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We have a large collection of new and used books,

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Incense & Resins

we also carry a variety of incense & resins...

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...and we have a large selection of organic herbs available.

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Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils

We carry Tulsa’s largest selection of pure essential oils. We hand-pour all of our oils into 15 ml and .25 ounce bottles. We also encourage the recycling of bottles by offering our customers a discount when they bring us the bottles back for refilling.
Listed below are the essential oils we have in stock along with the prices for each 15 ml and .25 ounce bottle. We also have a great selection of aromatherapy oil burners to use along with the oils as well as books covering the uses of aromatherapy . For information on their healing properties and how to use essential oils in your holistic practice, click on the link here! 

Anise                                   15 ml $5.25
Balsam Fir                          15 ml $9.95
Basil                                     15 ml $9.95
Bergamot                            15 ml $14.95
Blue Chamomile 10%       .25 oz $10.95
Camphor                             15 ml $4.50
Cardamom                          .25 oz $15.95
Cedarwood                         15 ml $6.95
Cinnamon                           15 ml $6.95
Citronella                             15 ml $4.95
Clary Sage                           .25 oz $15.95
Clove                                   15 ml $9.95
Cypress                               15 ml $11.95
Eucalyptus                          15 ml $6.95
Fennel                                  15 ml $11.95
Fir Needle                            15 ml $9.95
Frankincense                      .25 oz $15.95
Geranium                             15 ml $10.95
Ginger                                   15 ml $11.95
Juniper                                 .25 oz $12.95
Lavender (French)               15 ml $7.95
Lemon                                  15 ml $6.95
Lemongrass                        15 ml $6.95
Lime                                     15 ml $6.95
Marjoram                             15 ml $11.95
Myrrh                                    15 ml $15.95
Nutmeg                                15 ml $14.95
Orange                                 15 ml $3.95
Oregeno                               15 ml $15.95
Palmarosa                           15 ml $7.95
Patchouli                             15 ml $13.95
Pepper                                 .25 oz $10.95
Peppermint                         15 ml  $7.95
Petitgrain                             15 ml $11.95
Pine Needle                         15 ml $7.95
Rosemary                            15 ml $5.95
Sage                                     15 ml 14.95
Sandalwood 10%               .25 oz $12.95
Spearmint                            15 ml $7.95
Tangerine                             15 ml $5.95
Tea Tree                               15 ml $6.95
Thyme (white)                     15 ml $9.95

Thieves Oil is known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Wonderful for sanitizing hands and surfaces. Our essential oils are kept in our Gift Shop downstairs, for your convenience. Many thanks to Russ for our very own house-blend here at our shop at  Peace of Mind Gifts! 

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