Ayurveda Workshop March 25th

Ayurveda Workshop 

with Kat Dinh

March 25th

3-6 pm

@Peace of Mind Books

Ayurveda Workshop

Tickets are $45 in advance.

Go to www.seekingsoma.org to register.


Please join us for a discussion on Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old “sister science to Yoga.” The workshop will include an introduction to Ayurveda and a focus on maintaining whole being wellness in the Spring Season. Students will learn WHAT is Ayurveda, WHY we should heed this 5,000 year old knowledge, and HOW to apply it in our modern lives. You will also learn easy and practical ways to incorporate Ayurveda, food choices, yoga asana, breath work, and self care routines for the Spring season.


SPRING is a very vulnerable season as our senses awaken on physical, psychological and emotional fronts.


This is a workshop focused on maintaining whole being balance in the seasonal transition. Students will learn easy and practical ways to incorporate Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga asana, breath work, and self care routines that will:


– begin your journey to discover your unique constitution

– heighten your awareness

– uncover hidden growth for transformation

– energize the body, mind & spirit

– empower your intuitive inner healing

– bring you back to balance

– combat Spring ailments (allergies, colds, congestion etc.)




We’ll start with an introduction to Ayurveda talk that includes the basic foundational principles and help you develop your sensory awareness to discover your unique constitution, which will empower your intuitive healing.


We will then explore yoga postures, drishti (gaze), and breathing specifically chosen for Spring that you can incorporate into your own personal practice or exercise regimen.

Afterwards, we will practice breathing techniques together that will bring calm to Spring vulnerabilities and help combat seasonal ailments.


Finally, we will dive deeper into Ayurveda, specifically deciphering what’s best for your constitution in this season, food choices, and daily self care practices to maintain balance, awaken our senses, and ease you through the growth and transformative time of the year.


*Possibly discussing an easy at home detox program should time allow.*



Topics we will cover:

The 5 Elements – Awareness of Fundamental Nature of All Things

Doshas – The Bodliy Humors

Prakriti – Understanding Your Unique Constitution to Empower Yourself

Agni – Stoking the Digestive Fire

Ama – Purifying Ourselves to Maintain Clarity & Balance

Times/Seasons – Understanding the Doshas in time of day, seasons, and time of life

Sadhana – Daily Devotional Practice to Realign with Natural Rhythms

Kapha Pacifying Pranayama (intro + practice)

Qualities of Spring dominated by Kapha dosha

Easy daily self care practices (discussion + demo)

Food and Nutrition for Spring

Kapha pacifying Yoga Asana (demo)



***Some handouts will be provided. To honor our Divine Mother’s resources, longer handouts will be emailed so you that you may print them at your convenience.***

Please bring with you materials to take notes.

I’ll be providing Ayurvedic tea to enjoy and as part of the learning experience.

Kat Dinh

Kat has practiced yoga for over 10 years and is a RYT200 teacher with Yoga Alliance.

She discovered Ayurveda during her yoga teacher training, and has been drawn to Ayurveda as a whole body, mind and soul wellness that helps her regain her intuitive nature of inner healing.

Her years of self-study, personal application of Ayurveda, and training through the works of Dr. Lad, Dr. Svoboda, alongside practitioners of the Ayurvedic Institute and the California School of Ayurveda have fueled her passion to share with others the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, the “Science of Life”.  She is currently training with Maya Tiwari at the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda so she can help others apply Ayurveda and yoga in their daily lives to awaken their own inner healing powers through the food, breath, and sound sadhanas of Ayurveda.

She has been able to experience the benefits of Ayurveda throughout her previous life in corporate America while also finishing her collegiate studies, alongside yoga and Ayurveda trainings. Her dharma is to share with others the ancient wisdom in a practical way so that all people can immediately experience the benefits despite the challenges of modern life.

As a self proclaimed “eternal student,” her passion in Ayurveda, yoga, Eastern philosophy, naturopathic health, metaphysics, along with a great love for Nature and the outdoors have lead her out of a life of unfulfilled potential to a life of deep love, compassion, and gratitude.  She is eternally grateful for the wisdom and blessings life has bestowed upon her to heal her dis-ease that manifested as chronic illness, debilitating stress, depression, and anxiety.

She has dedicated her life to helping others RECLAIM their inner healing medicine, DISCOVER the Divine within, and EMPOWER their highest living.