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Gifts for the SpiritCrystal and GemstonesIncense, Oils, and Resins

Gifts for the Spirit

Statues and Meditation Tools at Peace of Mind Gifts

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Crystal and Gemstones

Beautiful crystal specimens from all over the world.

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Incense, Oils, and Resins

Tulsa's largest essential oils and incense selection.

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Vendor Guidelines

Vendor Guidelines

Please read our Vendor Guidelines before you complete your registration.


Vendor Guidelines. All booth spaces are 6×7 and are $25 per booth space. We will provide one 6 foot table. There will be 12 inches between tables, with ample space for walking between the rows. We are located on the second floor of our building and we have NO ELEVATORS. So please be advised upon your arrival that you will be climbing stairs to set up for this event.

Note: Readers and Healers keep 100% of their sessions, and Retail Vendors keep 100% of their sales. It is your responsibility to collect sales tax if applicable.

Do you trade, barter, exchange for booth fees? Regrettably, we cannot trade or exchange for booth fees. Please do not ask.


If I decide not to go, can I get a refund on my booth fee or transfer it to another fair? Regrettably, booth fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please do not ask for a refund if you no-show.


Website Registration is available, go to: Click on the “Vendor Information”, then “Vendor Application”. Once your application is submitted and approved, you will receive an invoice that is paid through PayPal so you can use a credit or debit card

See the information regarding your bio and photograph below that will allow us to advertise on your behalf.

The goal is to gather a highly vibrating, resonant group of psychics, healers, metaphysicians, and vendors who can work together in a light and in harmony. You will be interviewed and tested. We reserve the right to reject any registration.


Do I have to do anything after I register? Yes! If this is your first time at our event, immediately send your ONE PARAGRAPH bio written in 3rd person, (no longer than 200 words) focused on telling the fair goer what you will be doing for them at the fair, and your picture as a 72 dpi JPEG attachment. Do not embed your photo in your bio. Send your photo as a separate JPEG attachment. Do not ask us to go to your website to get your photo or information. Please do not send a PDF.

Can I change my bio after I’ve submitted it? Due to the high number of requests to change bios multiple times, there is a $20 fee to have your bio changed more than once per year.

Please proofread your bio and make sure it’s exactly the way you want it before you submit it. Less is definitely better. People read these bios before they attend, and know who they want to see based on what you do. If your bio is too long or “I” focused, they may not come see you.


Dates and locations will be announced and posted on the website once they have been confirmed.


Set up is 1 hour before the event. Please plan to be completely finished setting up at quarter to the hour so that we may stand in a circle and connect our energies and intentions for the fair. Please do not arrive any earlier. We will be working with the venue personnel to ensure that our set up is correct and making the changes if it isn’t. If you arrive early, you will impede that process.


Tables can not be shared. One person and one type of business is all that are allowed. Vendors may have an assistant to sell retail products and book appointments.


A 6-foot banquet table will be provided with approximately 2 feet of space on each end. The depth of your “booth” area is the depth of the table plus room for you to sit and two chairs for your customers. Tables will have tablecloths and skirting. You cannot bring your own tables. You can bring your own table covering that goes over the one provided.


If you need electricity it is advisable to bring an extension cord. We cannot provide you with an extension cord at the event.

We will provide wi-fi at no extra charge.


You may bring in your own freestanding signage, retractable banners, easels, or table signs to promote you and your services and we encourage you to do so. We ask that you please be courteous when placing your signage so as not to obviously block another booth or vendor.


All readings should be kept at 15 to 20 minutes when possible. Bringing a timer is advisable. Bringing a sign-up sheet is advisable. You will keep 100% of your reading or healing sessions. You may charge whatever you’d like, with readings usually ranging between $20 and $50 for best results.

We do not handle credit or debit card processing for you. You will be handling all payment for readings, healings, and retail products, and it is totally up to you what form of payment you’d like to take.

If you have retail products to sell at the fair, you keep 100% of the sales and you need to collect your own sales taxes if applicable.


Lecture spots are available at each fair. Lectures typically start at 11:30 am or 12:00 pm with the last presentation beginning at 4 pm. The fair dates are listed on the websites.

If you are interested in giving a lecture, we ask that you (1) first pay for your booth, (2) then email us at, and include the title of your lecture and a one paragraph description including the key points you intend to share with your audience.

Please understand that we typically have more lecture requests than we have spots available, and we reserve the right to select the topics and the presenters that we feel best fit the event. If we are unable to approve your request at the current event you are invited to request a lecture spot at another event.

Lecturers are typically decided and announced via email to those who have been selected. Though you may request a specific time, we cannot guarantee these times.

Please note that all lectures must have the intention of teaching the attendees something rather than being a sales pitch for a product, company, or service.


In what ways do you publicize the fairs?

We have a Facebook page for Peace of Mind Books events. You are encouraged to visit and “like” the page.

For both events, we place the announcement on many online event calendars and tourism sites. Our event flyer is available prior to the event and we will email that to all vendors. You will also be emailed the event flyer both for web and for print, and ask that you use it to also promote your appearance at the fair to your client’s lists, groups, etc. You may also download a flyer from our event website:

Your social media connections are very important to the success of the event. Please invite your Facebook friends and contacts and let them know that you will be there and what you be offering. Encourage them to attend the event to have fun and to get the guidance they need.

Please freely post on your Facebook page and promote you and the event as heavily as you can. Please remember that as professional healers, readers, and metaphysicians, we are NOT in competition with one another. When we help draw in attendees for any vendor in the event we are drawing in potential clients for ourselves. Promoting the event in any way really promotes you, and each of us, and makes for a fun-filled, prosperous event.


We will take a survey of the attendees to determine how they found out about the event. If they say YOU referred them, or they saw it on your postings, you will receive a point, and the vendor with the most points wins $50. (That is like winning 2 free booths!)


As a participant, there is no charge for you to put out your information, flyers, brochures, or business cards. We have an information table where you can put your materials and people can pick them up. Please don’t forget to collect any of your materials left over after the event.


Our email contact is or (918) 583-1090.

Thank you for your interest!

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