Our voyage,
During the early 1970’s the city was growing at a exponential rate due to the demand of oil and traveling along Route 66. During this time Tulsa was very congested with traffic and planning ahead on a location was important, The Broken Arrow Expressway was in it’s final stages to break ground on construction along S. Utica to S Peoria Ave. This proposed a increase in businesses and traveling in the area from the southern sides to Mid Town. In 1972 we purchased this entire two story building located on the corner of S. Quincy and S. Rockford Ave. Previously used as a hotel “The Lincoln Lodge”, shopping center and appliance warehouse the space needed to be updated to accommodate us, from 1972 to 1975 we began to build on; expand and renovate. On October 16th, 1975 we officially opened our doors to share and expand Metaphysical and Spiritual knowledge to the people of Tulsa.

Peace of Mind Bookstore on the corner of S. Quincy Ave. 1983
The bookstore operated in the corner along Quincy for many years but because the popularity and demand for our shop it prompted us the need to expand and make more space. At the time since Chimi’s Mexican Food operated in the space next door we started construction upstairs and in 1986 the new space for Peace of Mind was complete.

Peace of Mind Bookstore current entrance 1991

Spiritworks and Aquarian Age Massage on the corner of S. Quincy Ave. 1989
Because most of our selection had migrated upstairs we began to make a space available and expand besides books and in 1989 we opened our gift shop Spiritworks with a selection of exotic incenses, tools and herbs for spiritual, metaphysical and religious needs and uses. Later renamed Peace of Mind Gifts in 2015. In late 2016 Spiritworks opened at the location of 2606 S. Sheridan Road as a separate business and the name no longer associated with us or the Church of Holistic Science.
Covid Pandemic
On March 9th, 2020 the city of Tulsa issued a mandatory quarantine for homes and businesses for 2 months, during this time we had to close our doors for Peace of Mind Books, Gifts and Aquarian Age Massage. Only being able to operate online and curbside made things complicated not only for us but our customers and providing services to them, once we were able to open again we closed our partner Aquarian Age Massage in July of 2020. We moved the gift shop that was once on the corner and moved the selection upstairs with the bookstore.
Our future,
Currently our store is still bustling and active with a wide selection of used, out of print and rare books while also carrying a large selection of incense, tools and organic herbs.
Feel free to give us a call during business hours for availability on books or products. (918) 583-1090

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