches. If need be just get the headlines rather than watch the news. I know many are just worn out from the dystopia some are living; but remember, if you are hurting feeling their pain, just consider how intense it must be for them. My only advice, meditation, meditation, meditation… and maybe a glass of wine wont’ hurt. Moon in Aquarius.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen
An interesting concept has been floating around lately about honoring the value of a second new moon in a month. Friday will be such a day. The one that preceded it on the 1st of September was an eclipse. If you want to honor this time, I suggest that you make some special promises to yourself to let go of behaviors that cause you grief. Yep, letting go is done all the time as we outgrow one state of being for another. Also a good time to let go of people who don’t make good decisions which end up impacting you. Even if they are lifetime friends. It sends a strong signal to them to grow up or move on from something that holds them back. They can reunite when they have made the change.
Friday, September 30th, this could be a day that you will get bogged down in details and little movement forward. Instead of trying to finish up a complex project before the weekend, your time would be better utilized by filing, sorting, prioritizing your project so when you come in Monday morning and easily find data for that report. You may surprise yourself at the sheer volume of stuff you have for this job. You will have the weekend to mentally break down the major parts and then later they will be at your fingertips to pull together. What is working well is a bit of cosmic love heading our way today with a set of trines with Venus, Mid heaven and Neptune. We are all part of a whole, and contribute individually to that overall quality of life. Moon in Virgo.
Saturday, October 1st, today will be easier to pull together that Three Musketeers chant, “all for one, and one of all”. Allow some healing into your life knowing that we are all coping as well as we know how. Simply respect someone for their path and reactions. After all, the lofty goal of everyone having what they need can still be met. But elements of greed will have to take a back seat to the process. Moon in Virgo.
Sunday, October 2nd, still a great day to put a bit of love into your life. There is enough of a lull today for you to notice a hidden obsession trying to sabotage your weekend. Much of that difficulty has to do with what we are hearing and how it does not set well with us. My suggestion is instead of reading the short story, just hear the actual source or statement and see how that sits with you. This is a time to remember that we are taught critical thinking for times like these. Moon in Libra.
Monday, October 3rd, the moon is directly on Venus today bringing some lovely moments to those in love. Could also be just a great time to find you center in the chaos. Balanced moments are so valuable to calibrate your center so you can call upon that feeling when the going gets tough. Overall a really great day to be alive. Moon in Libra.
Tuesday, October 4th, another day of keeping a positive attitude. Listen for interesting inspirations and synchronies to help you stay on point. Today it is your choice which attitude you want to embrace. This time of year can drag you into the dark or it can simply give you pause for gratitude. Chose the more life affirming aspect unless you have to discover why you have not been getting along well with others. Then dive deep to find the source and then heal. Moon in Scorpio later on this afternoon.
Wednesday, October 5th, this could be the change that moves you into events that test your patience. With the Mid Heaven continuing to be involved, I suspect that some of you will simply be getting tired the “system” failing. We all have a point where we just have to say, “no more” or “fix it now”. Like drawing a line in the sand. Negotiation is possible, but the tricks have to stop. A good time to make a point also. Moon in Scorpio.
Thursday, October 6th, another great day to demand reality checks around you. This still involves the Mid Heaven and those things that bring us prosperity and cohesiveness. Tread carefully here as sometimes we expect too much or go too far for a goal. Life tends to give us mini tests when we face the difference between a need and a want. Have you evaluated that lately? Moon in Scorpio.
Blessings and Peace,
Connie Hansen

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