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Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts for the Spirit

Statues and Meditation Tools at Spiritworks Gifts

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Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils

We carry Tulsa’s largest selection of pure essential oils. We hand-pour all of our oils into .25 ounce bottles. We also encourage the recycling of bottles by offering our customers a discount when they bring us the bottles back for refilling.
Listed below are the essential oils we have in stock along with the prices for each .25 ounce bottle. We also have a great selection of aromatherapy oil burners to use along with the oils as well as books covering the uses of aromatherapy . For information on their healing properties and how to use essential oils in your holistic practice, click on the link here! 

We pour all of our 100% natural essential oils by hand.

Anise $3.50
Basil $3.00
Bay $3.95
Bergamot $5.95
Carrot $8.75
Cedarwood $3.50
Cinnamon $5.25
Citronella $1.95
Cleary Sage $3.95
Clove $2.95
Cypress $3.25
Dalmatian Sage $5.95
Eucalyptus $3.95
Fir Needle $3.95
Frankincense  $14.95
French Lavender $5.95
Geranium $3.95
Ginger $4.25
Grapefruit $2.95
Juniper Berry $10.95
Lime $2.95
Lemon $3.95
Lemongrass $3.95
Marjoram $3.80

essential oils

Aromatherapy has many healing benefits and makes your home smell wonderful as well!

Nutmeg $2.95
Palmarosa $2.95
Patchouli $5.95
Peppermint $3.95
Petitgrain $3.95
Pine Needle $2.95
Rosemary $3.95
Sandalwood  $11.95
Spanish Lavender $4.25
Spearmint $2.95
Star Anise $2.50
Sweet orange $2.95
Tangerine $2.95
Tea Tree $5.25
Vetivert $7.95
White Thyme $5.95
Ylang Ylang $3.95


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