We carry 150+ herbs and spices for consumption, medicinal and spirit work. All our products are 100% organic and free from chemicals or pesticides.

Our staff member Russ Doden is very knowledgeable on herbal remedies and uses, if available he can assist with questions on most of the herbs we sell.

Our Current Herb List

Last updated: 11/28/23 at 2:00PM

Agrimony Lemon Verbena
Allspice Powder
Angelica Root Lemongrass
Anise Seed Licorice Root – Sifted
Anise Star Licorice Root Stick
Ashwaganda Lobelia Leaf
Astragalas Root Maca Root Powder
Barberry Root Marjoram
Basil Leaf Marshmallow Leaf
Bay Leaves Menthol Crystals
Bentonite Clay Milk Thistle
Benzoin Gum Motherwort
Black Cohosh Root Mugwort
Blackberry Leaf Mullein Leaf
Blessed Thistle Mustard Powder
Bloodroot Neem Leaf
Blue Cohosh Root Nettle Leaf
Boneset Nutmeg – Whole
Borage Oatstraw
Buckthorn Bark Olive Leaf
Burdock Root Orange Peel
Butchers Broom Oregano Leaf
Calamus Root Powder Oregon Grape Root
Calendula Orris Root Powder
Caraway Seed Papaya Leaf
Cardamom Pod Paprika Powder
Cascara Bark Passion Flower
Catnip Leaf Pau D’Arco Bark
Cat’s Claw Pau D’Arco Powder
Cayenne Powder Peppercorn – Black, Rainbow & White
Chamomile Peppermint Leaf
Chaste Tree Berries Plantain Leaf
Chickweed Pleurisy Root
Chicory Granules Poppy Seeds
Chicory Root Raspberry Leaf
Chives Red Ceder Tips
Cinnamon Powder Red Clover
Cinnamon Stick Red Sandalwood
Cinquefoil Rose Buds
Cleavers Herb Rosehips
Cloves Powder Rosemary
Cloves Whole Sage – Rubbed
Coltsfoot Sage – White
Comfrey Leaf Sarsaparilla Powder
Comfrey Root Sarsaparilla Root
Cornsilk Sassafras Root
Coriander Seed
Cramp Bark Saw Palmento Powder
Cumin Ground Sea Salt – Coarse
Curry Powder Sea Salt – Fine
Damiana Leaf Shavegrass
Dandelion Root Sheep Sorrel
Devils Claw Root Powder Shepherds Purse
Dill Weed Scullcap
Dong Quai Slippery Elm Bark Powder
Echinacea Root Spearmint Leaf
Elder Berries St. John’s Wort
Eleuthero Root Tansy
Eucalyptus Leaf Thyme Leaf
Eyebright Tumeric
Fennel Seed Usnea Lichen Moss
Fenugreek Seed Uva Ursi Leaf
Feverfew Valerian
Garlic Granulated Veggie Cap – O
Garlic Powder White Willow Powder
Gel Capsules 0, 00, 000 Wild Yam Root
Ginger Powder Wormwood
Ginger Root Yarrow Flower
Ginkgo Leaf Yellow Dock Powder
Gotu Kola Yerba Santa Leaf
Guar Gum Yohimbe Bark
Guarana Seed Powder Related Things
Gum Arabic Herbal Teas
Hawthorn Berries Tea Balls
Henna: Black & Red Tea Bags
Hibiscus Flower Tea Strainers
Himalayan Salt Mortar & Pestle
Hops Herb Books
Horny Goat Weed
Hyssop Leaf
Irish Moss Powder
Jasmine Flower
Juniper Berries
Kava Kava Powder
Kelp Powder
Lady’s Mantle
Lemon Blam Leaf
Lemon Peel

Always feel free to give us a call to confirm availability during business hours.

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