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We have a large collection of new and used books,

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Incense & Resins

we also carry a variety of incense & resins...

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...and we have a large selection of organic herbs available.

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Herbs and More

Our Herb Selection

Nature’s Pharmacy


We carry over 175 herbs and resins that we hand weigh for our customers.  Below is a list of the herb we keep in stock. We have also created a reference sheet which can be accessed through clinking one of the links below. 

Agromony   Allspice Powder   Angelica Root   Anise Seed  Anise Star   Astralgalus Root   Barberry Bark   Basil Leaf   Bay Leaves   Bentonite Clay   Benzoin Gum   Black Cohosh Root   Blackberry Leaf                Blessed Thistle   Blood Root   Blue Cohosh Root   Boneset   Borage   Butcher’s Broom  Calamus Root Powder   Calendula       Caraway Seed  Cardamom (jar)   Cardamom Pod   Cascara Bark   Catnip Leaf   Cats Claw   Cayenne Powder   Chamomile   Chaste Tree Berries   Chicory Gramules   Chick Weed   Chicory Root   Chives   Cinnamon Powder   Cinnamon Sticks   Cinquefoil   Cleavers Herb   Clove Powder   Cloves Whole   Clubmoss   Coltsfoot   Comfrey Leaf   Comfrey Root   Cornsilk   Corriander Seed   Cramp Bark   Cumin (ground)  Curry Powder  Damiania Leaf   Dandelion Leaf   Dandelion Root   Devil Claw Root   Dill Weed   Dong Quai  (sliced   Echinacea Root   Elder Berries   Eleuthro   Eucalyptus Leaf  Eyebright   Fennel Seed   Fenugreek Seed   Feverfew    Garlic (granulated)  Garlic Powder  Ginger Powder   Ginger Root    Ginko Leaf

 Gotu Kola   Guar Gum   Gum Arabic   Hawthorn Berries     Henna (black & red)  Hibiscus Flower  Himalayan Salt   Hops   Horehound   Horny Goat Weed   Hyssop Leaf   Irish Moss Powder    Jasmine Flowers   Juniper Berries  Kava Kava   Kelp Powder   Lady’s Mantle   Lavender   Lemon Balm  Lemon Peel  Lemon Verbena  Lemongrass   Licorice Root (sifted)    Lobelia Leaf   Maca Root Powder  Marjoram   Marshmallow Leaf   Menthol Crystals   Milk Thistle   Motherwort   Mullein Leaf   Mustard Powder   Neem Leaf   Nettle Leaf   Nutmeg (whole)  Oat Straw  Olive Leaf  Orange Peel   Oregano Leaf   Orris Root Powder  Papaya Leaf   Paprika Powder  Passion Powder  Pau D’Arco Bark    Pau D’Arco Powder  Peppercorn (black, rainbow & white)  Peppermint Leaf  Plantain Leaf   Pleurisy Root  Poppy Seeds  Raspberry Leaf  Red Cedar Tips   Red Clover   Red Ginseng Root   Red Sandalwood Powder  Rose Buds   Rosehips   Rosemary   Sage (rubbed & white)   Sarsparilla Powder   Sarsparilla Root   Saw Palmetto Powder    Sea Salt (coarse & fine)  Shavegrass   Sheep Sorrel   Shepard’s Purse  Skullcap   Slippery Elm Bark Powder  Spearmint Leaf   Spikenard  St. Johns’s Wort  (chopped & powder)

Tansy  Thyme Leaf    Turmeric   Usnea Lichen Moss   Uva Ursi Leaf    Valerian Root Powder   Vanilla Beans  White Willow Bark      Wild Yam Root    Wormwood   Yarrow Flower    Yellow Dock Powder   Yerba Santa Leaf     Yohimbe Bark

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RESINS:     Copal, Dragon’s Blood,  Frankincense,  Myrrh,  Osirus, &  Pinion  Resin Blends




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