Goddess Spring Retreat

Awakening Goddesses

Opening to Love and Compassion

May 4th-6th, 2018

Theosophical Camp Ground

Sulphur Springs, AR

goddess spring retreat

This all-inclusive 2-day goddess retreat will focus on the Heart chakra and its correspondence to healing and forgiveness. Master teachers will guide you through Meditations, Spirit-walks, Dance, and Drumming exercises to keep heart centered long after you leave. Set in the Beautiful Ozarks just two hours from Tulsa!

  • 2 Night-Stay Private and Semi-Private Rooms Available
  • 5 Seasonally Inspired Meals Provided
  • Daily Sacred Dance Classes
  • Daily Chakra Meditations
  • Beltane Bonfire Ceremony
  • Wand and Crown Making Workshops

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 Join in this celebration of the Sacred Feminine

Michelle Johnson is a member of the Theosophical Society and the Communications and Educational Coordinator for the Church of Holistic Science. She began working for the church in 1994 then went on to teach English and coach Speech and Drama in the Sand Springs School system. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Northeastern State University. Michelle has been involved in researching and teaching metaphysics for over 20 years. She is also a communication instructor for Roger’s State University and Tulsa Community College. Michelle started the Empowering Goddesses Class in August 2015 as a response to an increasing need for classes that delved into feminine spirituality.
Smidge Isgrig is a Creative Movement Instructor from Tulsa, OK with an emphasis on Emotional Repair through Physical Exploration by Alignment, Breath Focus, and Mental Engagement. With a life-long background in a myriad of styles, Smidge has compiled her training in to an easily digestible format, fit for any level of student. At age 19, Smidge met her kindred mentor, Star Hachem, and began training in the ancient form of Raqs Sharki, or, Oriental Dance. Through this training, she acquired the knowledge of root connection, pelvic posture, and application of energy flow through the body, by turning on the mind. After applying this practice to her everyday life, the endless benefits made themselves very clear. Suddenly, the daunting lack of self-security diminished and replaced itself with the powerful, confident woman that was there all along, waiting to be discovered. After discovering her power, Smidge made a commitment to humanity to pass this information along to all who would listen in hopes to share the many powerful benefits of self love and respect. Her objective as an instructor is to introduce her students to their own power and creative voice through expressive movement
Kyla Price-Germany Kyla is an energy/light worker who is not big on labels AND she was one of the original students of the Empowering Goddess group. She is now the designated craft leader and she’s a regular substitute for the group. She is ordained and a Reiki practitioner. She was educated in Arts Management at the University of Tulsa (2006) She is currently working on completing her journey of becoming a Peer Recovery Support Specialist with a focus on substance abuse and trauma (Oklahoma State University 2016) Kyla’s spiritual studies are primarily focused on: the chakras, combining science with the spiritual, animal medicine, shamanism, the ways of our ancestors, feminism, and the energy of literally everything around her. She started her journey of healing almost 4 years ago and she’s not looking back! She’s grateful to be apart of this workshop and this fantastic group of goddesses!!
Tiffany Earle is currently residing in Tulsa and has worked as a registered nurse since 2006. Her passion is in Women’s Health and Wellness. She is a Birth/Bereavement Doula and has experience as a Community Nurse Midwife. She teaches classes to empower women to harness their menstrual energy through reclaiming and learning about their menstrual myths through the spiritual, anthropological and historical context. She brings awareness of honoring ones own flow, first menses rites/ rituals and finding the power in menopause. Her interests include ethnomusicology, gardening, and travel.
Connie Hansen’s metaphysical training includes remedies and strategies for active visualization and personal empowerment, Raja Yoga with Guruchandra 2 years plus 35 years of practical yoga, Degree in Social Work, Pagan Studies,  and leadership classes with Ardantane and practical experience with personal and group rituals. This experience can be used as personal ritual work for individuals to shed unwanted negative energy and accumulations from past difficult lessons. The goal of ritual work is to help a person reflect their gifts to “leave this world with a heart as light as a feather”.  Rituals suggestions will be something the person will do for themselves with guided suggestions. The cost of such ritual plans will vary with what is needed to be done. Some people work better with altars so I can offer specific Vastu Shastra Vedic Altar constructions for long term creation of what you want to manifest.