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Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts for the Spirit

Statues and Meditation Tools at Spiritworks Gifts

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Meditation Class

Monday Night Meditation Class                                 with David Kazmeirzakmeditation class

Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders and cognitive function. There’s also research to suggest that it can reduce blood pressure, pain response, stress hormone levels and even cellular health.

Join us Mondays for guided meditation class from 5:30-6:30.  $3.00 suggested donation.  Bring a meditation pillow and wear comfortable clothing.

Enter through Peace of Mind Books front entrance or Spiritworks Gifts which is located on the corner.

David K. (Guru Darshan Singh) began his Yoga training upon meeting his teacher, Yogi Bhajan and spending time in India.  He then became, for 16 years, the director and Sikh minister of the 3HO Kundalini Ashram in New Orleans.

David conducts our 1:15 Eastern-Themed Service and is available on Mondays and Thursdays for counseling.  He also leads our Thursday Night Kundalini Yoga class as well as doing Tarot readings by appointment.

Readings last approximately 1/2 hour and require a $25.00 donation to the church.


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