Exploring Theosophy May 19th


Exploring Theosophy

Saturday, May 19th 12-4 pm

Peace of Mind Books

No Cost to Attend

Exploring theosophy


If you are interested in studying religion, philosophy and science, please mark your calendars to attend Exploring Theosophy at Peace of Mind Books!


Video at 12:00 and 2:00
Discussion at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm

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In the modern Theosophical movement the word “Theosophy” has been used with several different meanings:

  • a) It is frequently used to describe the body of teachings that were given through Mme. Blavatsky and other Theosophical writers. This body of knowledge is frequently called “modern Theosophy” (with capital T).
  • b) It is also used to refer to the universal Ancient Wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. This is sometimes referred to as “ancient” or “timeless” theosophy.

These two usages refer to a body of teachings transmitted by different sages, in different parts of the world, and at different times.

  • c) As we have seen, theosophia refers to a Divine Wisdom, that is, a state of consciousness in which the sage or mystic goes beyond his or her mind and gets a direct, supra-conceptual, perception of Truth. This is the primary meaning of Theosophy.

It is important to notice that the intellectual study and daily practice of Theosophy is only a means to reach the real theosophia, or inner enlightenment. As we become more mindful of this, we open the door to a flash of insight which comes from the part of us that is Divine. The process of becoming more and more receptive to these theosophical insights is the spiritual path.