Full Aura Picture Report-$35

Full Aura Picture Report-$35


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Aura Pictures and Reports

$35 a Full 14 Page Report (Reg. $40)

Aura Pictures and Reports


This Full Report is a 14 page analysis of your aura and your chakra health.

It includes full-color pictures and graphs!

How Can Getting an Aura Report Benefit You?

Aura Pictures and Reports and Biofeedback devices provide a variety of positive health and emotional benefits. Some general benefits include:

  • An instant, easy way to understand human energy information.
  • Ability to measure body calmness.
  • Detailed readings that allow for a deeper understanding of potential problems. More detail means more understanding of how to solve a complex inner problem.
  • Monitoring of internal energy channels that may be stressed.
  • Side by side reading comparisons with easy access for later.
  • Software that allows your clients to modify their own breathing or vitals as needed.
  • Identifying rising energy can help practitioners understand what may need to be done to curve future stress patterns – as well as identify symptomatic stress issues more easily.



Although it is widely known we have seven main chakras we also have many more throughout our body. However the 7 main chakras are connected to our being on several different levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. On the physical level the chakras govern a specific main organ or gland.

Each chakra also has its own colour which is connected to the same vibrational frequency. For example the heart chakra which is the colour green governs the thymus gland which is involved with the heart, lungs, lymph glands, bronchia system, immune system, as well as the hands and arms.

To help balance our chakras either on an emotional, spiritual or physical level we need to uses the correct colour vibration, which resonates at the same frequency.

When any of our chakras get blocked or are out of balance this is then felt on both on an emotional and physical level.
It is just as important to keep your aura cleansed as this picks up a lot of other peoples problems and negative energy.