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Statues and Meditation Tools at Spiritworks Gifts

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Empowering Goddesses Classes

The Academy of Holistic Science

New Women’s Studies Class

Empowering Goddesses


Every Age


6:30-8:30 pm

Peace of Mind Books

empowering the goddess classes

Empowering Goddesses Classes are a no-charge weekly class offered through the Academy that will delve into the mysteries of feminine spirituality. Classes will focus on the 13 female archetypes through study, meditation and forming a circle of sisterhood. All are welcome regardless of faith tradition, race or lifestyle.
Women who have turned to feminist spirituality for appreciation of women’s ways of knowing have struggled with the confining concept of the Triple Goddess. Instead we will look at thirteen empowering archetypes presented in Empowering Goddesses Classes. From Daughter to Blood Sister, Mother to Amazon, Sorceress to Crone, this groundbreaking class will reveal the grand pattern of women’s lives, rich and complex, beautiful and mysterious. Until we get to know and understand ourselves so deeply and completely, we can hardly expect others to understand us. By each of us doing this inner work that teaches us how to express ourselves more clearly, articulately and intelligently, we are contributing to the evolution of humanity.

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This class will be led by Michelle Johnson, the Communications and Educational Coordinator for CHS. She began working for the church in 1994 then went on to teach English and coach Speech and Drama in the Sand Springs School system. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s Degree in American Studies from Northeastern State University. Michelle has been involved in some aspect of theater for most of her life and is the current Board Secretary for Sand Springs Community Theater. She is also an instructor for Tulsa Community College’s SE Campus.

Sacred Science Classes

Sacred Science Classes Saturdays and Sundays 5:30pm to 7:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm to 8:00pm   CHS is sponsoring a Dynamic Lecture Series and Sacred Science Classes that are free […]

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Meditation Class

Monday Night Meditation Class                                 with David Kazmeirzak Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, eating […]

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Thursday Nights from 5:30- 6:30.  $3.00 suggested donations.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat. Kundalini yoga derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini […]

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Tarot and Divination

Runic Divination The earliest runic inscriptions found on artifacts give the name of either the craftsman or the proprietor, or sometimes, remain a linguistic mystery. Due to this, it is […]

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Spiritworks Gifts

Offering Gifts of the Spirit Spiritworks Gifts is the gift shop for both Aquarian Age Massage and Peace of Mind Books. Spiritworks is located in the corner storefront of our […]

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