Cosmic Waves January 2019 Eclipses

January 2019 Eclipses

This eclipse will possibly disappoint those who want the walls of corruption to fall in one fell swoop. What is there at 7:27pm January 5th in Tulsa Area is a Stellum in Sagittarius creating a strong pulse for revolution, but also a tendency to do it in a nonproductive way. Expect those who have had power to pull some really dirty tricks over this eclipse session. News will be somewhat tame on this day, hiding what may really be /Users/Eyepatch/Desktop/lunar.jpghappening, as Uranus in fiery Aries goes stationary with a great deal of pent up chaotic energy to be released. You can be sure that careful calculations are being made for what is best to control the burn. A Grand Trine in water is subliminally unfolding what is next that will heal what ails us. The North Node will be in the 12th house of hidden enemies and karmic payback. Note that not all areas of the world will have this placement so generally the US will find old ghosts rising against a tide of change. In short, expect a struggle of old and new. This is a time where someone who has had experience with those dirty tricks needs to be at the helm as rookies will be sideswiped. Expect abandonment issues coming from those who want the biggest change. The imprint over the next couple of weeks is to avoid the mistakes and rashness of the past, and move forward into what is good for home and hearth. Moon in sidereal Sagittarius.

By the 10th the Moon will highlight both Neptune and Chiron, the wounded healer, bringing high minded demands around key points of the public discourse. Expect harsh words from those with non-inclusive agendas, but if it is for the stability of all, by all means fire back, politely of course.

On the 12th expect that something intrinsic will occur but the rhetoric around it will be angry. Look beneath the words or what is not said to get to the real story. In other words, if you can read between the lines, more is understood.
As this week rolls on, trying to get something started will be hard. Expect really dirty tricks and don’t believe all you are hearing. Propaganda and last-ditch tactics are in play. The 15th brings a break through just as things have become unbearable. Strangely we manage to move forward as the pressure has been incremental rather than one crushing blow. The news will be right in between the uneasy stance of Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto the change maker in Sagittarius. The Moon will be in Aries aspecting the Stellum in Sagittarius. Lots of fire to go around.

By the 17th another T Square of conflict adds to chaos and with public opinion fired up. It’s anyone’s guess where the subversion is flowing from, but be sure it is not the good guys.

January 20th at 11:15 pm, Tulsa Time, is the lunar eclipse and the stalemate of what needs to happen and what the posturing is fixated upon. What is most notable here is this could well relate to the financial markets showing its strain in the political rivalry. Bad news in money markets could be the last blow to failed policies. The sad thing is if emotions were more focused on home and hearth, much of the uncertainty would be eased. On a mundane level, take care to cover your needed costs, no frivolity and make sure you find value in the people around you and what is a more human connection.

Cosmic Waves January 2019 Eclipses